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MSM stops lying : not raising debt ceiling ain't default

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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 02:25 PM
Well that took them a while.

Debt-Limit Deniers Don’t Buy ’Chicken Little’ Warnings

The government can hit the limit and avoid a first-ever default because that can only occur if payments to bondholders are actually missed. And those obligations, the Republicans say, can be met with the tax revenue that will continue to pour into the Treasury, regardless of whether Congress raises the borrowing cap. All of the government’s other bills -- including those for defense contracting work, office supplies and highway maintenance, and to cover federal employees’ paychecks -- are secondary, they contend, and can be delayed or cut without panicking financial markets.

FINALLY... someone telling the truth about the debt ceiling in the MSM! A miracle has occurred!

Epic win to the author of this article, Brian Faler.

And while the MSM stops lying about the issue... Geithner still is.

US Treasury's Geithner says US to start "extraordinary" measures to stay under debt ceiling

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