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The Band My Wife and I founded

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 02:14 AM
How you doing? I hope your doing mighty fine... I'm good, drinking cranberry juice from a Coca-Cola glass bottle and getting my daily dose of news, that only ATS can deliver...

So I figured I would post this thread and share with you all some music that My Wife and I make... The quality isnt that great, we don't have big bucks for impressive studio quality but what we got isnt bad and it gets the point across...

Now on our facebook page it calls our band hippie-metal... well we originally set out to make "hippie-metal" but we've ended up with something different...

But you can check us out at

if your having trouble finding the music player on that page... under our picture on that page... there is a "info" link... click it.. and at the bottom of the new page is our music player

Listen to the music, like us on facebook, whatever you want...

figured I would share


-Evol Eric
edit on 20-2-2011 by EvolEric because: link fix

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