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Education Revolution

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:12 PM
Schools today supress children into being nothing more than cogs in the machine we call society. A childs talents are supressed and he ends up working, trying to hang in there during the work days and waiting for the weekend.

A lot of the people working nowdays are not doing their jobs because they like it, but because they need to do so in order to survive. Only a few people that we can call a minority get a sense of pleasure while working.

Our current school systems have a hirearchy for the classes a child undergoes while in school and this hierarchy goes like this: mathematics and languages are the most important classes to learn in school, sociological and psychological classes are somewhere in the middle and arts are at the very bottom. This is wrong, because children will have dificulty learning maths or languages if they don't have an inclunation towards those and if he choses to ignore them and not pay atention in class he is imediatly diagnosed with ADHD and put under treatment that does nothing more than cause ADHD behavior.
All in all the current educational system does nothing more than indoctrinate our children and herd them like sheep so that they can fit into our 'modern' society and if they cannot fit they are considered having disorders that make them lack the capabilities of learning. (The disorders are nothing more than the inventions of the psychiatric companies so that they can make easy money using our children and for the sake of proving this i suggest you wath the following clips starting with part one: ).

With all that being said, i leave you now with the words of Sir Ken Robinson:

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by AlexIR

Spot. On.
I'm so very tired of my educational system, and unfortunately am still a slave to it. If it were not for my own thirst for knowledge and intelligence, I wouldn't know many of the things I do today. The school's feed us what the government dictates is acceptable, and if I ask about something they didn't tell us, or lied about, they brush it off, or send me out of class for being disruptive.

Also, nowadays, there is no life for artists. You cannot live like an artist, unless you are already famous. sure, there are those golden stories of rags to riches, but that is chance, not preparedness. It's sad, we're just being taught to stand in line, take whats given to us, and not to question it. It's all about getting a job, and obeying the leaders. We are being conditioned to have no say, and not to question things. Its horrible, and I try to fight it.

We are so far behind, not only in "conventional" academics, but in true academics. I see no classes before a special college class for psychology, or theology or philosophy. All I see is the same info, fed to us from the same history books, over, and over, and over again. It does not matter whether or not I understand something, so long as I mark the right answer, I'm a good little boy.

Sit. Lay down. Obey.
Good boy.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by AlexIR

Ahh.. I have been waiting for a thread on this topic to crop up for some time now.

I agree totally with both your points, so much so I feel i have nothing more to add.. yet.
However S&F!! Very important subject which I feel isn't discussed enough

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by chancemusky

You don't need to be famous in order to live as an artist. For example i play in a band and i manage, we just formed 1 year ago and the money is, well, not that much but its alright and the reason why i don't give up is because i absolutely love what i'm doing and thats how it should be for everyone.

And another thing about books, have you noticed how many things have changed and the books remain the same? Just imagine how many people are given the wrong information.
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posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 04:17 AM
There are many draw back s in our Education System, need more budget and improvement for our education system. We should also Consider Character Education to improve character of our nation.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 06:21 AM
Do you know what i learned about TOEFL after much research??

I discovered that in very late 2006, when TOEFL iBT went international, that ETS, who makes TOEFL and SAT and GRE, was sold to Prometric, by the College Board of USA in Washington DC.

Prometric is a giant software global company that makes IQ measurement tests [some for the US military contractors] and also MBA exams for universities in globally outsourcing India, and maybe will make all exams for the whole world in another ten years, one big Orwellian Brother! PROMETRICS have had complaints in India and Australia and other countries in the "profit one world web" for "conflict of interest" and poor quality at times. Prometric also has contracts with IBM and MicroSoft. Shocking!!

College Board is part of the U.S. government, for the people. Prometric is commercial, non government, for profit.

Our United States universities are geared up for profits from foreigners, more than to train an educated class of U.S. citizens. Even our deans and presidents of our universities are becoming more and more led by foreigners. Why?

LADY KADDAFI, just asking.......all of you!!

More Foreign-Born Scholars Lead U.S. Universities
Published: March 9, 2011

The General Counsel and VP of ETS is a recent executive for the Department of Defense [military]
defense industry, the most recent being with then Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin).

Tony comes from the defense industry, the most recent being with then Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin). He was long a practicing attorney in Lancaster, PA, the spider capital of the USA.
Tony Scicchitano, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Tony was promoted to the role of Senior Vice President and General Counsel in 2007. His current responsibilities include General Counsel and responsibility for a number of activities at Prometric including Channel Security, Purchasing, Insurance, and Real Estate.

Tony originally joined Prometric in October of 1995 to organize a contracts department for management of non-US customer and supplier contracts. Since 1995 he has held increasingly responsible positions within Prometric including Director of Contracts, Vice President of Contracts, Vice President of Contracts & Legal, and Vice President of Global Operations Support & Legal. During his tenure at Prometric he has organized and staffed a contracts department and a legal department, re-organized and re-built the channel security department, and organized and staffed a purchasing department. Tony was a member of the legal team that organized a highly successful joint venture in Japan, which fueled strong growth in the international market. In 2003 he served as interim CEO of the JV and in 2006 was instrumental in converting the JV to a wholly owned subsidiary. The Japanese business continues to drive strong growth.

Prior to joining Prometric, Tony was in private practice specializing in commercial and tax law in Lancaster, PA. Prior to his time in private practice Scicchitano spent six years in various contracting and legal positions in the defense industry, the most recent being with then Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin). He has a Juris Doctor degree from University of North Carolina and a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Delaware.

PROMETRIC: Global and Growing

TOEFL is actually designed by PROMETRIC

a USAID, AED contractor

"SAT’s Reality TV Essay Stumps Some", article in New York Times casting doubt on the efficacy of the new SAT test design administration......

> It really does seem that Big Brother is playing with reality over who
> gets into Ivy League universities and the best state universities,
> dependent on theirTOEFLscores, if they are a foreigner, which is big
> bucks in USA, maybe over 25 percent of their higher education student
> body.
> Somebody is tipping off Chinese and Korean students how to get higher
> scores on TOEFL through unofficial channels, like NED and Dept. of
> Education and US embassies abroad, .... could it be the devilish CHEMONICS tie-in?

Michael Brannick, President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael joined Prometric as president and chief executive officer in May 2001. He manages all operations of the 3000 person, multi-national company, including a global technology infrastructure, test center network and the delivery of over seven million certification, or licensure examinations each year. For more than two decades, Michael has been involved in a broad range of developmental and research activities in the education and testing industry. He has experience in global expansion, business development, integration of business systems and planning. Michael is continually focused on the operational improvements that provide benefit to Prometric’s client base, thereby spurring revenue growth for Prometric.

During his tenure at Prometric, he has led the company to achieve double digit growth through increasing test volumes for clients and the addition of new, value-added services. During the latter part of 2006 and through 2007 he spearheaded the successful sale of Prometric from Thomson to ETS, Prometric’s current parent company. During this most recent period he has led the company through a significant transition process for Prometric into its new environment as an independent, for-profit subsidiary of ETS. Michael continues to be responsible for Prometric’s global expansion strategy and for setting the direction of the company in the rapidly growing testing and assessment market.

Prior to joining Prometric, Michael served as president and chief executive officer of Thomson Peterson’s. In this role, Michael built a new infrastructure for the company’s databases and business systems, driven by a strategy to transform the company from a print-based publisher of data to an integrated education information service, employing print, software and Internet tools. Additional responsibilities included oversight of Peterson’s strategic planning and development functions.

Before coming to Peterson’s, Michael served as senior vice president of business development for Jostens Learning Corporation. He joined Jostens in 1994 as vice president of product marketing, was promoted a year later to vice president, strategy and planning, and then ultimately to senior vice president. He also spent eight years with the National Education Corporation in a variety of senior marketing roles.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Niagara University and a Master of Science degree in Industrial Psychology from California State University at Long Beach. He also holds specialty certifications from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and the University of Southern California. He has authored several executive articles and position papers for various higher education trade publications and books.

Chris Derr, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Chris Derr has responsibility for operational accounting and planning, financial reporting, forecasting, internal audit, statutory compliance, cash management and tax functions within Prometric. During the process of Prometric's sale to ETS, Chris stepped into a highly visible leadership role and took ownership of Prometric's financial operations. A new member of the management team, he has been an integral part of successfully transitioning Prometric's business to its new parent company. Most recently, Chris has led Prometric's effort to integrate Prometric's financial systems into its new operating environment.

Chris began his time at Prometric as Vice President Worldwide Controller. In this capacity he was responsible for financial reporting, client billing, Sarbanes Oxley compliance and accounting controls in support of Prometric global operations. He served in previous positions with Thomson, including as Vice President of Finance for the Thomson Healthcare Medical Education division (2000-2004), and as a CFO for several strategic marketing groups in Thomson Newspapers (1995-2000). Prior to Thomson, he held various senior financial executive positions, including CFO, for a division of the Tribune Company.

Chris holds a MBA from the University of Central Florida and a BS in accounting from Rollins College. He is a CPA and a CMA.
Paul Forrester, Chief Technology Officer

Paul Forrester joined Prometric in October 1999 and was named CTO in June, 2006. Paul currently works to create, implement and maintain a technology strategy for Prometric that is aligned with its business objectives and leverages technology advances to meet customer needs. Paul regularly works with our clients to understand their business needs and to represent their expectations in Prometric's business and technology planning processes.

Paul has worked on a number of key technology initiatives for Prometric. He led the development of Prometric's Business Continuity program, helped drive the adoption of a standards-based technology service management methodology and implemented Prometric's data management strategy. He helped create a technology planning process to drive the implementation of technology initiatives that sharpened market and customer focus and extended Prometric's portfolio of products and services. Paul also managed the simplification of Prometric's technology environment to increase efficiency, increase reliability and enhance system functionality.

Prior to joining Prometric, Paul held a number of technology management positions, most recently in the managed healthcare industry. Paul received his masters in business administration from the University of Baltimore, in Baltimore, MD, with a focus on information technology management. Paul also holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland.


SAS is one of the key partners of the new PROMETRICS management of ETS products, such as TOEFL, SAT and GRE.

SAS, spooky partner with Prometric, new owners of ETS & Toefl


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