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FanWing - the megering of wings and rotors

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 07:51 AM

Just seen the most weird flying 'concept' (for want of a better word!) on Jane's website and apparently it has been flying for 5 years -

If prizes were on offer for the strangest aircraft configuration appearing at Farnborough --- or anywhere -- then the Italian-designed FanWing would have to be in with a good chance.

Looking somewhat like a collision between a hobby-model aeroplane and a domestic lawn mower, it has a rotary wing like no other seen before. Flight is based on the principle of transferring the work of the engine to multiblade, backward-rotating cylinders occupying the location normally taken by a conventional aeroplane's wing. A cross-flow fan at the leading edge pulls air in at the front and accelerates it over the trailing-edge, generating lift even when the aircraft is stationary.
FanWing has been flying unmanned prototypes for about five years, and plans to progress to piloted models if suitable partners can be found. Low noise levels and stable low/slow flying speeds, combined with short-field take-off and impressive weight-lifting potential suggest that the FanWing could have appeal as a crop-duster, as well as a host of other patrol, firefighting and other civil or military duties.

Does any know anymore about this? Can you imagine this flying??

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posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 08:00 AM
Just found the Website -

Which has loads of pictures and video of it flying!!!!

This is how it works

The aircraft has a cross-flow fan along the leading edge of each wing. The fan pulls the air in at the front and accelerates it over the trailing edge of the wing. By transferring the work of the engine to the rotor, which spans the whole wing, the FanWing accelerates a large volume of air and achieves a high lift-efficiency.

Clear evidence of the proof of concept. Video clips of flights are available on the website.

I think the UAV market is the one where we are going to still the most weird and wonderful aerodynamics developments in the coming years.

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