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Contacting Ufo's (it happening?)

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 03:00 PM
I have been thinking alot lately about ufo activity over and at Area 51.
When i hit a road block:
As far as i am aware there are plenty of witneses claiming there has been alien contact made at area 51 form aliens landing to aliens living there, If this is correct (and in this scenario lets say it is) what means did area 51 use to get in contact with said aliens. ?
just think about it, they could land anywhere in the world and they just happen to go strait to a top secret facility.

My guess is it has something to do with the hugeganticly large dished pointing strait up to the sky.

If not why is it nobody else has come up with a means of contacting said aliens.

please understand that i am not saying that they have been contacted but that in this hyperthetical situation yes they have.


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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 04:28 PM
Of course you can. But please be very very cautious. I keep writing posts on the metaphysics, about getting our lives in order, and asking for the Spirit of Peace and Love through prayer or meditation, this isn't a religious but spiritual thing, ie. Light rejoices in all expressions of Light, Light = Light, and Love = Love, its not one way or one religion.

Earth reveals who we are, our flaws.

For ET information, and alot of out of the box info at that Sleeper/Lou Baldin's site is very good. Also ET_MAN's posts and threads have a lot of Quantum Physics Spirituality relating to his NDE and experiences.

There are many negatives. And its a frequency or law of consequence thing, so if you're really yearning and seeking within to help others, yearning for an equal world and wish others to pass the tests here, and are have faith in Goodness and Love, we can be protected and forgiven, which we all need.

What is ET? I'm an experiencer and ET is many things. Corporal, ie. physical, astral/multidimensional, which can still translate into physical if they pull you and in some of their comings and goings. A lot of negatives here, and positive.

Also, Et is Family or Higher Ups, the ones watching over the school, those from outside this cosmic school, the universe. ET is also us. Take away time in infinity, for there is no time, its just a program and relates to orbit, and all of your infinite journey, everything exits at once. You and your family are forever. And they watch over. And often experiences with them are in crafts.

ET is a very complex thing. Corporal, infinite channels, entities/negatives, positive, (by our standards its different in theirs) and past, present, future all at once. Boggles the mind. Yet its this Quantum holographic school universe with infinite channels and you are the dvd player for them, with the programs in your brain. And they, with more advanced technology and metaphysics, have the remotes. Even higher up negatives can change your signals that your interpreting the world with, ie. missing time can occur and false dreams or experiences. Everything you see, touch, taste and feel, is perceptions only being translated to a screen on the back of your mind.

What is a UFO? A craft? Of course. And some of them have corporal beings by our standards. But like some of our leaders they're entities in body suits. They're doing clonging and horrible things with humans and animals, insects, and et dna too, in their underground dumbs and channeling in the saturn negative hellzone groups. This is a part of Black Operations in US/UK/Russia/Australia and elsewhere.

But what are the other UFO's? Infinity can't be measured. Its endless mass in all directions, inner and outer, ie. endless mass inside a grain of sand equal to endless mass inside a star, outside. Its more about, partitioning in a computer, and filling percieved rooms or spaces, or managing it. Races millions of years and billions of years more advanced than earth know how to do this. So a percieved 20 foot saucer is huge inside. Like a huge station, or planetoid,, or....galaxy. Its a gateway experience basically to be pulled onboard astrally or physically. Some are pulled physically to gateway experiences.

Love is what protects us, unconditional love for everyone, especially the ones who are going down the wrong side of the road to regression. Ie. the negatives really need our love the most.

When you're seeking in your heart for answers, progression, to help others, and to grow in love, you are protected from negative channels, unless you give permissions by negative behaviors/actions and intentions.

So do everything with love.

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