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Reporter's notebook: After disasters comes the exodus from Tokyo

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:54 PM
Looks like a quiet movement to evacuate Tokyo is underway.

Tokyo -- Mid-March is not a high travel season for Japan, but as the nuclear emergency at Fukushima nuclear plant persists, the airports are growing clogged with passengers.

They're primarily traveling one way: out of Tokyo.

Lines at Tokyo's Haneda Airport weave back and forth across the departure terminal. Families fill the seats, awaiting flights to Japan's southern and northern islands.

Blackstone, BNP Evacuate Workers From Tokyo As Nuclear Crisis Worsens But Goldman And Citi Won't Leave

Radiation fears spark panic, evacuations in Tokyo

Panic Evacuations Strike Tokyo Where Radiation Levels Are Ten Times Normal, Food Hoarding Empties Stores In Capital, Fallout Projected To Blow To Pacific

Google Maps now used to display Tokyo Evacuation Map

Google Tokyo Evacuation Map (Japanese):,0x605d1b87f02e57e7:0x2e01618b22571b89,1&msa=0&msid=215507572864740295322.00049e31ae027259c4dda&t=h &ll=35.629954,139.686699&spn=0.230775,0.278435&z=12

Alternate:,0x605d1b87f02e57e7:0x2e01618b22571b89,1&msa=0&msid=215507572864740295322.00049e31ae027259c4dda&t=h%2 0&ll=35.629954,139.686699&spn=0.230775,0.278435&z=12

(Edited Google link since it wasn't working as hyperlink)
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