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posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 02:46 PM
Just thought I'd give a quick highbefore racking up my 20 so I can post a whole bunch of cool stuff about how bad the people around here are working overtime to friggin destroy me lol! It's all smoke and mirror with sum summin!

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posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 02:52 PM
Drugs are bad mmmmkay.

Welcome to ATS I think.

posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by KingJod

Oh come on now! I've been totally messed up and they are still messing with me! Like yesterday again I was looking at cheap places to fly away too and decided on trying kauai. THere was flights avail then suddenly boom gone! Now today they rearrange the flights so the same numbers come up again after I start thinking about not going because of the whole burning ring of fire thing. Like how now it's there cheap for 342 dollars. Like the 3:42 UTC tangshand china earthquake before I was born. the 243 mirro tehy moved my son to at 333 kilometers and 243 degrees away. THe arrival time being 223 like the mirror of my initials CBB/322... Man i could go on and on. Just look at the okanaga and it 2:34 time here and the 432 time in cairo... If you actually look up and pay attention you'll be friggin spooked at how fabricated the solar system is. The timing of it all is so disgusting perfect it can't be by chance and the freakish timing of siruius and other star alignments over the okanagan/kelowna like the sirius at stroke of midnight on new years and more than I care to write about at the moment.

I linked up with something man and was show some pretty wacked out stuff. Like the perfect distances of 6640 miles from me to the pyramids and lhasa tibet which create a nicebig peel... The nu,mber game they're busting out around here is totally insane. Like the jasper street passport office 9700, gettting redirected on the phone until Pi V oT legal advice at 9700 and then tat Unut white rabbit girl apparently changing jobs to the place with the phone number 9700.. THen all the 220 stuff and the 115s. Man it's so messed up! I'm gonna rat you all out and I don't care that you can influence my choices like distracting me until I miss my stop and end up at DOMO gas station. Mr. Roboto DOMO! Ya I laughed it was kind of funny...

Anyways being homeless is really messed up though. I don't really care though. I just want to find a damn place to go that isn't mapped out so freakish perfectly with wacked airport names like GIMP or INCHEON. I mean this world is such a joke now. Watching some of that stuff I read about in the past suddenly changing was really friggin messed up.

234 IC XC 432

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 11:19 AM
nvm I guess I'll just suffer and die without being known

Beware KELOWNA and BC Don't measure things on google earth like the distance from there to the pyrmids and tibet... THIS IS MADE MAN! Don't be looking up and counting things either. It's really depressing to see how fabricated the solar system is when you've been agnostic your whole life
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posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 01:43 PM
Actually fk it. I hate this deviant pig family and this entire species for working together to help them while watching me be guided around into on horrible situation after another in endless fking misery.

As far as I'm concerned my real family is long fricken gone and these bastard creations from hell deserve to be ratted out and destroyed. My own doesn't even seem the same anymore and everything is so fricken fk'd up with the stupid bush family number crap and me and even this mother J.E.B. like JEB from florida I just can't stand it anymore. This continent is fricken nightmare of endless wacked out shifted and messed up star maps and gibberish which means who the fk knows what. At this point I'd rather go east to europe or the middle east but sadly thanks to all your stupid travel rules and money bs I'm stuck on this filth land with the deviants. Like I'd go to the east coast and then be stuck there and sadly the only other option is west into asian land or the hawaiin island. South looked nice for a brief time until all your twats started playing lets mess with the rules and travel prices to mess up this fool who can't make up his mind. I'm so sick of strangers shaking their scummy pink skin heads at me like I howe this gutter trash race anything after a lifetime of being made a fool of. If I had the means I'd cast you all into hell and thank you precious new deviant filth masters that I didn't leave and lost the connection to whatever the heck it was that started out amazing.

I was born 7/28/76 and this messed up evil family of whatever they have been setting me up a long time because I was just too frigin emotional and gave up on life. Everything about this family is like an equation or something. Like made as part of some kind of who knows what by something out there. My mirror is my elder sister Angela E.B. born 10/1 and her little whatever son 3/15. They mirror me and my son on the clock along with the rest of this wacked out bloodline of whatever they are all being born at certain dates on the clock. It would seem reality has been enjoying making a mockery of my inability to notice this wackedout stuff my whole life. That is until old Demoic pedo filth lying pig Josie did whatever the hell that evil ritual stuff was on me then it was like something wackedout and crazy getting into my mind and drivingme retardedfor months on end.

In hours 7/28 is 7:20 and 10/1 is 10:05 which mirror. Our sons are her 3:15 and mine 9:45. I nrever even clued into it before but always wondered why thew evil filth whore always would pester me for me info on what I'd buy for myself and my son then watch her mimic it for her. Then they'd constantly gift me stuff that was just a friggin turn off in everyway, yet I was poor and accepted it. Now I see just how much the filth of british columbia and hte rest of this degenerate pig continent have been working together to help this deviant family which i've fallen with for so long.

It's like some kind of wacked out game to try and convince me i'm to take the fall for differnent memvbers of this bag of trash family. I got to vancouver and wham the hostel puts me in room 315. THenext night I try another and they send me to 101. Then I come home and stay in the hotel which puts me room 311 or the mother of my sons birthdate. I could go on an on but this stuff is just fk'd up! I think of going anywhere for a break to gather my thoughts and try to get back to the pleasurable peace feelings of early on before I started seeing how badly this filth family had been setting me up only to find them rescheduling and changing plane prices and times to constantly come out to the same stuff. Like I look into the hawaiin islands to get away and then check out the population of kauai and it spams me with numbers around my fathers date 10/4. THe mother serpentine bitch being 10/3. THe rampant criminal scum brother being 11/23 and the former prostitue to 90 year old men diana and lesbian by choice because of her inability to attract anything but old men ,12/29.

I'm to the point of just giving up on life again and humanity as a whole. How you fkers could do this to another person like mapping out all your cities, ancient sites etc in such a freakish way and make it appear as an endless trap where I couldn't get anywhere on earth I want to go because of money is jus sickening. Mayve at one point if I would've trusted myself those insane experiences like the chael sonnen/anderson silva fight would've change into something else, but sadly I trusted all the lying filth around here and stayed with them then it all ended after it seemed like reality started rearranging.

Who knows what the truth is at this point though. Forall I know the lot of you twistedl ittle evil slime just like to create fake maps and stats to freak a person out into staying in your filthy presence like I'd be somehow choosing to be on your garbage side when I only don't go because of wondering wtf this all is.

I have to check flights at the moment now and just say fk it and go whereever so mayvbe I'll come back and rant about how even ats was involved in this nightmare whether they did so on purpose or not I don't know. It seems a lot of people say and do things then claim they have no idea what I'm talking about. All I know is that New Zealand is def in the wrong place on that friggin map and way back in december reality seemed to totally change during all that waacked out orion, venus, jupiter and eclipse alignment stuff.

I'm not staying quite anymore. Especially after that deciever liar Gayle vanishes from facebook, changes her phone, and who knows what. So many damn liars and decievers around here. This planet is just messed up man and it really sucks that I can't go to friggin egypt rigth now because of friggin money nd hwatever these twats and their suggestive role reversing game suggest. I know what i saw and I see how many of you scum around canada are just putting up the delusion of being good decent people while you twisted the blade in someone's back.

You can try and believe that you're innocent of assualt against me all you want but the truth is you're all friggin guilty even if your actions are just lying and changing up rules and such to block my every attempt to flee this hell hole continent. There may still be good here but I fail to meet it. Just a bunch of deceptive scum everywhere I go.

Anywyas time to roll and hope it's all just BS and not real because if I go to perdition or osmething for this gutter trash bloodline that tries to pretend they're innocent of trying to whore their wives to me, being suggestive with the grand kids etc didn't happen but screw that. I ain't buying the multiple dimension or reality stuff. I know what I saw and it only takes a tiny poke to stimulate the scum into exposing the truth that their all just pretending and still the scum they've been for the past 10 years. Or maybe I'm just dead and none of you all are real?

I don't know wtf is going on but when i see that something is manipulating my functions like when I didn't eat more than a handful of food in lke a month and dropped from like 260-190 in just a few months it's kind of freaky. Whatever the hell has happened to me after this lifetime of misery I hope that if it's something truly horrible as I wouldn't be suprised if it is that the entire population of this filtjhy evil planet go burning in hell like you know you deserve for your contributions to this nightmare game. You people are fking fk'd and I can't believe you'd help this deviant filth family. Whatever is going on i hope you all pay for it a trillion fold. You are truly the most vile evil creatures in existence and I can't believe I'm trapped on this scummy evil side of the planet with the great decievers. What a friggin joke this wolrd has become. Let's all go throw up a billion borders and rules to cage people in, create a system where the immoral deciever scum thrive.

And don't be posting stuff on this site if you notice numbers a lot. Like if you go off seeing the sequence numbers and triples don't post at all! Or at least pay aattention to the time you post so you're posting at different times. Better yet if it starts to happen run away from technology and start hoping it goes away. It's such a nightmare when you see yourself being guided around like clockwork doing stupid stuff like posting messages to distract yourself until it's too late to leave this hellish continent of lies and scum. AND A MEGA SCREW YOU TO AMERICA! Your little evil game with this freakish family and everything you all surrounded me with was just BS! Wtf gies you the right to totally destroy another persons existence and then try to pass them off as a looney?

Blowing up the 9/11/01 towers and the 4/21/10 oil rig because of 3142 / 3.142 (pi) days between it and because of the alignments with ORION. Your truly a vile evil peopleAnd the book of J0B refrences being in numerical form 10 0 2 (J0B) | (B0J) 2 0 10... Man it just goes on and on! The things around here and watever tech you use to destroy a persons lifeand soul because they notice something and try to help by pointing it out is just messed up. You people just SUCK! It's so friggin sad to see how things got so messed up and it's truly sad when I'd rather be hiding out in egypt than the west. To see just how fk'd up and evil this place is what quite a shocker. So much that I spent months in panick mode trying to think but being tooo messed up to make it happen. It didn't help having all that drivel poured into my mind by your demonic god or whatever the fk that son of btch evil thing was. Like I'd ever work for a fellow pink skin ever again after seeing how fake and evil this land is. You people don't know what love is. This continent is just a land of lies and scum! You clearly judge me so I now I judge you all and find this species unworthy of existence and deserving of extinction. You evil bastards and your game deserve to go to hell and I hope that crap about showing this evil puke family what it needed to solve something wasn't true and I really hope that date of 12/21/10 after that eclipse really wasn't some kind of wacked out turning point when everyone suddenly started acting really weird.

I hope you all enjoyed helping the deviant pig family and theirs. Like Ben the rampant criminal piece of trash trying to pretend to be nice and decent now but just bring up his session of beating homeless people and his connections to other nasty crimes brings out his evil little grins. And fk you herman the corrupt pig in kelowna and the whore with coke rings under her nostrils. OR the former prostitute diana who sold herself to some friggin geeezer for fun money then wonders why she chose to be a lesbian after several runs with the seniors. Can't forget miss user whore angela who spends her days watching people get murdered in the movies while talking about how much she hates them and ofcourse deviant pervert josie and her litle disgusting comments with the grand children then afdter that wacked out switch they suddenly start trying to defend her? This world has fallen into the hands of filth and you all helped make it happen.

I can't believe how fk'd up this species and continent are and how stupid I am for staying on this continent as long as I did. I hope you all have damned youselves in doing this to me. I'll never make the mistake again of thinking there's anything good out there. you people are all 100% TRASH for making this mapped out nightmare game and ruining anothers life for the sake of garbage whore filth like the mother of my son who I had every right to mistrust after what I've seen and my brother slut deviant pig family who are also clearly involved. As well as all the fruitcakes and degenerates around DeMontreuil Court who clearly enjoyed waking me up from my bad dream life into this nightmare. I've done NOTHING to you white trash pigs and you've all gone insanely out of your way to ruin my life. If you LOSERS truly don't know who I am or whats going on then you're dumber than me and shouldn't even bother replying.
I hope you all rott in hell for whatever this nightmare is and you fake slime of canada all trying to friendly and happy so you could move in just enough population for this stupid game or whatever. You people are just fk'd up. May this planet be utterly destroy and all you fake scum burn in hell forever.

No go delete this thread superficial pig mods and owners before I post about your contribution to ruining my life and how you just bait people into posting info on this site so you can find them. Oh and make sure to tell me about baseless claims and talk all professional so the drones will blindly follow you because you sound smart...

DIE HUMAN FILTH! Never again will I trust another person

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