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Police Investigating Bizarre Times Square Explosion

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 12:13 PM
Police officers armed with automatic rifles and flanked by bomb-sniffing dogs flooded midtown Monday night, after a device exploded in the heart of Times Square.

More to follow. john

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 12:15 PM
Not to sound unsympathetic, but strange things like this happen all the time in large cities. It was probably some kid with a cherry bomb.

posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 12:18 PM
Typical Newstore answer- Kids with to much time on their hands in NYC, school out for the summer and found a stick o dynamite....

The schizo/conspiracy nut answer- Another dry run, in a subway, how much time till someone notices it? Someone noticed it, and was it remotely detonated? Was it set for timer. Strange that someone saw,walked towards it and then it went off. Loud enough to shake buildings? this is no cherry bomb....

ANyone on here live in the area in NY, all my relatives live on the Island....

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 12:25 PM

And the teasers...

Commuters targeted. Could you be next? Can we make it any clearer?


Film at eleven.

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posted on Jul, 20 2004 @ 12:26 PM
Covered here:

Feel free to add your thoughts to the existing discussion.

Thread closed.

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