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To combat the rising tide of anti-human sentiment (caution may contain high amounts of sarcasm, in f

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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:05 PM
I think this is the correct soapbox?

So Ive been reading threads (obviously!) and there seems to be alot of women bashing about and alot of "human's are evil turds" type talk going on and its depressing and its senseless, and it accomplishes nothing, so I thought Id write my own thread and add my voice/opinionated opinions to the mix... Something a little different (perhaps, although I doubt its new) and maybe a tad less negative I think.

Give yourself a pat on the back, go on do it! Why? Because you, dearest fellow human, rock!

See now wasnt that a much nicer start than say; "humans are a disease and we should all diiiiiiiiiiie!!!"?
Thought so.

See the thing is, you are not supposed to know that you rock, did you know that? You do, but it is supposed to be a secret. You are supposed to feel guilty, even if your not into "thou shalt burn in hell!" type religions your supposed to feel guilty;
Because humans are a freak of nature right? A mistake. The universe/god? just threw together a soup and hey presto; animals and fish and flying things and somehow something went wrong and an ape decided to walk upright and throw a stone at another ape....
But he wasnt supposed to walk upright was he? He was supposed to stay in that tree, but he rebelled against nature, he gave god the proverbial F U man!, and hurled himself off that cliff, and now we have a bunch of apes turned demons running around destroying everything that is good and breeding too fast for the soup pot to keep up...... And we should all feel so guilty, because it is our fault, yes you selfish slimeball you are whats wrong with the world!....... Arent we lucky that aliens/jesus/older more advanced earthlings from beneath the ground/flying spagetti monsters and maybe a yowie or two, are coming to save us from ourselves!!!?? Sure they are going to save us by smiting us (except for a few "chosen" whose genetic codes absolutely do not start with $$), but thats ok. Because earth would be better off without us, we've all seen the doco's so it must be true.

Yes my freinds, we deserve to be wiped out.

Never mind the fact that most people are inherantly good, kind, well meaning people who although understand that there is alot of suffering in this world, simply just want to carry on as best they can with what theyve been given and try their best not to add to said suffering. Never mind that the bulk of said people have had a veil over their eye since they were born and have been conditioned to believe that they cant do anything about the suffering of poor joe blogs from a third world country who has to sift through rubbish to feed his starving family..... But they can sponser a child in Africa, or donate to 'Make a Wish' or voluntour or attend a charity auction or...... Still they are very bad arent they?

Its their fault that TPTB have been behind the scenes screwing with our minds and our enviroment and conditioning humanity to accept that we need them and that they are the saviours while we, the bottom feeders are the scum.... Yes thats right, we here at ATS are so much better than the sheeple, we know whats going on, we are on to TPTB...... But wait a minute, we are still poisen to earth?
I mean even though we are in the know, the consensus is that we should all just bend over and take it then roll over into a pre-fated coffin right? Because the aliens say we have been baaaad! Because good ol' JC is maaad! Because we the "enightened" and "sheeple" alike, have poured oil into the ocean, have torn down rainforests, caused the extinction of hundreds of animals, have sent our sons and our daughters into foreign lands where they get to be blown apart by bullets, have dropped bombs on innocents, have caused a darkness so deep to fall upon this world that the good man feels trapped, unable to save himself or his fellow man from poverty and destruction, a darkness so deep most well meaning people would rather believe that God would smite them before hugging them, a darkness so deep that those "in the know" would rather believe that space men from.... outer space hold the keys to our salvation rather than ourselves, a darkness so deep that I spent half my life crying every night wondering; where is the light?
A darkness so deep.

But stop, please I beg of you, think again! Yes we humans mess up, yes we lie and argue and hit eachother over the head with rocks..... But thats not what we are in our entirety.....

The light shines, and it shines so bright, you will see it too, if you lift that veil.
Remember that song? "this little light of mine Im gonna let it shine..."
Well this light is the light of salvation. It shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome.

And it is not in the possesion of an over bearing god who requires blood offerings and complete submission before "gifting" it, it does not come from an alien or a Christ bleeding on a cross, it does not come from a preacher,teacher, preist or king. It requires no worship or praise, no compulsory attendance to any given building or event, it requires no vast sums of money to shine nor rites and rituals to forgive.
It observes our comings and goings and it calls out to the broken, the oppressed, the fatherless child, and it says unto them;
Behold; I am with thee, I see, I understand. Hear me, listen in a quiet place and be comforted KNOW me and be healed

And it speaks to all, heedless of race, colour, creed or crime, it has no "chosen" few, it calls to all who would listen and offers redemption, not for a fall we in the now did not cause, not for our past sins or our present anger, not from hell fire and angelic scorn, not from an end to come, but from the thorn in our sides. Redemption for our guilt. Redemption from that serpent that cries; "See!? See what you have done? Humanity is lost!" Redemption from the chains that we did not choose.

And the salvation is this;

And this is its light;
That we can CHOOSE not to let this continue. We have the power to end the age of darkness and lift our concioussness beyond the confines of flesh, if we would simply choose to do so. TPTB have done a very good job at keeping us ignorant of our true power, our potential.... Our salvation, our purpose, our freedom.

We do not need them.

We do not have to choose them.

And at any time we can end the senseless suffering, the mindless violence. We just need to abandon their game, and stop hiding our lights under the veil they have created for the very purpose of keeping us below them and unaware. But choice is our power, and this is what they fear, that we would choose not to partake of the game they created, that we would choose to listen to the light within rather than pandering to their lies, that we would end it all for them and start a new era for ourselves....

Because it IS TPTB who are at fault not us, they are the ones screwing with the planet not us, they are the ones causing the darkness NOT us, but we can stop them, not with bombs or guns or stones.... But with CHOICE, that is something they can never take away. Oh they tell us we have no choice, they tell us alright, and most of us believe it, but its not true.

Listen; their game is an illusion and we CAN choose not to play it.

None of us are a mistake, as some would have us believe, most of us have not been consumed by imbalance to the point that we willfully and gleefully take pleasure in anothers pain, what is allowing the darkness to persist, what is allowing the true criminals, the true poisen to sit in the seat of power is the inability to process the fact that we can choose not to play this game.......
We need to awaken. We need to become resposible for our fates. We need to understand that there is a force out there that does not want us to survive the true ressurection (which is not as we have been taught in sunday school) and we need to stop choosing death!!

But you know what, even if everybody who reads this thinks its all nonsense, even if nobody anywhere sits somewhere quiet and listens for that small voice of truth, even if everyone carries on in this game and allows TPTB to dictate to them how they are going to live then demonise them for living in such a way, allowing TBTB to dictate when and how they will pass this life, even if this game continues till I leave this body thats ok, because I know that I will be re-born anew and maybe in my next lifetime I will find out the truth of things quicker than I have done today, and maybe others will also, and then maybe then we can unite and overcome together and bring an end to the darkest of nights.

"the hands of the many must join as one...." (the humbling river, puscifer)

Anyway I hope you have had a good read, and if you have gotten nothing out of what I have posted, then please take this;
Be wary of anyone or anything that claims to be your saviour/harbinger of good tidings/the one who can bring heaven to earth and make everything ok..... for a fee. And for crying out loud, stop listening to the propaganda they spew from every pulpit, TV screen and street corner, no matter what they tell you - The earth self regulates, it is alive and it produces enough rescources that every man woman and child should never go hungry homeless or thirst, the illusion of the haves and the have nots has got to end!!
And you know what else? You do not die! So fear not, for you shall never die, and that my friends is the gospel truth!
The saviour is you, and this is your heaven, Choose to make it so
ok Im done now

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by Rhebefree

A very wise post indeed. I enjoyed reading that very much.

My daddy used to tell me don't put faith in anything that's not there when you close your eyes. Then I fell over a chair. But the sentiment was sound.


posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:40 PM
I say don't put your faith in anything that's not there when you open or close your eyes. Christianity to me is part of the veil that keep the herd blind. To me, hell is having to be around a bunch preaching morons. Nice try. I think you'd be more well suited on some bible thumper forum. Peace.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by Rhebefree

Refreshing. Thank You!

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by AnimositisominA

Sir if you are trying to class me a bible thumper without knowing me you are a moron....

What he meant was it's me that I should have faith in not god.

I'm sorry you just weren't smart enough to get it.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 12:04 AM

Originally posted by Imhotepsol
reply to post by Rhebefree

A very wise post indeed. I enjoyed reading that very much.

My daddy used to tell me don't put faith in anything that's not there when you close your eyes. Then I fell over a chair. But the sentiment was sound.


Your dad obviously knows his stuff!!
Thankyou for the reply, glad you enjoyed it, thinking of posting a similar thread in the religion forum, not sure yet.

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