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The Earth was on fire, goodbye Ozone

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posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 11:59 PM
It's been about a week since I had this 'vision'... I really didn't want to alarm anyone because I think I was just letting my imagination run away (didn't really fall into the usual trance state). Another thing is that I am not sure where to put this... this seems to be the only real spot... could go under predictions, but like I said, I didn't really fall into my normal trance state when I had this...

I sat down at the 'pute and closed my eyes and saw this... I felt an incredible heat, like a dry heat. It was all around, but the most heat was where the sun shone directly on my skin. It was nearly unbearable, and I just laid there in submission. Then I opened my eyes (not really, but in my vision), and looked at the sun, which seemed to be brighter than normal. I raised my head and looked around and there was noone there, and everything was lit up by the sun in an incredibly unfiltered manner. Then I looked across the horizon to see the mountains were on fire, literally, and I knew I should've headed for the coast when I had the chance, then realized that I would just be dragging out my doom. That is about the time I realized that it was December in Wyoming and 'remembered' what had happened. The sun lost all gravity control on the planets and pretty much stopped everything for a day, then there was a flareup, and the sun shed a shell that burnt off the remaining ozone layer, leaving us unprotected. I laid there thinking about how I wish I would just pass out before the pain starts.

Scary thing is that I got all the emotions and I felt the heat. It was scary as hell. It was hell. I haven't even told my GF about this... noone.

So, what do you all think of this scenario? Possible? If you like I'll go into alot more detail... this untranced 'vision' lasted about 10 minutes or so before I decided to just open my eyes.

What makes this significant is that I remember hearing about how the ozone used to be alot thicker and that is why the dino's grew so large, as well as the foilage. I can't remember what they had attributed the loss of ozone to, but I think they said it was possibly large release of methane. As well, the mayans have their calander that ends, and the sun has been going through a strange cycle lately with the sunspots and CME's and all. Anyone think that this could be the precurser to the final calander? Basically, could the sun shed a layer and destroy the remaining ozone, leaving Earth to a Mars fate of lifelessness?

posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 12:03 AM
This should probably be in predictions.

Regardless, it sounds like it would quite an amazing vision to have, possibly leaving one shaken. I don't know anything about this being possible, though.

posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 12:04 AM
Uh, shouldn't this be in the predictions forum? Weird visions though, kinda creeped me out.

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posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 12:06 AM
Moved to predictions.

No... it's not possible in any shape or form. The sun can't "lose control" of the planets unless it suddenly gets teleported out and then we'd all do the insta-freeze thing.

If the sun "burned the ozone layer" it would also take out our oxygen atmosphere at the same time.

The whole scenario isn't possible. Sorry. Perhaps it's an allusion to something.

posted on Jul, 28 2004 @ 06:15 PM
Quite the contrary it IS very possible (at least some of it) the planets can not be stopped in motion except by EXTREME gravity not less.

But the Sun WILL someday "purge" a massive amount of solar material that will be so hot that it will set the planet(s) on fire. Consuming everything in the solar system.

By the way we or whoever/ whatever is on the planet at the time will die from a lethal dos of cosmic radiation before being incinerated by the intense heat. At which point the entire surface of the earth will return to its molten state. Right before the massive RED giant totally consumes this small little burning rock, seperating every atom of its existence into energy.

posted on Sep, 10 2004 @ 11:09 PM
HA!!! I figured out my login problem!

Anyways, I've been wanting to reply to this for some time. Now I really don't know what to say, lol... been too long.

In my 'dream' thing, it was wierd (I still remember it pretty vividly)... I knew, for some reason, that the lower elevations were still OK, but not for too long. Up here in the higher elevations, the mountains were pretty much burnt bare. Vegitation was all burnt away, and it was like the protection from the sun was disappearing. At the lower elevations there was still enough air left to keep out a good portion of the suns rays.

I stayed because I knew that the entire earth would be barren soon anyways, and I figured I'd just take a nap in the sun... pass out so I don't have to suffer. What scared me most about this whole vision is that I felt the fear, I felt the heat... I felt everything as if it were really happenning, and it scared the crap out of me. That's why I remember it so well

What it was is the sun shed a shell that burnt off the rest of the ozone layer. I really can't remember about the earth stopping it's rotation, but I remember that daylight had lasted at least a couple days already, so I assume that the planet had stopped. The sun said it was about 6 or 7pm on a summer day... about 20-30 degrees above the horizon. It was a darker yellow, not shining as bright as it did before, but that could have been from the dust in the air. The winds wouldn't blow anymore, and air was extremely stagnant. Basically it was like Earth was becoming Mars-like.

I've been wondering if maybe I was seeing the last days of Mars or something, lol. Or the last days of Earth, which scares me. Like I said, it wasn't a trance, but it wasn't a 'daydream' type of vision, either. It was like I was there, even down to what I felt like... the heat, the sun... everything.

Still gives me quivvers thinking about it

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