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Economic Recovery in the M.E. or Religious wall? Choice muslims must make

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posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 12:44 PM
It is with humanitarian concern over what had happened in the M.E.

The prolong protests and demands for freedom had been a strain on their economies, more so with those dictatorships and clerics that had robbed our fellow muslims of their wealth for their own lavish expenses.

No doubt that we, the rest of humanity will continue to loan them funds through the various united nations agencies, it cannot last forever as the rest of us are suffering as well from the deprediations of globalised corporatist greed around the world whom had hoarded up their wealth.

Thus, there is an impetus for the muslims there to gain a measure of economic freedom as well besides societal freedom. The level of unemployment there was what made the push for freedom more pressing, and whomever that leads after revolutions, must ensure each and every citizen is capable of earning a living.

And that can only come from creation of jobs. The days of nostalgic nomadic living or sea trading for the arabs had been long over, more so as they took the good prophet Muhammad, blessed be his name, teachings at heart such as having numerous wives, even though it was meant only for that era. WIth many wives, they had begotten numerous children.

It is a sin if each child is not cared for, or forced to live as slaves for the eldest brother whom will inherit the land or titleship of endeavours. Many of them expanded out, had numerous wives of their own, and thus the population boomed.

Our common Creator had expected it, and had prepared lands for such population explosion to sow and reap the bounties of planet Earth, even within cities by building upwards to house masses whom work in cities and industries, and fertile arable lands for eldest sons to inherit.

Such system had work in the past, as had been for our jewish brothers and sisters whom were led by Mosesto live in cities after 40 years of wandering in the desert to change a generation's mindset. With ready built cities, they had to toil as well, for the manna from our Creator no long dropped for them.

Today, with the population boom in the ME, every citizen has a right to life and means to sustain themselves as their biblical patriachs had. Their leaders and clerics had been remiss, and such suffering had shown up in protests.

Thus the new leaders have to create jobs. It may not be easy in this climate, but they will have to:-

1. Boot out all foriegners working in their lands and replace them with citizens. Citizens regardless if theologically university taught or anything else lower must not shunned such jobs. It had been our generation that had been apathetic, and not look seriously into the consequences of our own future, that we are in such in bind today. Thus we must pay the price for our mistake so that the next generation may be spared.

2. Boot out all forms of corruption, baksheehs, and crony corporations. Start new clean corporations with govt funded enterprises to rebuild and improve infrastructure as well as for tourism trade. M.E. is the cradle of civilisation and many humans around the world would love to visit those places, if properly enhaced, not only seasonal muslim pilgrims. I

It will be jobs for the current existing generations as well as funds for the advancement of the next generations in sciences that will take the M. E to greater heights. Tech is the only means to advance civilisations. Muslims, americans or japanese, we bleed the same and laugh the same. We are all intelligent and if given the OPPORTUNTIY, anyone can excel. Eugenics and bloodlines are lies.

The problem for the economic recovery may well lies with religion. Will those senile old men whom clamoured for a more relaxed( only for themselves) and nostalgic era of serfdom preach and prevent the new generations of muslim to go against modernisation, progress and evolution as intended by our common Creator?

This...each and every educated muslim must ask, and share such information to their uneducated fellow muslim brothers and sisters as well. The blaming of others must end today and now, inorder to face up to realities of the situation for the survival of humanity, if not just an ethnic group.

posted on Apr, 21 2011 @ 01:08 PM
Yes its time for the muslims to adopt the western way of banking that thrives on usury (which is illegal in most muslim countries). It works great here in the US.

posted on Apr, 22 2011 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by mayabong

Thanks for your reply. First off, what is defined as usury? Interest upon loans as the western world practices? if so, then fine. Is Islamic banking perfect when they charge no interest? Lol! Let's be honest and espacially PRAGMATIC.

No investor will just dump money for the sake of safekeeping in another's hand. They can do fine with hidden dug holes in their backyards. They want ROI ( return on investments) just like any other. The only thing is, Islamic banking define ROI based upon 'shared risks' whereby the banks invest a muslim clients fund on investments with their full knowledge, and if it succeeds, both will share the profits and in failures, both will share equally.

Fine and dandy, as investors are fully aware of commercial risks, taken on free will. But what happens about investments on manufacturing or properties, where prices of products are raised unconscionably high, so much that the consumer has to suffer to pay for it, such as overhead shelters for the young, indebting them for life, to justify returns?

Isnt that a far worse form of usury, if not outright enslavement of our young to investors??!!! I can talk all day if you wish to go into the moralistic and ethical aspects of commercial interests that is against the very grain of religious teachings.

But banking is only just one aspect of what my post and thread had been all about. It is about creating opportunities for this new generation and the next, which the uprisings in the M.E and other parts of the world such as Greece had been all about. It is about opportunities for them, to achieve common aspirations in life that you and I seek, denied to them by those in wealth and power.

As much as I supported the Libyan Rebellion and wish them success, the insignificant and nobody me is sickened by the bloodshed of innocents as the beast Gaddafi and his minions continued to murder their own unarmed and innocent people ruthlessly, and wish it will not happen to any other nation around the world.

As mentioned, the uprisings had been about freedom, and most critically, a common human right to achieve common aspirations - peace, prosperity, equality, justice, freedom and progress. To achieve that, they must have sustainable jobs to live life and love. Those are only common and basic human aspirations you and I have.

And it can be achieved, if only the elite leaders - economic, political and religious, allows it. Lust for wealth and power dictates that only the strongest survive, and inorder to continue to survive, power comes from the barrel of a gun. But there is more than enough if we can only share what we have. Unfortunately, the elities and dictators think otherwise, and anyhuman whom thinks not like them faces bullet through their innocent bodies.

The masses will not accept the status quo, thus the leaders must make provisions for their needs and aspirations. My solution to the leaders is to open up their purses, not for charity, but to fund social expenditure and create meaningful jobs.

Saudi Arabia monarchy gave money, but it had been a stupid offer. 'Give a man a fish, and you will feed him a day. Teach him how to fish, and you will feed him a lifetime' is a truism one can never ignore. Jobs is what will sustain a human for life. Many claim that humans are choosy over jobs, but the truth is that if the job is not paid sustainable for life, no one can accept it and would rather wait for another.

This is where a nation's savings will have to come into play to bail out the masses. Kick the foreign workers out and offer the jobs to the locals with sustainable wages such as constructions of new homes for the masses and infrastructure to attract travellers to the nation. With improved infrastructures, revenues will be generated for future income and money circulated, creating secondary industries such as services and goods for the rest of the nation with NONE left behind.

The leaders must convince the masses to take up those jobs, even for those whom are highly educated. Mistakes of negligences had been made, but sincere efforts to correct them for future generations will be at hand. Humans are reasonable and will respond. With better deals, conflicts will be avoided. Allah is merciful and compassionate and will help. So too even for atheist China, for every human on Earth is a child of our common Creator.

But for Libya, the dice had been casted and the result clear. It's too late for the mass murdering beast, his sons and his minions. They made their choice, to prove that dictatorship, domination and murder is right to power, against the very laws of the Universe that seeks not to harm or hurt innocents. Instead, they will be made examples of the very concepts that had proven, with their heads on a pike soon. The screams for justice by their victims cries out daily.

Compassion still exists for them, if they have still have some humanity in them, and that is to leave now while they still have a chance, not to escape ultimate retribution, but a window so that more innocents be spared from their murderous attempts.

May the dictators take heed.

For whom the bell tolls........

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