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My Introduction

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posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 12:37 AM
Hi All,

I’m new here, evidentially. And fairly new to the world of conspiracy as far as delving deep into the matter is concerned. I have had brief periods of getting involved in conspiracy theories but there’s only so much you can take in from ‘youtube’ and ‘conspiracyplanet’ etc. But of late I have become increasingly interested in these matters and desire to acknowledge as much information as possible.

Of late, I have watched a number of videos. I have listed the following videos, which have been the main bases around my theories.

• 2012
• 2012 – Science or Superstition
• 2012 – The Final Prophecy
• 2012 – Apocalypse
• 7/7 – Seeds of Destruction
• 7/7 – The Ripple Effect
• 9/11 – The Ripple Effect
• 9/11 – The Conspiracy Files
• Angels, Demons & Freemasons – The Truth
• Endgame – Blueprint for Global Enslavement
• Illuminati Interview with Aaron Russo
• Jesse Ventura – The HAARP Conspiracy
• Jesse Ventura – The 9/11 Conspiracy
• Jesse Ventura – The Global Warming Hoax
• Jesse Ventura – Wall Street
• Jesse Ventura – Big Brother
• Jesse Ventura – The Bilderberg Group
• Jesse Ventura – The Manchurian Candidate
• Jesse Ventura – Deep Underground Military Bases
• Jesse Ventura – Plum Island
• Jesse Ventura – Area 51
• Jesse Ventura – The 2012 Conspiracy
• Jesse Ventura – Martial Law
• Jesse Ventura – The BP Oil Spill
• Jesse Ventura – The JFK Conspiracy
• JFK – The Case for Conspiracy
• Martial Law 9/11 – Rise of The Police State
• Shadow Government
• The Secret KGB UFO Files
• United 93
• Wake Up Call – The Re-mastered Edition
• Zeitgeist – Final Edition
• Zeitgeist – The Spirit of The Age Refuted

Before signing up here, I started writing a little piece involving my recollection of what I have learnt and what I believe could be a possible outcome. The reason I want to show this piece to you is because I would like your view on the matter and also some advice on what information I am missing or even how far off I am.

This document is not finished, so for that reason I am only posting a section of it. However I must warn you, I have written this for people who know very little about the matters in hand. This may not cater to the veterans of this field, as most of the information is brief and not so much based on fact but more, speculation. I must also stress, nothing is cited, simply because it’s based on ideas.

Anyway, enjoy and thank you in advance for your feedback.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

In order to understand this in a clear and concise way, I recommend you read the article fully and digest it into sections, study independently and then re-map the pieces together. This is how I have come up with my hypothesis and it is just a guess but with the frequent events, that get curiously noticed day by day has led me to believe this. I’m NOT saying I believe this is going to happen but I am saying I believe it can happen and if something like this was ever to happen, now is almost the perfect time.

We must first start with a secret group of elite bankers and people in powerful positions who are more commonly known as ‘The Bilderberg Group’. This group of elite figures control the Federal Reserve Bank, so in short they control the economy. They achieved this some time ago, through trickery and deceit and this has resulted in the government borrowing money from private banks which a couple of these elite figures own. The problem is, there is an instant tax percentage that is attached to each $ loaned out. The percentage of tax per dollar is around 150% (*). This means that for every $1 borrowed a return of $1.50 is owed, as our government borrows this money in the millions and in some cases billions, the debt becomes ever increasing.

These same elite figures control some of the biggest companies in the country. Two prime examples of these companies are ‘Goldman Sachs’ and ‘Halliburton’, this ties in with Wall Street and the stock market, which is widely controlled by these same elite figures.

These same elite figures also control political power within the U.S. This has allowed them to structure and change bills and laws for their own selfish benefits.

What benefits?

The biggest ‘secret’ society in the World, ‘The Freemasons’ is extremely complex and is divided by a large number of degrees. The higher degrees of freemasonry are the real importance here. In a nutshell, the overall outcome for the freemason society is to abide by ten set guideline rules, similar to that of the Ten Commandments. The main idea of these rules is to in essence create a one world government and decrease population to an unacceptable 500,000,000. This is a population decrease of almost 90% and these are two of the ten main goals of the freemason believers.

Why is this important?

This is important because these elite figures that control the economy, Wall Street, politics, alphabet agencies (FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security) are firm believers in the freemason theory of revolution.
It is important to remember that not 100% of these areas are controlled by these elite figures. However, it is more than likely that the people in charge of these areas are. This is known by the CIA as compartmentalization. This is where ‘The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing’ in other words, not the whole of Wall Street is being controlled by these elite figures, only the ones in the interest of the elites agenda and overall plan. The same applies for Politian’s and alphabet agencies. The benefit of having these areas well covered takes time to implement and that’s exactly what they have been doing.

The whole idea of this is to open your mind and give you a perspective that is definitely possible but hopefully not.

On 9/11/2001 America was the victim of a terrorist attack. A total of four planes were hijacked, one landed in a field in Pennsylvania, one was flown into The Pentagon in Washington D.C. and the other two were flown into The World Trade Centre, Buildings 1 and 2 in New York City. Further investigation has led to wide speculation that The WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. There is substantial evidence supporting this theory along with government reports that contradict common sense.

The attacks on 9.11.2001 should be looked into independently, in order to clarify all theories and get a fair perspective on the events that took place that day. I am not here to do that, I am here to look beyond 9.11 and focus more on the outcome of 9.11 and why it happened rather than how.

I believe that 9.11 was a plot to install fear into the American people and an excuse to go to war. However it goes a little further beyond that. By installing fear into the American people it allows for government to take the opportunity to publicly tighten security and further implement their controlling ways. A perfect example of this was a bill brought forward after 9.11 that compromised approximately 50% of the freedoms stated in the ‘Bills of Rights’. This means that they have taken advantage of the American people when they are at their weakest. The ‘Bills of Rights’ is just one example of a whole list of regime changes in U.S. politics and law making since 9.11.

The 9.11 attacks also provoked the invasion of American troops in Afghanistan, in which we were supposedly looking for Osama Bin Laden. Someone who was considered to be a CIA asset. This war strengthened the U.S. army due to mass sign up after 9.11.

After two years in Afghanistan with no luck in finding Bin Laden. America accused Iraq of having WMD’s and invaded Iraq. This time they were on the hunt for old time rival, Sadam Hussein. They found Sadam within two to three years but yet still cannot find Osama Bin Laden after ten.

This leaves me to believe that, Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda never was responsible for 9.11 and all the inconsistent government reports from 9.11 with the plausible theories that exist, surrounding 9.11 I believe it was a government plot carried out by certain government connections in order to get the machine fired up for total global domination.

The speculation surrounding 2012, popularly quotes it is “the end of the World as we know it”. I’ve taken this to mean our freedoms that we have all been taught, is a way of life. I do not believe that the end of the Ancient Mien calendar means an apocalyptic ending or a new beginning. Yes in essence it is a new beginning, new calendar but I do think the apocalyptic reference is kind of intriguing as huge solar flares are predicted in the year 2012 and I would imagine that is as close to apocalyptic as you can get without their being an actual apocalypse.

Huge solar flares are predicted in 2012. This could wipe out our national grid due to solar storms and radiation. Increased pressure on the Earth’s magnetic field could induce more exposure to this radiation and solar storms, this could cause climate change as well as fry our electrical dependence to the point where food, water, shelter, travel and health become difficult to obtain or maintain.

What does this have to do with the global elite?

My investigation has led me to believe that the government are aware of such implications just around the corner. They have started building underground bases (e.g. Denver Airport) as hideouts in the event of such a cataclysmic event. They essentially want to control the World from a safe haven while we are left to fend for ourselves. However this is where there plan gets even more inhumane. I have reason to believe that in addition to these underground bases, they are also opening ‘fusion centres’ all over the U.S. These fusion centres have been compared to concentration camps, which one coincidently has been known to have 1000’s of family sized coffins stacked on the same piece of land. I believe that in the predicted events of 2012 the government will release a mass pandemic in which these ‘fusion camps’ will offer a ‘compulsory/voluntary vaccination’. The people that the virus does not kill will be sterile/infertile due to ingredients in the vaccines. This is a depopulation plan of the highest degree. Of course, it will not take long to understand what is really going on, but by then it may be too late. I believe that why this is all happening, martial law will be administered throughout the U.S. Once all the mayhem has stopped and the virus has been cleaned up, along come the microchips. This way any survivors would now be government slaves.

However, there are points to my theory that don’t add up, which is of course why it is a theory and nothing more. For example, I have seen evidence of these events taking place in the U.S. but not globally. This makes me wonder, could all of this happen by 21st December 2012 and if so, would the World just sit back and watch America do this. I don’t think the Chinese, Russian’s, Iranian’s, English, Koreans or anybody would. Unless of course, there is a global police force.

Preparation Stage – The movements put into action as part of an extremely evil plan.

• 9/11/2001
• The changes made to the ‘Bills of Rights’
• Political changes made throughout the western governments
• Wall Street
• British Petroleum Oil Spillage Saga
• Iraq and Afghanistan War
• Construction of ‘Deep Underground Military Bases’ like that of Denver Airport
• Construction of ‘Fusion Camps’ across the U.S.
• Poisoning the food and medication supply

This is just some of the preparations made, in order to carry out a sinister plan.
Initiation Stage – This is what could provoke the elite figures to put their evil plans into full swing.

• Natural Disaster - Tsunami’s, solar flares, earthquakes, nuclear engagement
o Tsunami’s and Earthquakes
As I write this currently 11/03/2011 17.28 GMT the news is currently airing and has been all day revolving around earthquakes that have been happening in Japan. One of the earthquakes was recorded at a magnitude of 8.9, which is the biggest earthquake recorded in Japan within the last 100 years. This has led to a Tsunami hitting the east coast of Japan. This, when compared to other natural disasters of recent times strongly points to evidence that the world is changing and natural disasters are becoming more frequent.
It is the early months of the year 2011 and already strong earthquakes are beginning to occur. I presume we can only expect more natural disasters before the 21st December 2012.

o Solar Flares
2012 is the predicted year that solar flare activity will be at a tremendous high. With evidence that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is weakening in parts, this could pose a problem to the national grid which controls and regulates the countries energy and electricity supplies. This could pose a problem to the growth of our food chain, communication satellites, as well as travel services such as trains and airplanes among other things.

o Nuclear Engagement
Although most unlikely, this scenario could pose a full swing action plan as other countries nuclear potential is growing and the government is well aware of this. If one of these countries decides to undertake nuclear engagement there is no doubt the U.S. government would respond immediately and with extreme force.
The current tsunami in Japan has caused a nuclear reactor to fail. This has led to Sky News reporting radiation levels being a thousand times different compared to normal levels. I wonder what the outcome of this situation will be.

Secondary Stage – With any or all of these situations occurring, the elite figures and western governments would be able to administer outrageous bills and laws and could introduce a mass pandemic. (Let’s remember one of the elite’s main focuses is depopulation).

• Biological warfare – Pandemic, medication, food supply
o Pandemic – To depopulate a country by viral outbreaks is not impossible for elite figures and is one of the most probable outcomes.

o Medication – With a mass pandemic, what better way to further depopulate a country by administering medication specifically designed to kill you off slowly while making you sterile.

o Food supply – Governments have already started poisoning our food and drink supply. However they could always go one step further by adding more potent poisons into foods. This all ties in with ‘chemtrails’ the ‘BP oil spillage’ the ‘Aspartame’ and ’Fluoride’ conspiracies. Although it is highly likely the food supply would be ruined by natural disasters rather than elite figures and government powers.

• Nuclear warfare
o Nuclear warfare - With the elite figures locked away in secure underground basements, nuclear warfare would be catastrophic and could also be played as part of the pandemic card where 'medication’ would be administered. One thing that plays on my mind when thinking of this theory is that, surely other countries would not stand back and let this happen if they were in a stable state of action (By this I mean, not victim to a natural disaster). In essence this could be the dawn for a nuclear war, although highly unlikely. If countries were to become paranoid of certain risk levels involved with pandemics or nuclear threats, I’m sure they would be more than willing to ‘press the red button’ as it were.
Third Stage – Mass pandemics or nuclear warfare could lead to.

• Martial Law
o So, the world is in frenzy, natural disasters and biological warfare has occurred throughout the western world, possibly global. What better conditions could one ask for in terms of administering a ‘Global Police Force’ (Although this would probably contradict nuclear engagement) or even just martial law in the western world? The people have become increasingly aware of corruption and wrong doings by the government and the elite figures. I can only imagine that events such as previously stated would produce an uprising of the people who will be made to look like ‘crazies’ and therefore be taken out by administering martial law.

• Fusion Centres
o With martial law in place and a mass pandemic occurring (if the two can co-exist together) this is the best way to literally imprison the population into concentration camps to administer ‘vaccines’.

I can picture it now, people marched into these centre, treated and then held there as prisoners. While being told it’s for our own safety.

Fifth Stage – Fusion centres would almost certainly lead to.

• IDF Micro-chipping
o With martial law in place and fusion centres up and running, ‘curing’ people, what better conditions are there for an elite organisation to administer IDF chips. That way the desirable amount of survivors could be tracked and controlled to such conditions that slavery could be a possibility.

Final Stage – This is the final stage to their master plan. This is when they will announce a true ‘One World Government’ a complete ‘New World Order’ and civilization can expect ‘Government Enslavement’

• Currency
o A global currency will sweep the world either in solid or electronic form.

• New World Order
o A literal new world order in which, everything we could possibly think about would be ultimately controlled by a group of elite figures in a far severe way then it already is.

• Government Enslavement
o The final piece of the jigsaw could possibly be government enslavement in which, anybody who isn’t with them is a slave, a world where rouges will not be tolerated and life as we know it will literally change.

Let’s hope this is not the dawn of a ‘World War 3’

Thank you for your time...

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 12:41 AM
Welcome to ATS!

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by TruthArchaeologist

Good read and very thought out. I could see this as potentially being true. I mean yes just a theory. But the gov. lies to us everyday. Do we really want to take their word for it? It wouldnt surporse me they don't have people paid to sit on ats all day feeding us all gov. propaganda. But hey who are we just "sheep" right?

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 01:27 AM
That’s the point I was going for, the possibility of it happening and what would you do?

Imagine a catastrophic mayhem in the viral streets, while police task forces with gas masks and big guns imprison you, infect you and then enslave you. How would you escape that? Think about your life now and imagine this is a few years. Are we really ready for what could happen?

posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 01:30 AM
It's kind of funny you mention gov. officials paid to work on this site, because I was curious as to when I signed up, why my I.P address was in the email confirmation. Seemed abit tracker friendly to me

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