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What I learned so far...

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posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 07:00 AM
It's time to wake up.

I've been reading and studying into vibration, spiritual practice, spiritual energies, psychology, collective psychology, Shamanism and anything relevant to explain our nature and where we are headed. Basically playing blue's clues with I don't know but the information I have been following in my part time for the last 3 years has correlations. The most stunning pieces, to me anyways, are Kundalini yoga and Shamanism which seems to point toward a catastrophe that happened in the past that brought about this way of fear driven thinking and obsession we all have for protection.

The disaster was supposedly a flood that drove shamanistic tribes into a survival mode.

In Kundalini yoga one must arouse an energy in your base root chakra that works it's way through your body cleansing as it's moving through. If one was to take this path than one must be inclined and devoted to it whole heartedly I must warn. It's kinda like taking off all your "thinking" and applying another form of "thinking" and you can't just stop halfway imagine the psychological dysfunction a person would be in. Not all just people who had a rougher experience this time around. So basically when you are thoroughly cleansed you become enlightened. I have had the good grace of experience some fairly weird feelings inside myself. Such as extreme heart fatigue whenever nature around me was stressed. I can remember one such experience where lightning struck and my heart felt a stabbing pain that literally tossed me to the ground. I also had some sort of intuitive ability where I, even today, often have thought's of people before they walk up to my door, call or text. The weirdest thing I ever noticed about all of this was the people who would walk up to me and poor their hearts out. I heard from Alan Watts that excitement, surprised feelings and shock often block these types of abilities from developing so I decided to just go with it. It was a bit scary at first but eventually I began to have the experiences daily.

In my culture, Native American Culture, I have chosen to take a subjective stance and observe while participating in all the spiritual practices. It has come to my attention that all of shamanism has to do with cleansing the psyche and creating balance by just accepting who you are. I don't believe that native people did much bathing or grooming but instead they partook in something called a "Sweat". The ceremony was very sacred and spiritual. Applied to modern day life this "Sweat" would aid medical healing possibility take it over.

I have even grazed on Zen and some light Mahayana Buddhism. I loved both and drew out my own conclusion. The idea of emptiness seems to be very healing and, for me, make's me feel well rested. I also used the notion of emptiness to let go of my old self and who I was to become a better person. I also figured out some sort of visualizations to assist in rest that were quite effective(Simply be content imagining where you are and where you are going always be content and you will quite often feel rested I picture myself flying sometimes). Forget about everything you know be your natural self but zen will give you back yourself. (Please note: the design of society and social structures taboo the sex aspect which is a major part of the self, suppression of sexual energy has serious consequences)

In conclusion I don't know whats going to happen. My therapist said that people will begin to cleanse themselves psychologically for the next couple years and have been since the 90s. I for one just want to grab some popcorn sit back and relax because it only feels right to watch. Contrary to what you believe, my own experience seems to have shed more light on the direction of the world. The world you know today is nothing compared to your true divine nature. I believe that we are all heading to a great place. Change will not occur overnight and maybe it will. Quite often history has demonstrated giant leaps in advancement I believe this to be a side effect of our own stubborn conservative attitudes that try to put the world in order when really we and it are in constant change.

I recently seen this video recently. It's a good watch. Be open


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