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our bloody history

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by fooks

What animals fight and make war all the time. Its called survival of the fittest and it drives evolution. Animals are inheirantly aggressive so where do humans get it from, hmmm

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 05:20 AM
There is nothing sinister here,
We are as we are due to the path that our species came up the evolutionary tree.
We are as smart as we are due to the fact that we were an advanced predator
that could kill without mercy for food for survival.
Survival, dominance and mating are huge forces that impinge on most of us every day,
more so in the past but very much relevant today.

I would think our visitors are terrified of being captured by us hence why they are so evasive.
We may be in a hurry for contact as we have a finite lifetime, but THEY are not.

Our sun has lots of fuel left,
so hopefully they will shepherd us long enough
to take us past the point where we could destroy our world,
and maybe from time to time intervene with our nuclear weapon use,
to stop us ripping holes in hyperspace every time one is detonated.

Hopefully we will survive long enough to evolve into a peaceful being of great wisdom and knowledge
for the good of all.
Like I said this could be done much faster with selective breeding,
but our society does not favour such things.

Until we calm down,
visiting advanced ET sentient beings will keep their distance,
and very rightly so IMHO.
They have the wisdom of the Galaxy behind them
and have seen this many time before,
observing a species evolving.

They will look in on us from time to time and when we are ready
we will be included in the Galactic clan,
when we have something constructive to contribute.

That is why as hard as humans try for full disclosure,
this will not happen without the full consent of our visitors,
we will just have the bits and pieces we have now,
with the military hogging any of the tchnology acquired from "downed" craft,
and firmly keeping the lid on it while it gives them an advantage.

Trying to integrate us as we are to whatever coalition of intelligences
that exist off world would be akin to trying to teach C++ to a Neanderthal.
If they presented us with advanced free energy devices
the first thing that would happen is that the Military would dig a big hole in the desert,
diasappear underground,
and try and develop destructive weapons for either defence or dominance.

As a species as a whole, we simply are not ready.
However, we are at a stage where careful selection could present a suitable delegation
that could integrate with our off world observers.

Ask yourself, could you be one of those??????

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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 12:51 PM

Hopefully we will survive long enough to evolve into a peaceful being of great wisdom and knowledge
for the good of all.
Like I said this could be done much faster with selective breeding,
but our society does not favour such things.

Selective breeding isn't the answer...I don't think. (and no guarantee the child will behave as the parents).

Think of the world of Star Trek, no money, etc.

The reason this works in this theoretical universe, is that basic needs are provided for all. To absolve money, you need virtually unlimited resources. If a society had access to the resources of the stars, then it would seem possible. The problem is the hierarchy though and motivation. If money didn't exist, what is the motive for the Enterprise janitor? Of course, the show glosses over such problems.

So, only if our needs are met (so no need to war), would we be able to evolve in such a way. Plus, we'd need some other motivating factor other than resources, to drive us to take risks or do menial jobs.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 02:35 AM
We were a normally evolving species here when living creatures just like us except further along in their evolutionary developement came here and "boosted"our genetic capacity to a new evolutionary level far ahead of where we were when they arrived.

Dont forget we were on our way to being them---so technically---they didnt create us,they upgraded us.

We were created as a workforce,put here to gather resources in support of a galactic war effort humanity is embroiled in.

We are humans upgraded by humans.

We are not the only creatures on earth that can manifest their free will into physical actions exclusive of nature,we are not the only tool users on earth,and this is the key,the ability to use a tool is indicitive of the use of focused and directed free will to manifest an imagined need into a physical replication of the solution to our problem.

In order to use inagination to manifest your free will in the universe you must be a part of a group cumulative shared reality.

it will take a while for you to digest that I am sure.

See friend ,we obviously started excercising our free will a lot earlier in the evolutionary journey than we thought.

Just not at every stage of every species,it is all location location location just like real estate,given the correct environment different species can reach this level.

The ability to manifest free will into physical action with intent based on imagination is an identifiable trait or develemental stage.

At some stages in some environments instinct beats out intellect ,but at other times in other environments with the same species intellect will win the day.Like a spark at the right time.

I have also been to one of the moon bases.

Religon is the predominant cause of our bloody history,our pre-intervention developement doesnt count because we werent able to imagine a conscience yet.

We will be called upon to fulfill our obligation to humanity.

We are not individuals with no obligation to humanity at birth.

I was on a military ship,these are humans ,with families,they die for humanity as we here on this sad planet die for imaginary gods.

We have been providing manpower and resources since we were put here.

We were supposed to be and as far as I know still are A HIDDEN RESOURCE LOCATED FAR FROM THE BATTLE FRONT ,HIDDEN.

It is possible for our foes to find us if we draw attention to ourselves by pissing around in space and causing attention outside of our safety zone.

no one is going to conquor us ,these are humans and if somone comes here to engage us they will also be engaging our human battleforce which is formiddible.

Bad news is that if they do get here we are in deep crap for some reason,not just trouble but terminal trouble.

I had an opportunity to leave and join the battle,but there was absolutely no chance of return to see my family,I would have accepted even a slim chance but there was none,the soldiers I spoke with all knew they werent going to see their families again .

Our governments and major religons all know because they have been openly communicated to throughout our history.

We dont know because we dont live long enough or learn fast or long enough to see the truths which surround us in our own reality.

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