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Theory- Did John Titor actually start his war?

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posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 12:12 AM
Just a theory I have been thinking of recently. Lets just assume for posterity that Titor was actually a Time Traveler. According to Titor we live in a multiverse with many timelines so that if he were to come back and talk to people it would not affect his timeline whatsoever. He was baffled that we thought that a paradox may arise from his visit (such as the never ending "granny paradox").

This is just a thought, but what if Titor actually, maybe even unassumingly started the war in both of our timelines. What if by posting on a few message boards on the internet he didn't realize that some psycho Militia groups or other people within the US would not be reading the boards thinking "hmmm.....starting a War in 2004-2005........!" So assuming this may be true means that he inadvertantly started the war that also plagues his own timeline. What if the "anti-christ"(or whatever you want to call it, Hitleresque figure, etc.), for lack of better terms, read his posts and got the idea to "start small Waco type of rebellions that steadily get worse from month to month"?

This is a little hard to explain as you understand, but I think you all get the point. Im not saying that his story is true or not, but using the Multiverse theory it could very well be!


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