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Take control of your own life

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 11:56 PM
Personally I have used the floatation tank to study
applied physics by having a book viewer I could
read while floating, and a water proof writing
tablet with optics to let me see the text book
problems I was doing. What would take a year of 1
hour per day for 3 days a week in college studying
and doing problems I was able to complete in less
than 3 weeks. First though become acclimated to the
floatation experience, and separate yourself from
awareness of time. Unless you have arrived at an
evolved state of mind on your own and know you can
potentiate the creation of your own reality I
suggest you take the Avatar course or at least read
Living Deliberately by Harry Palmer that is about
the discovery of the Avatar process. The web book
is here (need Adobe Acrobat):
and more about Avatar is here: (can read the
book HTML text if you want) By the time I read
about it had been there in mind and moved on, but
covers the basics. What is interesting is that
after all is said and done once you have the center
of awareness, you are always ...there. Life goes on
and your everyday existence eventually returns to
the mundane, but in the depths of your mind.. you
exist always in the center of awareness. And the
ability to potentiate your reality you know always
exists. Maybe someday a majority will embrace the
paradigm enabling them to work together to make
possible any of the dreams of humankind. Space
colonization, immortality, experiencing the
universe as sovereigns (or with the aliens if you
believe that sort of thing), or just
simple living and peace. It was always there,
somewhere in time, and mind.
This doesn't mean you should ignore the ongoing
efforts of the primitives to brainwash you into
serfdom, and indeed I'd suggest throwing your
television out pronto and begin questioning
everything that affects your life, especially those
things that adversely affect it. More often than not
you will find .. someone, or group.. somewhere..
wants to control you and how you live, and they
don't have your best interests at heart.
Perhaps the State, or the Church, or other
institutionalized social organization. Or perhaps
just other people who get off that way.
The point is recognizing the problem be it
"thought control" or "propaganda" or "schooling"
all designed to control your thoughts or
behavior, and doing something about it.

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posted on Jul, 25 2004 @ 10:41 AM
This is not so surprising as all that, you have discovered a place to read.think that has no interruptions of tv/friend/relitives/radio....
100% of your attention is on your work -see working without distrations is much more efficent.

posted on Jul, 26 2004 @ 06:34 PM
True. A bit more to it though. Most of what goes on in the
mind is not readily available to the conscious mind. That
"other" activity can have a negative, neutral, or positive
effect on conscious mind neural activity. To say the
floatation tank provides (only) privacy so one can focus is
to greatly understate the performance of mind when all of
it becomes conscious.


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