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Nuclear Conspiracy

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posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 02:31 PM
What is a conspiracy? An attempt to hide information. Well this isn't exactly hidden more so and not talked about. The general public is very much unaware of the real situation with nuclear materials and nuclear weapons. So here are some may be shocked.

The actual design of a fission bomb is obnoxiously simple. Standard explosive mash together Uranium or Plutionum with beryllium and polonium. Thats it, nuclear explosion.


The difficult part of the process is having the intial charge detonate the correct way and making enriched uranium or plutonium. If you can do these two thing you can make nuclear weapons.

But that takes a lot of work you say? Well then you can alway buy yourself some nuke from the Russian Mob. In 1997 durring an undercover operation FBI agents were offered nuclear weapons. Thats right, black market nuke are out there and if you have the cash, you can get the bombs.

(PBS article on the case.)

So, nukes aren't exactly hard to make, nor are they impossible to buy. Why haven't terrorist nuked anyone yet?

Here is the core of this natural conspiracy... Terrorist do not want to nuke anyone.

Any terrorist organization that is large enough to make or buy nuclear weapons must have intelligent leaders to get to that level. Evil or not you can't be a moron and take on the United State. Al Queda not only succefuly carried out 9/11 but still exist and is a threat to this day, even after all the efforts put forward by many nations across the globe. Osama Bin Laden, himself, has/had a personal net worth of about $300 million (
Source)Which is more than enough to buy a nuclear weapon on the black market.

So why aren't there any mushroom clouds yet? Well for starters it would actually be rather easy to get the weapon into the state, there are thousands of miles of US coastline, most of which is unguarded. So why? Well here is why.

Al Queda's stated goal is to get the US to completely leave the middle east, especially saudi arbia. But thats not going to happen. Now being smart, smart enough to take on the US, Al Queda realizes that if a nuke goes off in the United States, its not going to get the US out of the Middle East, its going to start WW3.

There is also the possibility that those selling nukes will not even sell to Terrorist in the first place because they know what will happen. Though the ex-soviet black market is known to be rather open with who they sell to.

Food for thought.

posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 03:15 PM
You have a couple non-sequiturs in you post.

1. Taking on the United States doesn't by nature make anymore smart.
2. The most important ingredient in a nuclear weapon, highly enriched uranium or plutonium, is not easy to come by. Therefore from your premises, it does not stand to reason that Al Qaeda has no intention of acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Highly enriched nuclear material causes an explosion when the amount of material together exceeds critical mass.

posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 03:44 PM
They said it is their duty to acquire nuclear weapons.

1) by saying making a fission bomb is "easy", it is easy by the standards of a modern nation-state who devotes lots and lots of money and time to it, like Israel, Pakistan and India. (They also have lots of smart people.) It's about the same "ease" of production as say making a large passenger jetliner, or maybe even a Formula 1 car, though the infrastructure expense is much higher.

Could you design and produce a 747 in your terrorist garage?

On the scale of "easy", it is easier to make a fission nuclear weapon than a successful and accurate ballistic missile or rocket that can launch a satellite. After all, we had the bomb in 1945, the USSR in 1949, and they didn't launch a satellite until 1957. There is a reason it's called "rocket science".

2) it's not clear that what the russian mob offered was legitimate. Gee, the mob, ripping off customers? Shocked, am I.

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