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Japanese evacuees to be given Okinawa?

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posted on Mar, 20 2011 @ 02:28 PM
This is not a prediction, but more of a "problem/solution" observation.

Last year about this time the US and Japan were in discussions about keeping US military bases on Okinawa. The principle official on Okinawa and many of the residents didn't want the bases to remain, and it seemed like they would get their way. But more or less out of the blue, an agreement was made to keep the bases. (Sorry, but exact details fail me.)

If, and I said, if, a major area of northeast Japan is contaminated and unusable for anything, hundreds of thousand if not millions of residents will have to be moved elsewhere. Japan is a country not able to easily accomodate so many displaced residents.

One partial solution I see is for some of them to go to Okinawa. The US government will agree to give Okinawa back to Japan, perhaps keeping the bases, but the thousands of dependents now there there will have to leave so their housing can be turned over to the evacuees. Comments?
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