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Would anyone like to discuss NY State politics..

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posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 12:30 PM
I know that many on this board may not be interested, but I have noticed that there are alot of New Yorkers on this board. And, well, for those who aren't, our legislature is under a court order to equalize the school funding in the ease some of the problems in the poorer school district. IF they fail to do this by the 30th of this month, the court will distribute the funding for them. Since it was NY city that filed the suit, they would probably be the sole beneficiary of this decision. We, the people, are just a tad ticked off. So Gov. Pataki called a special session to be held yesterday. And, he present the same plan that the legislature had already shot down. This plan it using money that they would recieve from video gaming system...which, the state supreme court had decided was unconstitution recently, since it's purpose is to boost the horse race track which really isn't to the benefit of the people of this state, and well, I believe that the voters of NY had voted awhile back not to allow any more gambling that what we have.....lottery, and the casinos on the reservations (which the coursts are saying there's a problem with) One of the few bills to be passes this year was a bill prohibiting us, the tax payers, to know just who on our assembly accepted free passes to the clubhouses of these tracks, for some reason. But, anyways, with all this, Pataki sends the same bill, knowing full well it would be shot down by the lawmakers, and not accepted by the courts even if it did. So, no, most of the lawmakers are on their way home, or at home....still no deal made...complaining that if something isn't done, the courts will deal with it and NY will go bankrupt. Still pointing fingers at each other.
the system is screwy to begin with.
they are about to go bankrupt, but there is talk of rennovating the convention center in NY city, a football stadium, and they've given the okay for a few projects in our area also. they're about to go bankrupt and they still can't stop spending the money??
My gut feeling is that they ARE BANKRUPT, and looking for a scapegoat. They don't want to come up with a plan for the court...this way, the whole nation can blame the "left wing fanatical judges" of New York for the collapse of the economy up here...
was wondering what others thought...
if the moderator feels that this is wrongly placed, please feel free to move it...but this is government and conspiracy and well, there's something going on up here...

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 01:33 PM
There's a few things you should keep in mind about state & city politics.

Firstly, a good part of this is the failure of New York State citizens in general to understand the benefits of diversity. A lot of people on the board don't know that a good 90 plus percent of NY State is rural. So with all the rural v. urban problems we should keep in mind that each side contributes very much to the economy of the state itself.

Secondly, some projects help the whole state, even though they may sit in one part. A convention center is needed in NYC, desperately. All we have there is the Javits Center which is dilapidated and microscopic compared to other facilities around the country. Look at it this way... you build a monster convention center and people bring their events there. This brings people by the thousands, people who spend, people who pay tax on goods and services. That money helps the state.

It's hard for 2 sides that are so opposite each other to get along, but it helps when they do.

posted on Jul, 23 2004 @ 03:32 PM
the benefits of diverity???
I don't think that is it.....

our big thing is Destiny!!!
this is the latest story about it.

Secrecy cloaks meeting on mall
Invitations to Destiny USA session ask guests to sign confidentiality form

if I were to take what the news is saying seriously, I would be wondering if the big secret isn't---
"Hey, shhh, don't tell anyone, but the state will be declaring bankruptcy soon. and as soon as they reorganized, we're the first in line for the money!!"
alot of us would rather not have our taxes raised any higher, thank you...

New York's Legislature ranks as most dysfunctional nationwide

"This report clearly shows that New York state has a system of legislative rules that are fundamentally unfair," said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Group, one of the many groups calling for change in Albany. "These rules are just a reflection of the mess we have at the state Capitol."
The study said that legislative committees in New York do little real work, have few hearings on bills and release few reports to help members make voting decisions. It also noted New York has more restrictions on putting a measure to a full house vote than in any other state.
Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno is the only legislative leader in the country who can unilaterally suspend action on bills listed in the Senate calendar. Both Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Democrat, are among just a handful of legislative leaders nationwide who can determine the order of bills to be considered."

the problem is the way it is run....

"In other words, the speaker and majority leader are able to prevent any bill from reaching the floors of their respective chambers without the certainty of passage, and presumably, without their support," the study's authors wrote.

in other representative's ability to represent me is diminished considerably.

if the state's funds are so low that they can't seem to meet their obligation on the medicaid bill, or fund the schools, or heck, pay the overtime necessary to have the roads paved adequately in the winter....well, umm... to me....they can't afford the convention center, or Destiny...or any golf courses, malls, ect, ect, that they find more worth than these things.
I wish my county would just send them an IOU for the medicaid really...
the system is unconstitutional anyways.


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