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Too MUCH bipartisanship going in the wrong direction?

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posted on Mar, 23 2011 @ 04:34 PM

Paul (4:44): ... " I think sometimes we have TOO much bipartisanship, going in the WRONG direction. Foreign policy NEVER changes. Rhetoric, a little bit. But Obama is getting VERY close to the George Bush foreign policy. I think monetary policy is bipartisan. And I think, when it comes to Republicans cutting spending, they act like Democrats and they don't cut spending, even on the wealthier side. So uh, it's a bipartisan mess, and I think that represents the fact a lot of Republicans and a lot of Democrats outside of Washington STILL expect a lot out from Washington and a lot of our government, and they need to get rid of their appetite for big government and their programs, and maybe, we'd do a better job here."

I feel that bipartisanship in a literal sense is actually almost totally broken because of the basic fact we either dismiss claims about what's going on within the country - our infrastructure has been totally broken due to neoconservatism and social democracy blending together. We don't seem to have anyone defending the little guy or self-sufficiency before going large and trying to save the world. I would almost agree with the events going on in Libya, but we still suffer from the problems we try to fight.

It's really a shame we don't really know what to believe anymore, and I sometimes clash with Ron Paul's point of views and even the reporter involved in the discussion (Cenk is a great dude though, he actually has kind of a sense of humor and he didn't cheat his way onto MSNBC, but you never know).

In an age of disinformation seeds within the garden of truth, it feels like there are far too many weeds to the point that we think the flowers are the weeds and the supposed weeds are actually flowers. Boy, we really need to fix things here or our "superpower infrastructure" will be collapsed into a banana republic nightmare.

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