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The Smell of Evil (Working Thread)

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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 11:36 PM
I have an idea for a new collaborative effort. I was thinking of a new story that took place during the reign of Henry VIII of England, and proceeding well into the Reign of Mary I of england. The time where England was in great controversy and stuck between religious beliefs that ended in thousands dead at the hand of Queen Mary I.

The basic idea is that we have characters on both sides of the fence and even a few freelancers. I know religion is a hot topic that ends in lots of flame wars here on ATS, so why not make it all into a story? We have 3 sides basically. One who's loyalties lie with Queen Mary I. One who's loyalties lie with King Henry VIII and a third side perhaps that seeks to destroy the two other warring parties in favor of their own separate beliefs.

Keep in mind that Queen Mary I is the figurehead for the Bloody Mary myth. And in this story, Mary's side is considered "Evil" by all definitions. Henry's side is considered "Good" by all definitions. The third loyalty would be considered whatever we can decide upon with more collaboration.

That's my idea. If any are interested in joining, please U2U me. I want as many writers as possible for this

Edit to add. If anyone has ever paid attention to my Avatar, its a photoshop of Mary I haha
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