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ET Is Here???

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posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 09:08 PM
In the world of academia, Northern Kentucky University philosophy professor Dr. Robert Trundle realizes his beliefs are not exactly widely embraced. "Shunned" is the word he sometimes uses.

The title of his forthcoming book is, in part at least, in response to what he calls "the cowardice and vanity of a sizeable percentage of American professors." Scheduled for release early next year, it's called "Is ET Here? No Politically, but Yes Scientifically and Theologically" (EcceNova Editions, Victoria, British Columbia).

Personally I do not believe that ETs are necessarily from outerspace, so I am willing consider interdimensional beings or ITs as another option. This doctor thinks they are ETs which is ok by me. You be the judge.


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