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CANADA this is the time to fight against Monsanto and GMO (genetically modified organisms). Pre-elec

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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 06:20 PM
I want to address all canadians on ATS. We are having meetings and press-conferences with the members of all paries. It's the time when you can ask them about their role and their plans to stop Monsanto and to stop GM products on our shelves.
We can demand that they at least start labeling the products that have GMO (genetically modified organism) in them. Almost 90 % of the products contains GMO, but we don't know which 10 % is safe.
I am personally tired of spending twice as much time as I used to just because I am reading labels of ingredients on each product I am buying. I worry about my children's health and future!
I am trying to avoid everything that has soy, canola and corn in it, but it's hard. If I knew which products have no GMO in it, it would make my life so much easier. Besides, people would be buying only the products that have no GMO in them. Then, the manufacturers would have no choice but get rid of GMO if they want to sell anything t us.
We are the POWER! We can live our life the way we want it. We deserve to be healthy!
Instead of collecting money on fundraisers for canser research or donotaing the money to Cancer society, we should start fighting with the cause of cancer. Number one cause is what we eat and drink!
Besides cancer society doesn't help to cure cancer, they are not interested in that. Everybody who works in the fields related to cancer treatment, cancer research will never be interested in losing their big money!
They don't care about us, as Michael Jackson sang

Let's take care about ourselves. Let's make a better future for our children. We want to live in the society where you can buy anything you see on the shelves in the stores without reading ingredients worrying it's cgoing to give you diabetes or cancer. We can make it real. Please take it seriously. Every single one of you has more power than you can imagine!
Excuse my grammar or possible spelling mistakes, English is not my first language and I am in a hurry to post it

Thank you so much for your time. I believe in better future! I believe in Love and kindness. I am sending my Love to all of you. Take care!
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posted on Apr, 19 2011 @ 07:03 PM
I don't think people realise how important the issuef of GMO is. We have so many obese people, we have a very high rate of diabetes, we have high rate of heart disease, and already high, but rapidly increasing rate of cancer. It's all because of what we eat and drink. We literally put poison in our mouth. It's killing slowly. We are not eating food, we are eating monsters. You don't have to believe me, just do research. I might make it easier for you and post some info and videos here, but please do something. We have only a couple of weeks left.
This is the only time those guys in power will listen to us, they will have to, because of all the publicity. Don't loose this chance.
I am sorry if I sound paranoid lol I dont want to scare anyone or frustrate anyone.
Please leave your comments and your thoughts on this thread, so it has more chance to be read by more people.

posted on Apr, 20 2011 @ 12:20 AM
Elect me and I'll fix it. I'm running on the "Hang the treasonous politicians, nullify all treaties, divorce the queen and dismantle the (not so) Bank of Canada" ticket. I'm tired of all this crap just like you and I want to press that big reset button. We need to know what we are ingesting, whether it be food, air or water. Did you know that our crappy politicians were actually trying to force EU countries into reversing their laws and allowing GMO food? But then what would one expect from a bunch of spineless treasonous puppets pretending to be government, right? I'm up for a good fight ;-)

As an aside, people keep looking for "CSIS ID" on my website, that information doesn't exist and never has. Anyone looking for a CSIS ID, please contact Jim F or Gary R at 416-865-1480 which is the Toronto office of CSIS (Cheezy Security & Ignorant Slobs). Considering what the CSIS building looks like in Ottawa (triangle/pyramid capstone and inverted cross), I am quite sure they would be willing to sell anything since they've already sold out all of us for at least the next five generations.

Cheers - Dave
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