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Dr Andrija Puharich and "space kids"

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posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 01:34 AM
During my research into the 1970's contactee Valerie Ransone (see ) I came across a reference to her being one of Dr Andrija Puharich's "space kids." Intrigued by this reference I put the words "space kids" and "Puharich" into a search engine. There were numerous hits, but mainly along the same lines.

"In the summer of 1975, Puharich assembled around twenty children from the ages of nine to late teens called the "Gellerlings" or "space kids." The material you will find on opening the various sites seems to all lead back to one short biographical entry on Puharich. I set out to see if I could try down some more original source.

My search for better material on Puharich's "space kids" started with Uri Geller's book "My Story" published by Corgi books in London in 1977. ISBN 0552-10391-8. It is Uri Geller's own account of his life. Puharich played a part in Geller's story.

"August 17th 1971, was an important day in my life. Dr Andrija Puharich arrived from the United States." (p.205.) Puharich later rented an apartment in Israel in November 1971, in order to study Uri Geller. "Andrija told me he planned to take the results of these preliminary tests back to America, and also to England, to see what support and interest he could find for deeper research." (p.208.) Puharich hypnotised Geller, and the taped session revealed that "the energies" were coming from a spacecraft, which it even gave a name 'spectra.'" (p.213.)

Puharich got "...the Stanford Research Institute interested in setting up a program to test the powers under strict laboratory conditions." (p.226.) Geller went to the USA in August 1972 for some tests with Edgar Mitchell, Professsor Gerald Feinberg, and Dr Wilbur Franklin. He then returned in November, 1972 to stay at Puharich's in Ossining, in New York state; then went for testing at SRI in California. Geller rejoined Puharich in Ossining in December 1972. Later Geller wrote: "I was getting restless living at Puharich's place out in Ossining, even though it was beautiful." (p.249.) He moved to New York.

So, despite involvement with Puharich between August 1971 and early 1973, Geller's book has no hint of any "space kids."

I then turned to my copy of Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science-volume two" as it documents the era 1970-1979, and Vallee knew Puharich.

The first mention of Puharich was on page 164. On 12 November 1972, Vallee went to SRI and while there saw "Hal and Russell arrive in the company of Geller, new age researcher Andrija Puharich and their entourage..." (p.164.) The nest firsthand mention was on 26 January 1974. "I had dinner with Puharich, Arthur Young, Tom Bearden and Ira Einhorn..." (p.231.) Vallee relates Puharich's account of Uri Geller. Also, in 1974, on 24 July 1974 "John Whitmore ("Sir John") also called today. He's working with Puharich in his post-Uri period. (p.260.)

I couldn't find any more entries re Puharich until 2 April 1976. "Lunch in Woodside with Puharich and Hurtak. Andrija, more excited than ever, claimed he was getting coded extraterrestrial messages on his watch..." (p.330.) On 22 July 1976. "On Monday I had lunch with Sir John Whitmore who spoke of his adventures with Andrija Puharich and medium Phyllis Schlemmer..." (p.345.) 25 January 1978. "We went on to discuss Puharich. Bill, who'd published his book Uri, asked me what I frankly thought of him. "Andrija puzzles me," I said, telling of the bizzare episode when he was receiving coded messages in Hebrew on his wrist watch. "Well, his latest manuscript is a disaster, long extracts of wishy-washy messages from Hoova and Spectra, a total mess." (p.415.)

26 January 1978. Talking to Ira Einhorn "Puharich's name came up." "We haven't spoken to each other in a while", Ira said. "We had a falling out. Andrija's gone nuts, but the phenomena around him are real."" (p.415.) 19 May 1978. "...I met with Ira Einhorn...We spent several hours discussing Bob Beck, Puharich and Valerie Ransone...Ira told me that Valerie and Puharich had gone over to see Beck in March or April 1977..." (p.428.)

9 July 1978. "Wes Thomas was waiting for me at Kennedy. He spoke about Valerie...Wes introduced her to Puharich two years ago. She spent several months with him, exploring every site where ELF research was going on. This particular topic of estremely low frequency seems to fascinate her...I think Puharich convinced her that she was a contactee," said Wes, "I'd never heard her mention it before she met him." (p.432.)

14 November 1978. Speaking of Ira. "I tried without success to get Ira to tell me what he knew about the firebombing of Puharich's house." (p.442.) So, Vallee's book contains no references to puharich's "space kids" even though the book covers the period 1970-1979.

I next tracked down a copy of a book titled "Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth" by Stuart Holroyd. Published in 1979 by Corgi (originally published in 1977 by W H Allen). London. ISBN 0 552 10997 5, it is all about another era in Puharich's life. In January 1975 Holroyd visited Sir John Whitmore at his residence in Ossining, New York State in the USA. The meeting turned out to be at the house of Puharich also living in Ossining. The source behind the Andrija/Geller messages now preferred to use human 'channels.' Eventually Holroyd came to write his book documenting these extraterrestrial communications. The book tells the story of the work that Puharich and Whitmore undertook with Phyllis Virtue Schlemmer. Phyllis being the human 'channel' which the extraterrestrials used to convey their messages. Phyllis worked at the Psychic Center of Florida, where she established "...a school for the development of psychic faculties..." (p.43.)

In the communications...there were two distinct human channels, Bobby and Phyllis, and three different communicators who identified themselves as Corean, Ryr and Tom. (p.99.) Communications went on throughout 1974 into early 1975. However, page 312 of the book suggests the work of the trio carried on into January 1977.

Again, despite the book covering the period 1974 to 1977, there is no mention of any "space kids."

Finally I found a reference to "space kids" in a book written by one of Puharich's wives, namely H G M Herman. The book, published in 1998 was titled "Memories of a Maverick." "A series of events that had taken place in May 1975 made him decide to start a program with children...While in England he'd met several children who could bend spoons, blades or pocketknives and keys..he took the kids to Glastonbury Tor...This experience with the kids was the first time that Andrija thought about a program for children...The second time occurred two weeks later in Mexico." (pp130-131.) Puharich went to Mexico at the request of a Mexican TV station, and as a result of his visit "...three boys, Jaime, Jonathan and Octavio were so impressive that he decided to invite them to Ossining for a summer program. " (p.131.)

In July 1975 Puharich wrote to Hermans that "I am now turning my attention to healing work, and work with children. I started an experimental school. The 9 "space kids" are all here. " (p.132.) Hermans' own 14 year old son, Andy, was also at Ossining. "All the kids lived by themselves at the "Turkey Farm", a house on the estate and maintained a strict daily routine of meditation, dream telling sessions, hobby time workouts and swimming. They took turns cleaning the house and do the cooking. Either Andrija or somebody else would give talks on the hazards of drugs or smoking..." (p.132.) Her son Andy "...never told me what it meant to be a "space kid" until recently. If he had told me then that each kid was hypnotized in order to go back to his "parent civilization" I would probably have flipped and kept him home." (p132.) "According to Andy, most of the kids present came from another planet. They had voluntarily returned to planet earth to help in the raising of human conscousness..." (pp132-133.) "That's why daddy set up the progrram," Andy told me "to remind the kids of their mission in life..." (p.133.) "The program with the kids lasted until the end of August, but all through 1975 and 1976, young people from all over the world kept coming to Ossining." (p.133.)

As an aside, the only mention of Valerie Ransone came from Vallee's work. She was never mentioned in Geller's book, Holroyd's book or Herman's work.

Has anyone here on ATS come across any other material on these "space kids?"

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 01:49 AM
Sorry can't help - but a fascinating subject and hope you find more in your research - strange but not suprizing!
S&F for your efforts - keep us informed please.

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by keithb


This is all tied in with MK-ULTRA and the Remote viewing program.

There were even deeper levels of black.

Puharich was tied into a lot of things.

Try searching for "turkey farm" and "Gellor's kids" in relation to all this.

SRI is very black... some of the most incredible things came out of there, not all good.

There are things most won't believe when you get into this. But they happened.

Here are some books with more info:
Starg ate Conspiracy (has references directly to this topic)
Do You See What I See: Memoirs of a blind biker(history of remote viewing at SRI with hidden references to certain children and topics, has layers within layers of information)

Things get very black very quick.

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 02:00 AM
Aside from Uri Geller, do you have a list of the children involved? If so, were any of them able to achieve world recognition like Uri?

posted on Apr, 11 2011 @ 02:50 AM
Sorry im in a rush here at the moment, but will come back to the thread later, wasnt this the guy that was in on the channelled book "the only planet of choice" with Phylis Sclemmer and Gene Roddenbery? That was an incredible book, I have it.

posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 10:30 PM
Extremely impressive research well conveyed, Keith.
S&F of course. You know this topic has my interest as well and I hope to be back with some relevant materials when things ease up a little here.

Wish I could dive in right now. Peace, Mate!!

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by keithb

Another researcher who mentions Puharich is Brian Desborough.

I don't know what to think about this guy. He is opinionated and emotional in his writing. But he has devoted a lot of years to assembling his case, and he likes to talk about possible solutions to the problem, too.

Desborough depicts Puharich as another one of the MK-Ultra gang and one of the psychs involved with the New Age movement. I have no reason to doubt his analysis in this regard. It's bad stuff.

Here's the page:

posted on Apr, 13 2011 @ 08:59 PM
Hi all

Reply to Nowonkenubi

Sorry, apart from the three Mexican children's first names mentioned in the post, there is a complete lack of who they were.

Note though, that Puharich's son, Andy was there at the time. He maintains a website at

Reply to l_e_cox

Thanks for the lead re Brian Desborough.

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 12:51 AM
i was one of puharich's "kids" in 1969 to 1970 before he left for israel and came back with uri. i lived near ossining. his experiments at that time were horrendous. still used the sra trauma for the pre-indoctrination. he actively bid against the cia/ west point military for access to kids with minimally programmed alters with iq's over 130.his interest in kids started way before 72. faraday cages to measure clairvoyance in programmed alters, experiments with blood (he was trying to patent an artifical heart). his electrode implant and elf technogies were snatched by aquino and psyops and his company intellectron, inc tried to sue belmont and some others for patent infringement. this man went mad because he knew too much and tried to go toe to toe with the most evil of evil military/illuminati/neuropsychiatric researchers and bio-medical/pharmaceutical companies. his technologies have furthered the mindwar strategies and population control/monitoring of the elite in power more than any single man. the lower hudson valley region was once the source of one of the worls richest magnetite concentrations, aleister crowley spent a year in 1918 on a tiny island in the hudson, west point, illuminati family origins, patty hearst, peter gilmore, david berkowitz all there yet in 69 the cover story white wash hastings center pops up funded by the rockefellers and run by the guilty resaerchers to give the bio-psychiatric experimental nightmare a conscience. anybody else on to this?

posted on Jul, 22 2011 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by hotshoe

Since you've said that you were one of his "kids", did he ever perform experiments on you? If so, do you recall what happened to you?

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by xKhaosXREVolutionXx

Just catching up with this interesting topic. Is anyone of you aware of similar experiments on children which might have occured in Europe, too, and where besides the UK?

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