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Questionable Patents

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posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 11:42 PM
Figured I'd start this off with a simple one.

Here is a link to the USPatent office, I brought it to the search by patent number

Here are some patents to look up which, in my opinion, and others, is evidence of Chemtrails.
Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
United States Patent 4,686,605

Method of modifying weather
United States Patent 6,315,213

Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin
United States Patent

Liquid atomizing apparatus for aerial spraying
United States Patent

Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids
United States Patent
Please feel free to add more patents and/ or discuss your opinions.
Peace and One Love

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 09:31 PM
Ok ok, I was a little rushed on this one, time was running out, then I woke up to no internet for the day. So I understand the cold shoulder ATS. : )
I'll leave my own comment to get started. Here are the patents mentioned in the thread, with a few quotes from each patent to get you started. Some of them also relate to other patents mentioned, so I urge you to look into those as well.
And please feel free to add your own opinions and patents you've found.

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere

"2. The method of claim 1 including the step of providing artificial particles in said at least one region which are excited by said electron cyclotron resonance.

3. The method of claim 2 wherein said artificial particles are provided by injecting same into said at least one region from an orbiting satellite.

Further, artificial particles, e.g., electrons, ions, etc., can be injected directly into region R from an earth-launched rocket or orbiting satellite carrying, for example, a payload of radioactive beta-decay material; alpha emitters; an electron accelerator; and/or ionized gases such as hydrogen; see U.S. Pat. No. 4,042,196."

The particles are the reason chemtrails can give off the rainbow type effects, and are why you can see a shadow of a chemtrail as well as why the chemtrails appear to go through clouds. The particles are various metals, which can be said to block out, or reflect away, some of the suns light.

Method of modifying weather

"Abstract - A method for artificially modifying the weather by seeding rain clouds of a storm with suitable cross-linked aqueous polymer. The polymer is dispersed into the cloud and the wind of the storm agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below. Thus, diminishing the clouds ability to rain.

2. The method of claim 1 wherein said dispersion of aqueous solidifier is from an aircraft traversing the cloud.
loud seeding is a known process for artificially modifying the weather by injecting a composition into a cloud for formation of an ice freezing nuclei. Silver iodide is a well known substance used for
cloud seeding. Ice freezing nuclei have the effect of creating rain, reducing hail, and possibly preventing rain by overseeding.

U.S. Pat. No. 4,096,005 discloses a pyrotechnic cloud seeding composition comprising silver iodate and a fuel from the consisting of aluminum and magnesium."

Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin

I mention this one not because of what they claim to disperse, but to show they are dispersing something. I don't claim to know what chemtrails are for, or even that they serve only one purpose. I simply cannot deny they exist for SOMETHING. I'm only 35, and I can say I did not the checkerboard pattern in the sky when I was a kid,
and I was a cloud shape watcher...if I'd seen them, I'd have been playing tic tac toe. : )

"his invention is a process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere by dispersing melanin, its analogs, or derivatives into the atmosphere. By appropriate choice of melanin composition, size of melanin dispersoids, and their concentration, the melanin will absorb some quantity of ultraviolet radiation and thereby lessen its overall effect on the critters who would normally absorb such radiation.

None of these disclosures suggests the use of finely dispersed melanin in the atmosphere to protect those beneath the melanin dispersion or cloud (I think the mention of it is a suggestion, in it's own manner.)

A classic silver iodide cloud seeding generator is shown in U.S. Pat. No. 3,126,155...

In Chang et al., U.S. Pat. No. 5,003,186, is described a process for introducing Welsbach materials and metal oxides which have high emissivities (and hence low reflectivities) into the atmosphere. Such particles would absorb long wavelength energy and radiate it into space.

Other known methods for dispersing materials into the atmosphere include those shown in U.S. Pat. No. 4,412,654 to Yates et al., and 4,948,050 to Picot. The Yates patent shows an airfoil-shaped body which has an open slot at the trailing edge. Located within the interior of the airfoil is a distributor having a series of small orifices which spray droplets toward the trailing edge of the airfoil with its open slot. As the dispersed liquid leaves the slot it is even further comminuted into much smaller droplets.

The Picot patent shows a rotary liquid spray atomizer for aerial spraying."

Liquid atomizing apparatus for aerial spraying

"A rotary liquid spray atomizer for aerial spraying is driven by a variable speed motor, driven in turn by power from a variable speed AC generator. The generator is driven from a power take-off from the engine of the spraying aircraft, a drive assembly includes a device for controlling the speed of the generator relative to the speed of the engine.

This invention relates to a liquid atomizing apparatus for aerial spraying, and in particular relates to the provision of apparatus which will give a liquid or solid-in-liquid suspension spray having predetermined characteristics independent of the speed of the aircraft carrying out the spraying."

Laminar micro jet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids

"Abstract - A laminar micro jet atomizer and method of aerial spraying involve the use of a streamlined body having a slot in the trailing edge thereof to afford a quiescent zone within the wing and into which liquid for spraying is introduced. The liquid flows from a source through a small diameter orifice having a discharge end disposed in the quiet zone well upstream of the trailing edge. The liquid released into the quiet zone in the slot forms drops characteristic of laminar flow. Those drops then flow from the slot at the trailing edge of the streamlined body and discharge into the slipstream for free distribution.

This invention was made with Government support under grant No. 23-181, awarded by the Department of Agriculture. The Government has certain rights in this invention.

2. A device as in claim 1 including a plurality of said discharge orifices arranged parallel to each other and open a direction opposite in said predetermined direction and substantially in a common plane and all within said hollow support."

So here are just a couple of MANY MANY MANY patents out there to support the idea of chemtrails. Heck, it's even been legally determined illegal to use chemtrails for terrorist purposes. Look up everyone, it's slapping you in the face!
Hope this is a little better everyone.
Peace and One Love!

posted on Apr, 16 2011 @ 11:42 PM
I didn't notice your thread otherwise I would of posted here sooner. I made another thread for patents.

Here's one from the OP

Atmospheric injection of reflective aerosol for mitigating global warming
United States Patent Application 20100127224

A method is provided for mitigating global warming. In such method, fine particles can be injected or dispersed into the stratosphere. The particles can be characterized by relatively low emissivity in the visible spectrum and relatively high emissivity at thermal infrared wavelengths. In a particular embodiment, the fine particles can consist predominantly of silica. In a particular embodiment, the fine silica particles can include diatomaceous earth (DE), which may or may not be heat treated before injection and dispersal within the stratosphere. In one embodiment, the fine silica particles can include at least one of silica fume, fumed silica, or powdered quartz. The fine silica particles may have an average diameter ranging between 5 nanometers and 100 microns.


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