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Tesla discovered free energy, plans resurface and presented here for all.

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 09:45 AM
the antenna would be no problem. think of condensators they´r plattes are serveral squaremeters wide if you would unwind them completly. and they are really small :-)

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posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by groingrinder

The values are in the upper left corner of the photo. Honestly, they can actually be changed to other values depending on what capacitors you have on hand. It uses two non polarized ceramic capacitors(connected to the antenna) and then two polarized electrolytic capacitors connected to the diodes. If you have a bread board, you can try various sizes out to see how they effect(or not) the overall circut. The capacitors(the non polarized ceramic..the brown ones) on the antenna seem to be there to cut down on possible signal noise. The electrolytic capacitors seem to do the actual collection of energy after the diodes(full wave bridge) turn it into a usable DC current. I would assume bigger values would return more electricity. If all you have is 470uf capacitors or 100uf, they both should at least work. The type of diodes used will effect the circut more than anything as they have a rated voltage drop. I'll see if I can make some better pics with voltage readings ect.

Off topic...I swear I know you from renderosity now that I look at your name. Remember the "Bryce Man" download(back in 99 maybe), that was Talk about along time ago.
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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 01:12 PM
Believe what you want, this thread is bunkum.
The original poster says he powers a fridge and doesn't provide any evidence? C'mon
If you guys want to believe in the magic of Tesla then knock yourselves out.

This was the first sensible response that I've seen on this thread.
XtraTL posted on 22-2-2011 @ 02:45 AM
back on page 11

All you need to do is tune the circuit and you'll have a self powered crystal radio set
This works because the ear piece has very high impedance, therefore requires very little POWER.

If you ever got usable power from this 'Tesla' (ahem) circuit, the fact that the circuit isn't strictly a tuned circuit might get you off from prosecution by the radio companies (ie no proof of intention as to who's power where you stealing).

You may as well try this method discussed here, remembering that people HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED.
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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 02:47 PM
Hi Zap!

Originally posted by zappafan1
REPLY: Yeah........ let everything be free, and the hell with any time, effort or work that went into it.

Things do not need to be 'free' immediately but lets take a note from the 'founding fathers' and make copyright a very limited time ( so that the creators may reap a due reward) thing and keep it absolutely out of the sciences where no one should be able to control the flow of knowledge or gain exclusively legally protected benefit by it. This must be especially true for anything related to medicine and health care. To suggest that intellectual right /copyright in this field do anything but kill people has for the longest time seemed rather obvious to me.

And, you had to bring the energy companies into this? OT but pertinent to your post: As an example, Walmart makes about 4 cents on each dollar they invest.

Walmart is a ridiculously labor intensive 'business' meaning that their savings essentially comes from not paying the foreign workers who make the products or their staff back in the USA.

Major energy companies make about 8 cents for every dollar they invest. That sound like a lot to you?

Energy companies essentially make their profit because our current energy 'generation' model is fantastically capital investment intensive. There is simply no competition that isn't very old or isn't in some form either a former state owned ( and thus built up) company or a state protected company. Essentially the energy industry in the industrialized countries ( no matter how private it may sound or pretend to be) is heavily state regulated if not just purely state controlled and to suggest that they can freely choose to divest themselves of coal/nuclear/solar without state sanction is shear fantasy. Since states are about centralizing control decentralizing power 'generation' is oxymoronic and simply does not and will not happen.

They make big bucks because they sell a lot of their product. Get a grip.

The make decent bucks because their racket is state sanctioned and mainly so because it serves the interest of the state to centralize all services that people depend on. Profits can obviously be turned but only because you and me tax payer paid for/guarenteed the loans required for the truly vast related infrastructure.


posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 03:17 PM

Originally posted by madnessinmysoul
You know, I love that nobody is pointing out that this thread basically got 200+ flags for buzzwords in the title. There's no substance and there's a clear attempt at profiteering on the same buzzwords that generate huge flag counts.

Hi madness. Would it not be hopelessly redundant to point that out? I just do not believe the type of people who flagged this knows anywhere near enough to realise that practically nothing interesting/new has so far been mentioned here!

This thread is empty. There's no substance in it, just like every other claim of free energy. I'm not going to say Tesla wasn't a brilliant man, his inventions alone speak to that brilliant, but he wasn't necessarily right about everything. And the idea of free energy? Well, I've yet to see anyone do any sort of equation that backs up the claim, which is very odd considering how easy it should be if there's an actual invention that can produce free energy.

Obviously Tesla was a brilliant man and i find it helps not to call it 'free energy' because a capitalist ( most of us) have been indoctrinated to believe that he must slave away at least eight hours every day to make anything like a living. To suggest to such a indoctrinated person that 'energy' ( solar/wind/tidal) is actually 'free' to humanity is hard enough even if it's obvious and uncontested. To then go ahead and suggest that there are similar reservoirs of energy within human grasp ( why not, after all?) just seems incomprehensible to them because it would make a mockery of their entire life and pursuit of 'expensive' utterly non free energy. In thus talking about free energy the conversation is not as much scientific or unscientific as it is cultural and the attack on a entire mode of thinking inspired by the capitalist economy's based logic of essential resource scarcity; there isn't enough to go around and you must sacrifice more than the next guy to get it.

As for the scientific root of the base claim of 'free energy' since there exist no existing theory/explanation for the nature of dipoles/ source charges that allows the current 'powering' of the world as we know i hardly feel compelled to defy 'laws' that do not exist, or do not apply , as some readily do, or to continue going crazy in defense of precise solutions that does in great detail explain exactly why source charges can be observed to everyday do what they do . In , very short, summary;

Since there is no adequate explanation as to the source of the fields the root of our current EM theory just ignores the fact that it is in fact seemingly free and that we must only create and maintain dipoles to gain access to these apparently unlimited energy flows. I suggest you investigate the free energy field along these lines and leave the discussion of this or that device to the 'experts' ( hehe). I like my life the way it is and for now i am more than happy to know what is both possible in garage practice and impractical in the global economic system as we know it.



posted on Mar, 12 2011 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by Pilgrum
Doesn't the fact that there's 'a ton of info out there' suggest the inverse of the claim that it's being suppressed?

Do you think the government likes it when we protest against their wars? Do we know that they do their best to suppress it and do not always succeed? What is the difference between the knowledge of the criminality of our governments and our knowledge of their efforts to withhold technology and knowledge from us that would aid us in becoming more independent of state 'services' and 'guidance'?

Quite the opposite of suppression - we're flooded with claims of free energy achievements but none actually deliver the goods.

Well we know that there has been sufficient results in the LENR field ( 'cold fusion') field to warrant massive funding yet we do not see it happening? Why is that and why would technologies that are rather more complex be allowed to 'deliver' the goods in such a way that people such as yourself actually become aware of the success? Just what exactly would you consider 'delivering' the goods? Should they appear on Oprah or should all science establishments of the world all suddenly admit that they had it wrong ( because they have done that before; right?) and these things are in fact possible? What would it take for you to 'believe' and how likely then do you think it is that said set of circumstances will come about?

The corporations making a fortune from energy production would pounce on any real free (or even simply more efficient) energy production technology so they could make even more millions from largescale implementation of it with efficiencies of scale only dreamed of by backyard inventors.

'The corporations' make money because they operate monopolies and mostly of scale and with state protection. The energy tapping technology we are talking about would be happening at the individual household level or at very least at city level. As to efficiency of scale those largely come about because of the requirements of processing coal in truly vast quantities as well as the infrastructure related to dissipating all that heat.

What sort of Independence would come about when cities suddenly gained control over such a vital service? Admittedly it's just part of other steps but being energy independent at any level sets the mind going and it tends towards cycles where people have less and less patience with those who promises services in return for loyalty and the protection of current institutions.

There's also the prestige of bringing clean energy to market which does wonders for their public image.

You do not need to concern yourself with your image as long as people need you and can not continue living as they do without the services you provide. Since the energy business is about as competitive as the state cares to allow it to be the consumer has exactly as much say in it as he is allowed to have by said monopolies.

If it works they won't put it under wraps but, instead, exploit the heck out of it for all it's worth.

An exception, as mentioned in a previous post, would be technology that's capable of being weaponised IE could be used against you instead of for you.

The most dangerous thing to the state is people thinking independently and finding ways to turn their thinking in reality by creating institutions and infrastructure that allows them to not only think it but live it. Governments have and will continue to treat this threat far more seriously than WOMD in the hands of would be terrorist as terrorist can at best blow up a few cities, and drive the people closer to said governments, whereas energy independence might cost you a good proportion of your apparatus of control.

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posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 06:36 PM
Now we are steeling radio power if we pick off waves in the ether.
Well the ether doesn't exist but is a good transmitter of power.
So how can the lawyers prove a thing without exposing the lies said about Tesla.

We would have to start believing in the loonier Tesla.

Did Lonnie Zamora see a free energy oval flying machine.
Did Rex Heflin see a free energy flat flying machine.
All these flying machines must be free energy machines super denied
by the loonier than Tesla Illuminati Secret Government because we know
they exist when we hear loony stories of Aliens.

The flying machine are part of the free energy devices Tesla made.
Ask any Tesla researcher not affiliated with the system of the secret government
or affiliated mass media government of ex government officials since there might
be a chance someone in the know does not speak due to sworn allegiance to
not telling lies.

posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 06:49 PM
Hi again MB!

Originally posted by mbkennel
From what I understand of Tesla, he didn't know very much anything about quantum mechanics or relativity--his physics knowledge stopped evolving before Bohr and Heisenberg.

As far as I can tell he wasn't that much compared to say Enrico Fermi.

Just wondering as to what you consider the connection between quantum physics and EM theory to be other than perhaps the fact that were still trying to unify ( presumptuously presuming that we can ) what we consider to be the fundamental forces? How can it be said that he did not understand relatively when he expressly argued about the aspects Einstein had supposedly gotten wrong? I think not...

What's stopping it?
There are plenty of utilities who don't care where the joules come from as long as they don't get in trouble with regulators---their business is collecting bills every month.

Everyone who benefits by a monopoly attempts to keep it and if it become known that you could set up your own 'generation/tapping' facility and supply a few hundred of thousand homes it would kind of destroy said monopoly of coal/wind/solar/nuke who could not possibly be able to supply power cheaper as their operating costs are still much higher. Losing not only you capacity to sell your product at a competitive rate but also having your infrastructure become obsolete in the course of perhaps less than a decade ( when these products are funded on a multi decade program) is not exactly something any of us would accept as a simple matter of technological progress. Capitalism is about turning a profit and while it's not often talked about making a profit is often more a question of preventing competition than it is of outcompeting competition.

I should not have to explain to you why antitrust laws exist and how cardinally important they were realised to be in protecting the consumers from being consumed by the base competitive practices at the root of the capitalist system. It's a self consuming system and the growth in living standards ( at least in some countries) that has been made in the last century has come about due to regulating the extremes capitalist may go to in the pursuit of profit.

And large industrialists like GE and Siemens would be very very very happy manufacturing the magic Tesla Free Energy Vortex coils and whatnot and selling maintenance contracts and liability insurance on them. It would be VERY profitable.

There will always be someone who can turn a profit ( the sex slave trade is alive and well) but obviously what is good for some segments of industry would be terrible for others and the people on the boards of various international conglomorates are sufficiently engaged in enough segments of industry to understand the threat revolutionary technologies may pose to the basis of industrial capitalism.

The US DoD has a strong interest in any kind of 'off grid' generation as supply & power of remote operating bases (think Afghanistan) is a major logistical problem.

Both the Axis and Allies had poison gas weaponry stocked up for use both since neither could see the potential for exploitation of it without creating equally great problems for themselves both refrained. Just because a technology is known to work does not mean you should use it and especially not when 'terrorist' ( in caves) stand to gain much more by light weight independent power sources than you do. You can build stealth planes and joint strike fighters because the fact is that even if people understand the principles involved the engineering and manufacturing required does not happen in caves; this is not the case with the type of energy tapping we are talking about here.

I think that there isn't any magic free energy devices because the laws of physics don't let them happen, as depressing as it is.

I see less and less point in talking about devices when the principles that allows the tapping of energy is uncontested and already the basis of all current energy 'generation'. Tesla did not propose that we get energy from a different source but merely that we extract it efficiently and stop building our energy infrastructure to perpetually destroy and recreate the dipole sources of the energy flow that has given us the twentieth century. Generators separates (source) charges creating dipoles half the energy flow of which we then employ to power loads with the other half used to destroy the dipole by disrupting forcing the charges together. Then we burn more coal, employ more sunlight or wind/tidal power to repeat the process endlessly thus enforcing the belief that you can't get more than you put it.

Obviously if we would stop employing half the intercepted energy, because we only intercept a very small percentage of a percent of the energy flowing from the dipole, in the circuit to force the source charges together again we would not have to keep recreating the dipole but obviously we would then not have to burn much coal or spend but a fraction of the intercepted energy to maintain the dipole source....

It's a crazy way to 'generate' ( tap , really) energy and power the loads industry creates but it's a fantastic way to maintain a monopoly, centralize power and justify the need for big government and big interventions into your, economic, life.



posted on Mar, 19 2011 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by leaualorin

I think you need to get back on your meds!

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 12:51 PM
I am from Serbia, and Tesla is pretty famous here (in fact in whole ex-Yugoslavia). Free energy plans aren't new. They were even in a TV series filmed 30-40 years ago. Tesla goes to electric big shots and presents them plans for easy distribution of power via Ionosphere, shows the pictures of electric cars with antenae (or antenas!?), and explains his vision of the future. He is swiftly escorted from the office. And after that the chairman of the company says to the other man:
"You say this is a great idea!? This is madness! The only thing we would be able to sell then is an antena!"
He is always credited for fantastic inventions.
I mean death ray is realy impractical. Few people know that Japanese before and during WW2 were trying to make a death ray using microwaves. They managed to cause burns on a non moving chimp (in a cage). It was chosen over the other weapon which was deemed impossible and crazy. That other weapon was A-bomb (cruel irony).
Earthquake machine could be possible via resonance.
But many people overlook his best inventions. Look previous posts and you will see list of his patents. He invented an ignition system for a car! Before that you could dislocate your shoulder when you tried to fire up your car.

PS I just remembered an anecdote about tesla and Edison.
When Tesla started working for Edison he told him that his busyness is very inefficient. Edison replied that if Tesla can fix up his inventions, he will get 50 000$. Several month later, Tesla did what was asked from him. Edison replied: "Mr Tesla you don't seem to understand American sense of humor."
PPS It's never too late to hate (Edison).
PPPS Tesla was the first man to get burns from X-rays.

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 12:31 AM
Hey folks! I hope you all read up on your tesla!

Heres a FANTASTIC thing to watch!

Its on netflix, you might youtube it too! Hope it helps some of you budding elightened people!

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by leaualorin

I hope you are aware that the 'evil inventions' the 'reptilian' Nikola Tesla invented are the main reason you can post here on ATS?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, has anybody built any of this that can provide any substantial evidence ie. video/images etc.? I watched the little video on the thing so i'm going to have a go at making the little mobile phone charger, so i'l post here and inform you on how it goes!
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posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by Longy4eva

Although tesla was a genius, his free energy and flying devices allegedly built never saw the light of the day
nor did they come into the market

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 03:09 PM
Yeah, I've done a fair bit of research into his work and whatnot, but obviously a lot of his works haven't come to light.

One thing I did notice about his work is his Wardenclyffe Tower. His claims of wireless energy transfer are widely known to those who have an interest in the subject but nobody seems to have taken it up.

I remember seeing a couple of years ago on a gadget show, a metal platform from which you could place mobile devices ie. mobile phones/mp3 players etc. on to charge wirelessly, and it was made ouy that it was a new amazing technology with the watching public blissfully unaware it was invented over 100 years before.

However, why is this tech not been widely distributed? It could be a real help in places like hospitals for example, not to mention transport. the oil being put into cars as petrol could be used in the energy grid instead making the whole system more efficient.

It's very sad, regardless of the benefits that his technology could bestow on mankind, I can't help shake the sadness of losing all your fortunes and work throughout your life and dying alone and poor in some New York hotel.

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by Angelic Resurrection
reply to post by Longy4eva

Although tesla was a genius, his free energy and flying devices allegedly built never saw the light of the day
nor did they come into the market

And why is that`?

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by Ost33

Allegedly his plans and blueprints for various projects were stolen and locked away by the US government, although many of his devices have found common uses in today's world, ie. AC devices and most if not all modern day TV's function using Tesla coils (sorry, no references for that just read it somewhere a while back)

posted on Apr, 4 2011 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by leaualorin
reply to post by Agarta

oh come on...
W T F are you all posting something you don't know what you are talking about?!
Well let me tell you one thing:

That curent through the ionosphere will disturb the electric charge that the human body NATURALLY HAS!
That can be translated in :

1.decrease immunity
2.hormonale imbalances
3.nausea and dizziness
5.Chronic Fatigue
8.liver cancer
9.colon cancer
10.kidney cancer
11.Breast cancer
12.Skin cancer
13.brain tumors
14.endocrine tumors
19.deaths at birth
21.memory loss
23.dysfunction in learning
So stop the BS with how "magnificent NIKOLA TESLA IS" BECAUSE YOU ARE WRONG!
This "advance" in humanity is actually a involution , and FROM MY POINT OF VIEW OUR LIVES SHOULD BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT IS TODAY!
We should look a lot more into our spirituality and living in a natural way , NOT what we are doing today(destroying our bodies and soul!).
And if you don't believe me DO YOU SEARCH/"HOMEWORKS" and convince yourself what is what!

p.s. : from my point of view NIKOLA TESLA IS EVIL! He was tall , had a strange look , might as well be a reptilian desguised as human that brought a lot of VERY EVIL INVENTIONS to a bunch of ignorant humans!

My child... Calm down. This technology is something that, if we understand the nature of the infolded Whittaker structure of matter, reintroducing the complete Maxwell's quaternions, and all come together and gracefully accept, with Ethical Heart Each, We can build something far more awesome with this technology. It absolutely can build heaven IF We choose to step up to the helm here. We, of course, are the Humans on this planet some have called Eridu. Believe me when I say, Eisenhower, I believe it was who said We have nothing to fear but fear itself - well he had it right.

I suggest reading Tom Bearden's Gravitobiology and imagine if we infolded healing.

If the technology was in the open, all of Us, Humans on this planet, could easily be kept well. If we received this technology I would imagine Each Individual of Us would have to forgive and never choose bad motives. And you know, that choice becomes a lot easier if we eliminate the need for money - which requires the energy production of this technology. Catch 22?

I'm hoping a solution would be found.

We'll see.

posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by Amaterasu
I suggest reading Tom Bearden's Gravitobiology and imagine if we infolded healing.

If the technology was in the open, all of Us, Humans on this planet, could easily be kept well. If we received this technology I would imagine Each Individual of Us would have to forgive and never choose bad motives. And you know, that choice becomes a lot easier if we eliminate the need for money - which requires the energy production of this technology. Catch 22?

I'm hoping a solution would be found.

We'll see.

You mean tommy's hypothesus. I have nothing against him, but his ideas and going on and on about maxwell's quaternions or pointyng vectors and all the rest of his gravitobiology without a shred of experimental proof, ia a little bit whacky.
He would do well to get on and get is MEG to the market.

posted on Apr, 5 2011 @ 03:46 PM

Originally posted by Angelic Resurrection

Originally posted by Amaterasu
I suggest reading Tom Bearden's Gravitobiology and imagine if we infolded healing.

If the technology was in the open, all of Us, Humans on this planet, could easily be kept well. If we received this technology I would imagine Each Individual of Us would have to forgive and never choose bad motives. And you know, that choice becomes a lot easier if we eliminate the need for money - which requires the energy production of this technology. Catch 22?

I'm hoping a solution would be found.

We'll see.

You mean tommy's hypothesus. I have nothing against him, but his ideas and going on and on about maxwell's quaternions or pointyng vectors and all the rest of his gravitobiology without a shred of experimental proof, ia a little bit whacky.
He would do well to get on and get is MEG to the market.

[smile] I agree with you that he is stalling and I wonder why. Is it possible that he has unseen pressure to keep stalling? Or does he have nothing? When I looked, it looked good to me...

I struggle a bit to make sense of the poynting vectors but when I read Gravitobiology I was surprised at how much made sense to me. The energy differentials all equaling zero and just handled as zero mathematically and the implications - well, I think it needs to be looked at and choices made. Preferably an investigation.

Actually, I hadn't heard of his hypotenuse... I mean, I admire his work, Gravitobiology, because it explains a lot of what I experience as so. I just don't want You to think I'm somehow a "Tom Bearden Groupie," mmmmkay? [grin]

posted on Apr, 7 2011 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by Angelic Resurrection
You mean tommy's hypothesus. I have nothing against him, but his ideas and going on and on about maxwell's quaternions or pointyng vectors and all the rest of his gravitobiology without a shred of experimental proof, ia a little bit whacky.

It's not really THAT complex; Maxwell's experiments and writing showed that energy was flowing from the source charge(s) in ALL directions some of which was being intercepted by the circuit half of which was being used to power loads and the other half being employed to disrupt and destroy the source charge(s). What we do by burning fossil fuels and so forth is to create a source charge which associated Em fields we then intercept to power our load. Burning fossil fuels does not 'create' energy and is not involved in the actual creation of it.

Or try it from the source:

He would do well to get on and get is MEG to the market.

Well the write brothers had a hard time convincing people that powered flight was possible and you would think that something containing human beings leaving the ground for extended periods would be kind of simple to 'show', right? How do you 'prove' that your extracting energy from the vacuum to people who do not know the first thing about energy storage the fakery that can be involved in such devices? If you can not convince the lay people how hard is it for those who gain by the current economic system to suppress the knowledge surrounding it to a sufficient large extent to keep it from reaching actual markets?


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