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Close Encounters of the Third Kind With Tabloid Journalism: CoasttoCoast Takes on the Sleezebags...

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posted on Apr, 18 2011 @ 10:48 AM
Holy out the liberals who hate the History Channel, they can vent their anger and frustrations on Coast to Coast. Former National Enquirer staff writer, Paul Bannister, joined George Knapp on Sunday to expose what soooooooo many liberals accept as the truth from the media.

And they try to call it electronic mind control. No way. It's simple advertising for the masses who've been thoroughly conditioned since the popularity of television bloomed after WWII.

The media can tell the liberals anything: Obama this and Obama that. There are no ELF waves involved. No HAARP. It's just a media that has become accustomed to having their way with the welfare masses.

Media and welfare: the two big tools for controlling and herding the individuals into a single lane corral.

In its heyday, the Enquirer had millions of readers, 80 full time staff reporters and hundreds of freelancers-- now it's down to just a handful of employees, he noted. One of the tactics tabloids used was to create a salacious sounding headline, and then send staff writers out to find any evidence for the story.


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