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Strange Orange Glowing Object Spotted Traversing the Night Sky on Uh, yesterday whenever that was

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 11:12 PM
Last night I had gone to the beach with a buddy for a couple of drinks and the equivalent amount of conversation when I noticed a bright point in the sky just suddenly appear. It was a vibrant orange in color, about the size of the brightest, largest star you have ever seen (other than the Sun) with the naked eye from the surface of Earth, seemed to intensify for a few seconds without ever growing in size, and then eventually gradually began to diminish and lose its brightness as well as size until it just vanished. Strangely enough, during the time that it began dissipate, it also started to creep horizontally to the right. There were no odd twists and turns, but just gradual drifting, until it finally became too dim to see and eventually disappeared.

This all happened within I'd estimate less than a minute. Location is Mumbai, India btw. I know it was not a plane or helicopter simply by the size, brightness, and movement of the object, as well as by how it gradually faded away. I thought at first it could be some kind of inbound asteroid or something but there was no tail and it only began to move when it started to fade away. THe only thing I could think of that comes close to what I felt I saw was some explosion in space, like a star far off in space just suddenly going supernova. But the problem with that, is that it was too shortlived, as well as for the fact that it moved.

Ive got no evidence, but Im sure of what I saw, because when I had seen it I stood up and pointed it out to everyone else (about 12 people) that was within a 25 foot radius of me, but no one else seemed to care as much as I, and well, I did not want to be that over ecstatic drunken guy at the beach pointing towards the nonexistent night sky in India, so I had let the event abandon my concern as fast as it came and continued on talking about adopting stray dogs...

I wish I could be a little more descriptive, but I had been drinking from 8:30 pm to 6:30 am, slept at 7, woke up at 8, currently is 10:30 am right now, and have a horrible, horrible hangover, so pardon me for not making this phenomenon sound as intriguing as it truly was. Maybe if anyone else was in India or around the Indian Ocean last night they would have seen it and can verify what I saw. If you were In Mumbai, then the light appeared in between or somewhat above Bandra Bandstand and the Sea Link from Dadar Chowpatty, was about idk, a decent height up in the sky? Really it just looked like a rogue orange falling star that overdosed on some heroin or something and died a very dramatic and slow death. Whatever...anyways, I was hoping someone else would have seen it cause it was really cool as it was my first experience with an unidentifiable stellar phenomena and one of those moments that alien abductees have when "know what they saw" and anyone else who denies their testimony can live in denial of the truth jshdaj yeah yeah.

And no, I was not drunk when the event occurred and I know it was no visual delusion brought on by my drinking but feel free to suggest so.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 09:58 AM
You have described a classic Chinese (or Indian in this case) Lantern.

It drifted in the sky, it appeared to grow, this happens as the flame inside reaches maximum size thus the glow appears to get bigger. It kept drifting and then faded out.

Sorry, classic lantern, its no real surprise the rest of your party took no interest.

All I can say is lucky you, I'd love to be sitting on a nice warm beach instead of here in the cold UK...

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 09:49 PM
i think the guy being from Mumbia will have seen a few lanterns in his time ,interesting thread but with out any sort of footage or pics its really hard to say what it could be. a lot of weird events happen up there in space so its hard to give answer but a think we can rule the lantern theory out .

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