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Work 4 years, Full Pension, Medical and a few Million Dollars Too.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:54 PM
I see on ATS and across the country, people taking political sides and stances, when in all reality they have nothing in common with the people that represent them, and more in common with the people they are fighting, or arguing with. Talk about blind.

When will people wake up, and actually realize they have nothing in common with the politicians that represent them, well at least the majority of people. Politicians are bought and paid for by Lobbyists and Large Corporations , thus making them devoid of party lines.

In the USA, most politicians are millionaires, to get elected they need millions and to stay in office they need millions.

These are people with expense accounts, government credit cards and the ability to not show up for work if they choose.

Did anyone know or even realize that politicians, in the USA, get to keep their campaign war chest? Well they do, so when they leave office all the millions of dollars they collected for benefit dinners, and anything related to campaigning is theirs.

Also they can spend 4 years in office and collect full pensions, and full medical, with Dental and Optical. Where do I sign up?

Did anyone also know that they can have multiple careers, as a politician, serving 4 year terms and collect multiple pensions? Well they can and many do.

Now let’s look at reality, our world the private sector.

Pension’s? – LOL, these died years ago, and do not exist anymore, if they do how stable are they from defaulting from corporate incompetence, or hostile take over’s.

Full Medical? - while working or even retiring, LOL again, not in the real world and most definitely not when people retire these days.

Part-time? – This exists in our world, but the pay is slightly different and benefits package is non-existent.

I was looking for a job online just the other day and guess what I found?

Seeking experience or appearance of an experienced person:

Only one qualification: Part-time BS’er,


Full Benefits, Company credit-card, expense account, full medical, dental, optical and at the end of your 4 years you will be able to collect a full pension. Any money you collect campaigning you’ll get to keep and the end of your job.
Unfortunately, the position only pays between $50,000.00 and $350,000 US depending on your position.

If you actually know someone already working in the company we’ll consider higher pay, and/or a new job position created just for you.

Resumes may be needed, but if you do not have one just make something up that looks official, and can be distorted by the media if questioned.

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 01:35 PM
Every week someone goes to prison for some insider trading scandal . Insider trading gives a huge advantage using information that other shareholders don't have access to and is totally illegal for anyone and everyone ... except Congress . Congress appropriates the funds and decides where the money is spent and can legally trade on that information . If you aren't a millionaire upon being elected to Congress you're brain dead if you aren't a millionaire 4 years later . One of Harry Rieds opponents at the last mid-terms tried to use that information during the election because Harry is a very , very rich man but was told to drop that line of attack because they all do it . Doesn't matter if it's the Securities And Exchange Commission or an FBI investigation , if a member of congress shows up during an investigation the member of congress can't be investigated , because for only them , it's legal . Not to pick on Harry but quite a bit of information actually did come out regarding his staffer trading , trading the same companies that Harry was and making a fortune doing it . That is totally illegal , but no investigation .

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 04:47 PM
reply to post by bandito

Yep, these people do not live in the real world, nor do they want to.

Not sure what the solution is, but it amazes me how many people think they are actually being represented by whatever party they have chosen.

What a fool believes.


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