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Did TPTB Cause Japanese Quake/Tsunami During Mid-East Unrest!?

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:18 PM
Is it a coincidence that the nuclear disaster in Japan happened during a period of civil unrest and uprising in the Middle East?

Since the unrest in the Mid-east, oil and gasoline prices have skyrocketed, as uncertainty is being used to justify the increased weight on American consumers. One of the key elements that keeps our economy going is nuclear generated power, which lowers our dependence on foreign oil.

From what has been learned from and about The Powers That Be (TPTB), they are intent upon bankrupting and eliminating the healthy, somewhat wealthy middle class. What better time to strike at a key power-producer (nuclear power) and make America (and the world) even **more** dependent upon Mid-east oil.
So far, the entire world stage has been a perfect storm maneuver potentially orchestrated by TPTB. Questions will surely arise as to the HOW, and rightfully so.

The unrest in the Mid-east has been caused by **information** getting to the citizens of those countries, some of which was in the form of leaked information from Wiki-leaks:
1. Apparently, in many of the documents, the secret desires of Mid-east leaders were made known. Mid-east citizens realized that what their leaders said to them versus what their leaders said in secret meetings were sometimes in opposition.
2. Further, social network sites like Facebook have allowed people to interact and connect in ways like never before. People suddenly got a picture of where and how they stood, socially and economically. Opulent Mid-east leaders could no longer tell their struggling citizens in a stage-whisper, “Hey, don’t tell everyone else how good you’ve got it because they might get jealous and try to make your miserable lives even more miserable.” People were suddenly able to see how well they did NOT have it, and reacted. Also, having web-based social networks allowed them to coordinate protests.

Could TPTB have orchestrated such leaking of information and the means with which to organize a protest? Surely. All they had to do was to set the stage with information leaks, subtle psychological operations and provide a nearly undetectable way to organize and coordinate (nearly undetectable until it was too late). TPTB may or may not have banked (no pun intended) on such stunning success. As we all know now, the coffers and chests of oil companies are filling just like they did when gas prices were this high and the industry reported profits that exceeded all in recorded history, just a few years ago. Here is a site that discusses a bit of this:

Whenever oil and gas prices increase, the private and public sector screams for developing a means of alternative energy. During these debates, several “alternative” sources come forth. Electric and solar power, algae-based fuels, corn-based fuels and supplements, natural gas… and, of course, heavier reliance on nuclear energy. While the spent rods must be carefully disposed of, the energy payoff of nuclear power is enormous, and it is self-generated right here in our country. Every time gas and oil prices increase, nuclear power threatens to expand to make up for our energy needs, as do a “coalition” of new, alternative fuel programs. This alliance of alternative power eventually tips the scales for gas and oil prices to drop for a little while, --just long enough for alternative energy to once again become too expensive (or dangerous, in the case of nuclear energy).
For years there have been conspiracy theories concerning weather and tectonic plate manipulation.

SECDEF Cohen, back in the 1990s warned us that countries were *already* using weather manipulation, and that in the not-too-distant future (could that be NOW?), we would be facing weather warfare on a large scale. At the 4/28/97 Conference on Terrorism at the University of Georgia, SECDEF Cohen commented on threats to our country: “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” Here is the source:

Keep in mind that this is right from the SECDEF over a decade ago. This hints at our government being aware of technology of which we are unaware. While that is not surprising news, what is startling is the KIND of technology of which we are unaware, for it is easy for skeptics to accept exotic aerospace technology (e.g. stealth tech, etc.), to suggest any kind of weather manipulation or Tesla-influenced technology brings immediate scoff and ridicule.

Upon his death, Tesla’s work was confiscated and classified by the US government. To this day, we will never know what all was taken, and although the end of the following article attempts to debunk Tesla’s work, the facts leading up to that invalidity speak for themselves:

Scientists have been theorizing that weather can cause earthquakes. Weather, the moon, and planetary/comet alignments can influence our magnetic field. In fact, NASA just released information that **antimatter** is being generated by thunderstorms in our upper atmosphere. There are effects and influences from weather manipulation, to gravity, from anomalous antimatter in our atmosphere to classified technology that can affect our planet on a massive scale.

Many theories about HAARP have concerned weather manipulation, and possibly earthquake manipulation and/or intensification. This is by no means suggesting that our HAARP was responsible for Japan’s disaster. However, the US HAARP is by no means the only one of its kind in the world. There are at least several other such arrays, --and those are the ones we know about. TPTB would surely have the know-how and resources to set up pretty much ANYTHING they would want to. They most likely have access to exotic, clandestine technology that had been *privatized* decades ago. Here is a site that provides some food for thought:

With that in mind, it is possible that TPTB could have used some form of clandestine exotic technology (or other means) to “set off” the earthquake that lead to the tsunami and unprecedented disaster to Japan and its NUCLEAR INFRASTRUCTURE. Japan is a country that *heavily* relies on nuclear power to meet it energy demands, which also helps keep gas and oil prices lower. It is basic economics, as the “banksters” and TPTB well know: increase demand, dwindle supply and prices soar. Oil company profits SKYROCKET. Money equals *power.* Unfortunately, power usually leads to corruption, and we have all witnessed what greed and corruption results in: those with power abuse it. In 2008 we saw how greed and corruption can destroy seemingly healthy economies.

Already, and perhaps with well-reasoned justification after recent events, people are demanding shutting down nuclear power plants across the country. The ramifications of taking such action are clear: there will be an increase in demand for foreign oil. Increasing production at coal mines would not stop the increase in demand for foreign oil. Oil company profits are sure to exceed those of the last enormous profit run. And, the development of alternative energy takes years and decades.

Further, oil scarcity is another factor of profit. The reason the art of dead artists is worth so much is because they are gone; there will NEVER be another original from Van Gogh in this life. Therefore, his paintings are precious. This is why the oil companies have maintained the illusion of FINITE “fossil” fuels. It has been reported by oil industry insiders and whistle-blowers that depleted fields have replenished themselves, as if oil were naturally-occurring. The theory of ABIOTIC oil proposes that oil is not created by the decayed remains of ancient swamps and dinosaurs, that oil is the direct result of internal processes of our planet. This was further validated by the discovery of natural oil on Saturn’s moon, Titan: Unless dinosaurs roamed in swamps on Titan one hundred million years ago, there might be another explanation of how a planet can generate oil:

The links provided are of course not an exhaustive list. However, they are good starting points if this is new and/or interesting for you. It is suggested that you do your own extensive research into this. Is any of the connections and puzzle pieces I’ve put together here valid? I think so, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the case. However, someone once said that “coincidence is a glimpse into a pattern otherwise hidden.” I happen to like that quote. For this disaster to occur when Mid-east unrest is still changing the geo-political landscape of that region and oil and gas prices are crippling the world and increasing reliance on nuclear power… It’s too perfect of a storm for someone not to try to connect the dots. And, all of this on the heels of last year’s nearly forgotten disaster (by the mainstream media, at least) in the Gulf of Mexico, which also affected the oil industry.

TPTB have proven that they care little for the lives of average people. If they are behind the Gulf and Japan disasters (and much, much more), then they are slowly revealing their bloodstained hands to the world... Could they truly be the "break-away civilization" that Richard Dolan and others have written about?

Make of this what you will and enjoy the quest!

Mods: please move this to a more appropriate forum if need be. Thanks!

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 02:24 PM

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 04:39 PM

Originally posted by GhostLancer
Since the unrest in the Mid-east, oil and gasoline prices have skyrocketed, as uncertainty is being used to justify the increased weight on American consumers.

These kind of things affect others too, not just Americans. Prices here in France have been increasing at a stupid rate too.

I am also a firm believer in some of the big catastrophes being more than just the work of mother nature alone. A helping hand to cause some of them is hard to pinpoint and provides hidden manipulation.

Nice thread and well written. Well done.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 04:53 PM
I personally believe that the powers that be had no hand in the unrest in the middle east. tptb probably were surprised and shocked more than anyone else since they didnt see it coming, from then they had to make quick decisions so they wont lose control over the whole area, so they told the eygptian army to stand down, a decision that will bite them in the *** later.

the earthquake happened because the world is not perfect, and the nuclear catastrophe happened because man is not perfect. tptb again didnt see this coming, and now they have ordered all their puppets to fight the protesters while the worlds attention has shifted to japan.

of course, in the very near future something else will happen, tptb will not know a thing till it happens, they will try and use it to their own advantage just like they always do.

sometimes things run out of hand very quickly which gradually leads to assassinations, coups, and even war.

you see the powers that be have a certain amount of power, but the reason they're so successful is because they're opportunists, who like to gamble, they have the money and they have the agents.

tptb are not here to make you're life miserable, they are here to secure the seat of the antichrist in jerusalem. their number one aim is seeing the jewish messiah rule the world from jerusalem and thats what they work for.

the uprise happened, the earthquake then happened, tptb being the opportunists they are used this to their own advantage, but like i said before, man is not perfect. this will surely fail at one point.

then another day something will happen and it will be too much

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by RizeorDie

Interesting point of view. There are two ways to look at the history of the world, via the path of DETERMINISM or of CATASTROPHISM. I'm sure that there are more than that. However, one author I read pointed this out.

Determinism means that, for the most part, the course of human history has been manipulated and coerced by influential families and world elite, far removed from public and historical awareness. Catastrophism is merely the kind of history that you suggest exists, --humans reacting to random events and taking advantage of such situations.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. However, I would not sell short TPTB. When such people have attained so much money and influence... What do you do? The line from the villain of the movie "Hudson Hawk" says it all: "What do you do after you've made your first billion at the age of nineteen?" He answers by stating, "Get a NEW GOAL." Sure, TPTB are not merely a collection of *bored elites* trying to come up with the next "great game." Who really knows, though, their motivations? Perhaps they are concerned about population control and (for the overall good) had to come up with viruses that would keep third world countries population growths' at bay? Or, for the sake of world-affecting pollution and population expansion into pristine areas of the environment, they have to keep oil and gas (energy) costs high, for if not, perhaps our planet would become a version of Star Wars' capital planet of CORUSCANT, --a world completely dominated by cities, an otherwise dead planet of limitless expansion.

The US government has been a player in the DETERMINISTIC route of history, by the Gulf of Tonkin incident in and of itself. The incident was staged in order to embroil the country in a money-making war that cost thousands of lives while aviation (helicopters, mainly) and war (you name it) industry stocks soard. The military industrial complex needed to be fed. And that is just here in the US.

Some say that the events of 9-11 were of the DETERMINISTIC route as well. The collapse of the economy back in 2008, too. And others. It's mainly a matter of perspective. Sure, I agree that not everything has been scripted. However, much more has been scripted and set forth than we would ever imagine.


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