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Sketches *The Pearl of Great Price*

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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 11:47 PM

Matt 13:45,46 "Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a merchant seeking fine pearls, who having found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it."

Hey everyone, been posting up a lot of art lately I hope the mods dont mind me making so many threads. This is based on that parable, wanted to hear any thoughts on these ideas- if its tacky or if there is too much going on - or if I should incorporate a figure into the drawing... yey? nay? enjoy!

My Other Art-work

edit:sorry I have to take photos of all my drawing I dont have a scanner
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posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 11:57 PM
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awesome sketches,kinda reminds me of that floating thing with all the eyes on big trouble in little china
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 03:30 AM
Very, very good. No. 3 gets my vote for conceptual merit. Would like to 'see that object' with as many eyes as illustrated in the first 2.

If I may offer you another tangent:

If one can receive 'pearls of wisdom', what then must be a 'pearl of great price'?
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