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Fukushima Nuclear Accident "VS" Chernoble

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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 06:53 PM
The Geiger counter readings on numerous sites have truthfully shown continuously very low levels of radiation.

What few are talking about is the harm that will be done if you don't take aggressive measures now.

The first radiation from Japan hit the west coast March 18, 2011.

By April 1 2011 the Fukushima radiation will have passed over all of North America leaving many areas with very low levels of radiation depending on jet stream distribution.

As the jet stream coninues around the world some radioactive particles will fall with rain, snow or as dust particles, before it continues it's deadly circle. The number of radioactive particles may diminish but the STRENGTH of each particle does not diminish.

When Reactor 2 at Fukushima melted down on March 29 the contents in the containment building released radiation 10 million times higher than during normal operations.

Of course, you'll remember these figures were given by TEPCO Engineers, but the governement decided that these numbers were too high and the figures were revised downward.

Some of the smaller radioactive particles like Uranium and Plutonium will reach the West Coast within the first week of April 2011, and then continue their lethal circle around the globe. The jet stream will control where they visit.

Low levels of radiation will enter our food and water supply over the weeks and months ahead.

Even after (when and if) Fukushima is decomissioned we can still expect numerous health problems. Many of these might ordinarily not be noticed by individuals, just part of life when a child develops leukemia, or when someone else gets cancer, or a friend develops a horrible immune system disorder, or people just don't seem as healthy as before.

Dr Ernest Sternglass of University of Pittsburg presented the following infant mortality rate for the Pacific states, following chernobyl fallout in May 1986, just one month after Chernobyl:

* May 1986 54% increase infant mortality in Washington state

* May 1986 48% increase infant mortality in California compared to previous June

* June 1986 245% increase deaths per thousand live births in Washington state

* June 1986 900% increse infant mortality rate per live births in Massachusetts

These problems will face those who inhale or ingest even the smallest particle of radioactive material:

* premature births

* increased deaths after live births

* increased infant pneumonia & influenza

* increased leukemia

* increased learning defects

* increased thyroid cancer

* increased breast cancer

* immune deficiency disorders

* increased chronic degenerative disorders

This page is dedicated to the nameless Fukushima Fifty who knowingly risked radiation sickness and death, with the hopes of preventing an even greater radioactive global disaster. It is thought that there were about 200 courageous individuals working in 15 minute shifts at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, fully aware of their continual radiation bombardment. Five have already died and apparently 15 others are seriously ill.

No matter the end result, can we salute their courage and honor their valor? Their sacrifice deserves to be embedded in our memories that they may never be forgotten. The courage and fortitude of the Japanese people, who handled their heart breaking tragedy with dignity and grace, will help them with the battles to come.

Very Good Link For Radiation Knowledge Below:


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