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Parranoid Parrot...

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posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 03:31 AM
sup there ats.

irrational fears. self-consciousness. delusions.

some of our members easily suffer paranoia. it's fine though, there are two sides to every coin. while one side causes you to live in fear in your parent's basement, single, and breaking into a cold sweat every time you hear or see something you can't explain, the plus side is that you are probably prepared to outlive everyone else, that is if your crippling fears don't cause you to have a panic attack and trip up and ruin everything.
but seriously, of course there is a positive aspect to being paranoid, you are more observant, and put an inordinate amount of thought and effort into the most minute issues, link seemingly obscure clues together, and have and endless amount of discernment, questioning everything. but you don't have to live in fear! while fear may have helped you wake up in the first place, let that be all the impact it leaves on you, and continue with undying fervor your pursuit of the truth, no matter how trivial or farfetched it may seem, and turn all energy towards these awesome and positive aspects that has helped expose so many important events in this world.
to possibly help ease you out of your caves and start the healing, let's laugh at ourselves. yeah! laugh at ourselves. it really does help.

i know most of my posts are half-hearted, and borderline sarcastic smartass all the time, but that's just because i usually reserve most of my thoughts and such for independent thinking, and not the forums, just out of personal choice. most people beat me to the punch, don't like preachin to the choir, don't like repeating myself, and to be honest, i'm not an expert, and only really have my opinions, so when i do chime in, it's usually a mix of what intellect and insight i do posess, and lazy carelessness (while still denying ignorance!).

so anyway, on a more humorous, but related note, i present you with the "Paranoid Parrot" meme. hilarity and context self-evident:!/paranoidxparrot

make your own! (i'd love to see some good ones from ATS members)

just figured everyone here would get a good laugh out of this meme, even if you are a staunch skeptic of everything on this site (and a complete troll), i'm sure anyone can relate to most of these. they are the hilarious miniature, irrational fears we think to ourselves daily, and can hopefully get over, and live like the heartbreaking wildman scientists, bastions of truth and unconditional and altruistic lovers we were born to be.

enjoy, and share your favorites.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 04:22 AM
the only fear i really have is if Paul Rudd quit films. Oh! and all the land on earth sinking.

posted on Apr, 10 2011 @ 04:32 AM
Mine would be Obsessive Compulsive Dingo

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