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The Logo Channel: Source for great conspiracy docs

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posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:03 AM
While flipping through the channels last night I stumbled upon the "Logo" channel which wikipedia lists as being a gay themed channel, which would be fine with me of course, but when I stumbled upon it last night they were showing "American Radical" about Norman Finkelstein, and then there was a movie about the American healthcare system on right after. During this they showed ads for other conspiracy sort of documentaries like 9/11: Press for Truth and other Shadowy Government films.

I am a DirecTV subscriber and am not sure who else gets this channel, but I believe that this is great that on "cable" we have documentaries that challenge the MSM on topics like this. They seemed to be funded by donation and viewer supported, which obviously would make it difficult for them to continue and I believe that us at ATS should CONSIDER (before I'm flamed for being a homosexual propagandist or something
) supporting them, as they seem to be the biggest supporters of conspiracy related topics on my television. I understand most ATSers are very anti-cable, but, who else has this channel on their networks or watches these documentaries? Their website seems to talk more about Ru-Paul's drag show and other "reality" garbage, at best. But when I was watching (Granted this was about 11:00 PM to - 3:00 AM... not exactly primetime) it seemed to be more thought provoking documentary themed.


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