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Enter the Monkeysphere

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:43 PM
Hello everyone, i would just like to point you towards possibly one of the best articles ever made....


Now think about this , and how it applies to yourself, have you ever once considered that the "evil politicians" are real people with feelings?

Or that the maids cleanin your hotel room that you made a mess of, are human beings, trying to make ends meet, and not just "the things that make room clean"

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by TheDebunkMachine

Hey I enjoyed the read and got a good chuckle, but am also left with an uncomfortable humbling. I had never considered the social size ratio behavior bit, but oh yea, it is real and I have been a part of it at times. So does this mean our brains are still growing? I wonder how this paradigm will change as our socialness/size begins to move off of the planet and into space. Will we be out in space cursing the moondust?

Monkeysphere, sounds like it would be a good band name by the way!

Go flip on the radio. Listen to the conservative talk about "The Government" as if it were some huge, lurking dragon ready to eat you and your paycheck whole. Never mind that the government is made up of people and that all of that money they take goes into the pockets of human beings. Talk radio's Rush Limbaugh is known to tip 50% at restaurants, but flies into a broadcast tirade if even half that dollar amount is deducted from his paycheck by "The Government." That's despite the fact that the money helps that very same single mom he had no problem tipping in her capacity as a waitress.

Now click over to a liberal show now, listen to them describe "Multinational Corporations" in the same diabolical terms, an evil black force that belches smoke and poisons water and enslaves humanity. Isn't it strange how, say, a lone man who carves and sells children's toys in his basement is a sweetheart who just loves bringing joy at Christmas, but a big-time toy corporation (which brings toys to millions of kids at Christmas) is an inhuman soul-grinding greed machine? Strangely enough, if the kindly lone toy making guy made enough toys and hired enough people and expanded to enough shops, we'd eventually stop seeing it as a toy-making shop and start seeing it as the fiery Orc factories of Mordor.

And if you've just thought, "Well, those talk show hosts are just a bunch of egomaniacal blowhards anyway," you've just done it again, turned real humans into two-word cartoon characters. It's no surprise, you do it with pretty much all six billion human beings outside the Monkeysphere.
Read more:

Oh man how true, how true


posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 03:09 PM
I am often awestruck by the complexity of the social paradigm. I like the informal approach to explain his rhetoric in the monkeysphere. s&f

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 03:21 PM
Also, before someone points it out, i (and the author..hopefully) realize that chimpanzees and humans and whatnot are apes, not monkeys.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 03:41 PM
I suppose it all depends on the country.
I've never stayed in an hotel and am not a politician.
In South Africa maids were black and in the apartheid years generally treated and paid quite dismally.
It's a very sore and complex topic.
However, now some economists argue that labor rights are so excessive and regulated that hardly anyone can afford a maid, let alone mistreat her (swelling the masses of unemployed people), and an interesting tension apparently exists between the new black middle and upper classes and their black maids, and they actually prefer white maids! Seemingly there can be jealousy issues between black maids and their bosses.
Meanwhile, relatives from Australia tell me that class differences are overlooked, and it is not unusual to be invited to a barbecue by your maid.

I find this last paragraph from the OP's link interesting:

That's one of the ingenious things about the big-time religions, by the way. The old religious writers knew it was easier to put the screws to a stranger, so they taught us to get a personal idea of a God in our heads who says, "No matter who you hurt, you're really hurting me. Also, I can crush you like a grape." You must admit that if they weren't writing words inspired by the Almighty, they at least understood the Monkeysphere. Read more:

I was just reading on the French post-structuralist Michel Foucault.
Writing on the history of discipline and punishment he says that the King (and some other nobles) were once considered appointed by God himself.
The King's law was his body, and breaking the law was harming the body of the King.
Therefore justice consisted of vicious corporal punishment, because the King had the right to harm the body of law-breakers in return.
Makes me think of the George W. Bush presidency just recently, and if people dared to criticize Bush they were virtually pilloried as "traitors" by right wing America - almost as if Bush had indeed been appointed by God.

Personally I see more compassion for people that had to serve me, even as workers.
Unfortunately it is also the indisputable fact that when robberies and murders occur, the maids are somehow involved (also in hotels).
So one would approach them with humanity and decency, but not complete trust.

I don't think those in power have much compassion for them.
I think they become cold by the way they are treated by the upper class, and the poor monkey in the middle gets it from both sides.

I don't hate those in power, but I do gleefully love to see a scandal and cabal unfold, because even if they fall from grace, they are still taken care of by their little clubs. A fired maid is just another desperately unemployed person. A fallen politician or religious "Illuminati" just gets to repent on Oprah, and then gets shuffled to the next cushy appointment.

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 12:19 AM
Bump, people need to read this and rethink how they see big corporations and politicians and basically everything they think of.

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