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A clear sign the US aint baiting the Japanese "Under Control Nuclear Disaster" workaround

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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 04:07 AM
The Japanese disaster is yet to unfold, the mega earthquake and mega Tsunami are nothing compared to a Nuclear disaster which might be closer to realization than we are being told.

And it seems to me that the truth is not been kept hidden from us the general public only, but also from other governments.

The media have been told that everything is under control whilst having explosion happening LIVE in the hearth of the most dangerous plants in the world.


and I can see that I'm not the only one being concerned about the fact that reality of the impending disaster is way more serious than the Japanese Administration is saying.

The US is sending a team of nuclear experts to give some help but IMO this is a strategic move to infiltrate your own people to get the truth out. I came to this conclusion when I heard that staff was being evacuated, only the ones involved in pumping sea water will be left on a suicidal last effort to win some more time before a complete meltdown takes place.

So we have Japanese Staff getting out..and US Staff getting in..this does not make any sense other than that the US is not trusting the information fed.

One reactor which happens to have damages in the container so even pumping sea water wont help has got its rods already half way exposed...believe me...a meltdown is not only guaranteed to happen ...but its already underway.

Why are they downplaying the disaster??...they need to buy time to see what the heck can they do since keep in mind....a large area of Japan will turn into a nuclear wasteland , a nuclear meltdown is much worst than a nuclear bomb since its radiation is release slowly for years to come making inhabitable for any living organism.

We are talking about evacuating millions of people for years to come.

The United States has sent a team of 10 experts from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, including two cooling experts, to assist the Japanese, the NRC announced Monday night. Two were sent Saturday, and the rest left Monday, the agency reported.

Radiation levels spike at Japanese nuclear plant
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posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 04:42 AM
i guess we shall be having more truth coming out before the US Nuclear aid workers arrive on spot...

the full text of the breaking news read : Spent fuel rods may have burned in Tuesday's fire at nuclear plant, raising radiation levels, Japanese officials say.


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