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Pace Rothshild, is it a bad thing?

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posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 11:45 AM
As some people stated, there were only 6 nations, or at least only 6 nations worth mentioning, that did not have a rothshild and associates controlled central bank. Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba, Libya and Iraq. Iraq fell, Lybia is falling right now. The remaining nations are in the crosshairs.

Many people who knew about these facts lamented them. However I cant really say, that those countries have a standard of living I envy. Americans might envy the access to medical care in Cuba, but thats about it. So how is it a bad thing, that Rothshild and associates further consolidate their power and to be a part of it?

Do some people suspect that once they secured their grip on all nations, the standard of living will drop dramatically world wide and people will find themselves in an old fashioned Tyranny, that strips them of anything that makes life enjoyable?

Has anybody any suspicion on what their plans for the world are, once they consolidated their power world wide and eliminated all resistance?
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