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Henry Kissinger's Opec Deal A Sinister NWO Plot?

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posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 08:51 PM
Hey everyone,

I read this author's article about the above headline topic, and found it to be very interesting (read below):

The recent discovery of a deal made between Henry Kissinger and OPEC nations in the early 1970's, is the reason we are dependent on buying crude oil from them and scrapping any domestic oil production. This deal was too good to be true for the Middle Eastern nations since it was to make them tremendously rich and in return, they were to buy a portion of U. S.. debt by purchasing Treasury securities, and make other investments in our country.

The deal was that we would produce very little oil domestically and buy most of what we needed from OPEC even though America actually has more oil than they do.

In order to satisfy the American public to the idea, the US government had to come up with an excuse to legitimize such actions by using a crucial cause for doing so. This happens to be the outrageous environmental movement we currently have in the United States, which was started around the same time that the OPEC deal was made.

The idea was to dupe the public into believing that it is environmentally unsafe to have drilling here at home and to keep crude oil prices as an excuse for the need for alternative energy sources.

Thus, this whole hippie ideal of green living was actually started by the US government during a time in history when a natural way of life was the vision of many young people who hated the establishment. Hence, the government played on this hatred of the war in Vietnam, racial prejudice here at home, and the newfound hatred of big industry and development.

The whole green ideal system of the hippie movement in those days was adopted by the US government and has become big business today for the few elite, benefiting from green investments.

The concern for everything from chickens and wild turkeys to fish and frogs that contribute to the destruction of the US economy today, stems from the deal made by Henry Kissinger with OPEC in the early 1970's.

Thus, all the alternative energy sources such as wind-generated electricity, solar energy, electric automobiles and other useless frauds are nothing more than a con game perpetrated by the US government.

The end game for all this deception is the total control of the world by the New World Order. Environmental concerns give them the green light for controlling the world's population in every way imaginable from how we live our daily lives to getting us to accept ideas that we normally would find outrageous.

Under such a guise of environmental concern, they will have little resistance in getting us used to the idea of sacrificing for the greater good. This means we will allow them at some time in the not so distant future to impose worldwide euthanasia laws for everyone reaching a certain age. It is the hope that this will be accepted by many as a necessary step to assuring the needs of the masses by eliminating the unnecessary use of valuable resources. In essence, they wish to eliminate the few who have nothing more to give society and need to be removed.

The Logan's Run and Soylent Green science fiction societies will become worldwide reality in the next few decades, if the great green dupe of American society continues.

Our recent support of factions connected with terrorist organizations in Libya and Egypt assures a dramatic rise in oil prices, further dissolving the economy to a point where another Great Depression will materialize, assuring dependence on the government for daily survival.

The so-called freedom movement-taking place in almost every country in the Mid East and Northern Africa isn't because citizens in these countries suddenly were fed up with their governments and now are taking it upon themselves to bring about changing things. It is about radicalism being used as a catapult by the American CIA and other NATO intelligence organizations, in getting citizens of these countries stirred up and mad enough to riot, in demanding change in their government.

This destabilization of this whole region of the world assures high oil prices, which will devastate most of the world's economy.

In every instance, where the freedom movement has been successful in toppling an established government no real solid entity has replaced them, only factions of both the old previous government and a handful of new individuals. This is in itself a sign that this freedom movement has no real central form of command and no direction other than civil unrest. If the rebels are successful in gaining control in Libya there will be no central figurehead of command there either, only factions trying to run a government.

This is all because the whole idea is not to have a strong and stable government replace the ousted ones. The idea is to leave each country in a constant state of chaos and the whole freedom movement is nothing more than citizens who have had their ire stirred up by sinister covert forces with an agenda of their own.

There is always a contract/agenda behind every political strategy in business.

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 08:56 PM
I wonder how high gas prices have to get before people start to realize that Alaska is full of oil. Even now the EPA is saying it is too dangerous, AP had a very misleading article where the headline says possible millions of gallons spilled, but it was just a theoretical fear mongering not an actual leak. They are using the BP (staged) disaster to scare people into not drilling at home (drill baby drill = Sarah Palin = public opposition = high gas prices).

posted on Apr, 29 2011 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by filosophia

yes Alaska is full of oil BUT. they would have to run a pipeline to opec to price it and then back to us. we would be paying the same gas prices as before. This is a scam that has been in place for along time. you know how many untapped oil wells we have in the gulf of mexico?

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 09:53 AM
I've heard about this deal Kissinger supposedly made with OPEC but I could find no source for the story, to turn the rumor into fact. Can you?

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by againuntodust
I've heard about this deal Kissinger supposedly made with OPEC but I could find no source for the story, to turn the rumor into fact. Can you?

There is a little bit of his involvement in an online book called:

"Conspiracy theories in American history: an encyclopedia, Volume 1"
Conspiracy Theory Book
(look at pp. 550-551 in the book)

Moreover, there is an article in TIME magazine which covers a little bit more of the history titled:

"ENERGY: Kissinger Lays Out His Floor Plan"
Kissinger's Floor Plan

Here is a really SOLID document worth reading which is dated June 16, 1975. Apparently it is real and declassified and talks a little bit about the dealings with the Saudis.

1975 MEMO Document: Kissinger Dealing

Kissinger~ The President wanted me to discuss something we have been discussing with Iran. This is for you only and is highly sensitive.

When I saw the Shah in March, he complained his liftings were falling and he had 500,000 barrels a day e~cess. I said that under specific conditions we might take it off thei;'handso Chuck [Robinson] has discussed it further with them and they have now gone up to 700,000 barrels a day. They would sell to us for Treasury notes with a forgiveness period. The notes could be redeemed for the purchase of American goods.

I'll continue to search for 'the agreement' although I know it will be challenging to find.


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