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Strange Experience After Replying To A Thread

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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:33 PM
Hey guys after replying to a thread last night "Some questions about Astral Projection" I had quite a strange/interesting experience

My Reply was

Originally posted by Allis1
Lots of good stuff in the replies I'm seeing, just going to add from my personal experience, may not apply to all.

But I'm going through a body building phase (2 years), not like roid-ripped
but just to sculpt myself a little, and I personally find when I've had a hard days work out it seems my body channels all it's energy into recuperating, rather than into projecting,

Just something you may want to consider

So Last night it go to about midnight after a heavy night of ATS surfing
and I couldn't really get to sleep so I decided to do some exercise and have a meal which would help me sleep, so I got up and did some weights working out my upper body quite a bit till I was feeling muscle fatigue, ate while watching a film then went to sleep at about 1am maybe later.

Sleeping pretty normally I woke up at 5.45am looked at my phone's clock to see how long I had until I had to get back up then fell back into a dream state, this is where things get "unusual"

I was dreaming I was in my room (looking back now it obviously wasn't but still the place I was in represented my room) I was showing two guys round from a band I used to admire as a kid, having a laugh showing them some of my favorite clothes, favorite hoodie's, hat's etc I look at my clock in the dream world it says 6.15 I'm like right time for me to go, I say good bye and give the drummer a hug he doesn't let go, he holds on real tight, try's to kiss me to which I try and distract him by pointing at starwars stuff hah
and he then basically falls on top of me as he does so he pinches my bum which I feel in my physical body and push my hips away accordingly as we fall through the floor into my actual bedroom he disappears and I go into an OBE like state above my body while this entity pulls my legs in one direction I feel my top half contorting in another, I'm not really scared, Im actually laughing at this point at this perceived entity hovering me half over my bed half over the floor, however at times Im also feeling my head held back and contorting in the opposite direction which is quite uncomfortable, I look to the left and my door opens a crack with a very intense burst of light comes through then closes again, my mind go's through various thought's then I decide this situation is to uncomfortable, I tell the entity I love it, and I also love god and I command it to stop with the power of love and light.

I now awake, checking my clock which reads 6.19am, and I'm surprised at how energized I feel for such an early time, I normally don't get up till about 7 and even then I feel terrible
but I got out of bed effortlessly, like I was just charged with energy, I took this time to sit on the floor facing my window and meditate on what just took place, then felt myself coming back down to tiredness, as I started preparing for the day ahead I started noticing things that shouldn't be in certain places like a pair of my shoes near my door next to my bed when there usually on the other side of the room, a dvd on the floor next to my bed when it's usually boxed away on my top shelf.

I just stood there looking at it like how did that get there?

Did I act out my dreams through sleep walking? did I manage to change the position of the objects with my mind? was there really an entity in my room that night that perhaps moved these things? Where they trying to help me separate my spirit body? Was the bottom pinch simply my lower half disconnecting from my physical body? What is more likely? what is more real based on my past experience's?

While writing this it has reminded me of a similar experience I've been contemplating recently from when I was young. As a baby I almost died, the only reason I'm alive is because my Mother and I were bleeding so much that the blood ran out under our front door so much so that the post man noticed and decided to call for help.

It happen when I was in my Mother's arms at the top of the stairs that led down to the front door and she slipped forward at the top, as so she say's it felt like someone she knew helped guide/carry her down. so down we went over a 13 - 20 step staircase not hitting a single step, plowing head first into the radiator and brick wall that await at the bottom, we both suffered sever head trauma me fracturing my skull across my forehead, which to this day I still have a small scar from.

And through meditating on this subject I feel that those that helped me while living at that house were my soul family, those who are forever with me looking over me. As I feel I may be a wanderer to this planet I feel they are here to help and keep me on track, one of my thoughts yesterday was that I haven't had anything spiritually profound happened recently, and I was saying to myself how I need to see a little bit of spiritual light in the darkness every now and then just to keep me going, I think this entity pulling me into the air last night may of been just that.

I've always wished I could find someone to share these experience's with and I think that someone is you ATS hah

Peace and Love

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by Allis1

Did you happen to eat beef. I have noticed sometimes especially when i go over seas that when my clock is 12 hours out of sync and I eat meat late I have these crazy unbelievable dreams about the most crazies #. No alien stuff or anything like that but just weird bizzar stuff like robots and robotic cyborg type stuff.

Sometimes I wake up and I'm like holy # was that real. OMG

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 02:51 PM
I ate pork last night, I'm on the beef tonight, let's see where that takes me

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Allis1

Thank you for sharing. This sounds like what I generally call a "Real" dream. Where you are actually interacting with something outside of your own consciousness.

I find that the room that represents your bedroom but isn't is likely a "place" that exists outside of this reality that your consciousness can visit and call it's own place.

My personal theory is when I find myself reacting in odd ways in dreams like this is because I don't remember all the context when I wake up and it is likely that in context it would make a bit more sense.

I am of the firm belief that your physical brain can't accurately process everything you know or things your "spirit" self has done. When trying to relate and explain in this reality you are limited to your brain. I'm not sure but I think it has to do with the temporal brain's requirement to be able to exist within space and time.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:39 PM
Your early experience will forever change and direct your life in ways that many may not be able to understand. Reading about your dream was scary for me, or I should say it triggered a feeling of having the creeps. It will be interesting if the dream continues - or you return and become more lucid.

I have theme dreams, they are not really pleasant they involve having to get somewhere despite hardships with modes of transportation that literally crumble apart benieth me. The destination is usually a garish hotel of some sort where I am searching for something or someone. Sometimes in my struggle to reach my destination I will literally be crawling hand over fist using grass for leverage. I am usually trying to get away from something or too something and it is always with a sense of urgency. Uck, I hate them.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone

wow I reckon your dream would make a good arty noir film

I can understand why you would find what I was experiencing as scary I'm sure if it was happening to anyone else I know they would most likely begin freaking out and probably wouldn't want to have to ever spend another night in my studio flat.

I think getting over fear in dreams is the first step to being able to control them which can then lead on to OBE's
but from talking to some people the other day they actually enjoy the comfort of boring dreams, like dreaming of watching TV

Yesterday when I glanced at my bed I no longer saw a place of resting but instead a place of spiritual growth a place where I can take time out from the materialistic dog eat dog world of everyday life and attempt to reach out to that other aspect of myself, either that or I get to dream I'm some super-action-hero-ninja slaying horde's of zombies, thats always fun

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