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First Hand Account of the Situation in Japan - A Full up to date account of one man and his family

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 09:16 AM
Here is a link to my brother in law's brother, Bruce, who is living in Japan with his wife and kids, his wife is originally from Japan, He is from Runcorn in England, near Liverpool. He lives approx 40 miles from the east coast in Japan
We had trouble getting in touch with him for days after the quake and even made a appeal on the ITV Regional news.We have finally managed to get in contact now,

He is updating his account of his take with the situation happening in Japan, please take some time to read through and give your wishes if you would like.

I Only thought i would share this as it gives us a point of view from somebody who was actually there when it happened.

Here are some links -
1 -
And the latest one -

Be safe Bruce, look after your family Peace & Hope

Note - I previously posted this thread in survival , but now the situation in Japan has its own thread i thought it would be much more appropriate here, So mods please feel free to delete my old thread.


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