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Weird...dream...concerning Hollow Earth inhabitants.

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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 11:58 AM
I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at a military installation, Ft. Benning I want to say and I met some people it were 3 women and a little boy who were tourists from the Inner Earth.

I say tourists because that's the attitude they portrayed. I can't recall exactly how it transpired that I found out, but I saw some gadget they had and wouldn't let it slide. They really didn't seem to concerned that I wouldn't let it slide and invited me for a ride back to their world/city.

There was some entrance right on the base that lead directly to their world underground. It was almost like a portal in plain sight.

So I'm sitting there with the people on what seemed like a golf cart just chatting it up with one of them. The rest behaved as if they didn't have much to say except for the oldest who seemed like the matriach of the group. The others weren't hostile at all, they seemed uninterested and young.

So we reach their city underground and it was similar to a city on the surface. I couldn't see a real Sun but there was something there playing the role of a Sun, I don't know if it was a giant light bulb or what! It was almost like it was foggy high up in the sky.

You couldn't just enter the city, there was a military gate you had to check through first. I was nervous at first that I would cause a disturbance, though I don't know why...they look exactly like us. I even tried to flirt with one of the girls as she got out of the vehicle. Funny thing was, she did what most regular women would do with a guy flirting, she pulled her arm back with a grin and a blush and looked at the older girl like "do you believe this guy!" But she gave off the vibe that she really wanted to...indulge me!

I said this to emphasize how they look no different than us!

I looked at the city more to notice any differences and boy were there differences. Their city was much more advanced than ours. They had flying vehicles and electronic screens everywhere advertising and keeping them updated. Everything seemed so peaceful and harmonious.

By this time the other passengers had left and I was only talking with the older girl who had a male child of about 10 tagging along with her. So I dive into asking questions such as what's the difference between my people and hers and she says, "Very little, besides the fact we're more technologically and spiritually advanced." She said something about we come from the same place as in we all started out on the surface but long ago her people went underground, I didn't go into the why.

I asked were there any REAL aliens and she gave one of those answers that gives you the impression that it isn't as simple as can be explained. She said yes, but they really aren't as frequent a visitor as some would think. That when they do come, they're there to visit them (the inner Earth people) more often than us. Though they do occassionally observe us.

She says that many of the things we see that are attributed to aliens are either them or other species that are on Earth and we're unaware about. So ask what species are there. She says there's a amphibian/reptilian species that lives under the ocean that's more advanced than us. She has a funny look on her face though like she isn't too pleased with them. She tells me that they can be "complicated". I also had to ask her about bigfoot. She says bigfoot is a person from their time on the surface who chose to remain on the surface and live natural. They're not stupid animals at all and often visit the inner world for reasons.

So we're at the gate chatting and I'm watching everything happening, she offers me something to eat. Man...what she offered me to eat was a live insect looking thing. It looked like a 6 inch long aphid. I said I couldn't eat it and she giggled and ate it. She said it would basically taste like one of our salads. The little boy she had hanging around had something that looked like rodent which he ate! LOL but I almost started to run and cause a scene because I thought they were carnivorous and they laughed at me. She lightly scolded the boy for eating that thing and the crazy thing is the screen we were standing by then showed what the young boy had did and instructed him he shouldn't have done that. Which brings me to the conclusion that their entire society is being observed by camera and can be put up on a screen.

Before someone begins yelling socialism/communism, the citizens didn't seem or feel oppressed at all. She said it ensured there wasn't any crime or devious behavior in their society.

I asked was she or the other people scared that I would tell my people about them. They said no not in the least. She said they have this technology that basically erases time as best I can sum it. This thing enables them to where even one of our entire armies stumbled upon their city, it would be wiped from our memory and time like it never happened. I guessed it was kind of like editing digital data and she was, "something like that". So I said, many of our mysteries on the surface we may have stumbled upon evidence or whatever but your "computer" erases it from our memories? She said yeah.

So she was about to go home or whatever and we had our byes and I asked would I remember anything. She said she'd let me remember somethings...especially about the girl I tried to flirt with and they all laughed.

The last thing I figured out which they didn't tell me initially was that they could hear my thoughts. When they told me this I shot one last glance at the girl who laughed and then I woke up.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 12:13 PM
Very cool dream!

Thanks for sharing.

I wish I could have a dream like this - I think it would an amazing thing.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 12:45 PM
Last night I asked God to enlighten me in my dreams. I have done this several times but last night was the 1st time it happened. For the life of me I can't remember many details but I do remember seeing Jesus. BUT...I also just got done watching 2 episodes of Battle Star Galactica. So who knows what the deal was. Either way I was very happy to have seen what I saw.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by DZAG Wright

Very interesting.

I suspect that you are thinking you may have had a real experience if it weren't for the pesky mind / time erasing thing you would have known it as more than a dream?

I'm going to toss out some ideas as to what I think this could be:

A: Your subcon going on a neat adventure and fabricating a nice mental diversion for you likely in an attempt to to help understand more mundane goings on in your life. (I just had to toss that out so I wouldn't sound like a complete crackpot)

B: Your subcon putting together clues of things you see and hear, feel and pick up from psychic type things. This is how your inner mind would tell you what is going on as a story you can relate to.

C: You went and visited another world and had your mind wiped when you left.

A is boring but B or C would make for a much more interesting discussion. I personally have had quite a few dreams about a hidden underground world and I've had them since I was a child before anyone ever talked about the possibility in any media I was aware of. I must say though the things I see are very different from what you described; which doesn't take away the viability of both being real as if one person had a dream about indigenous tribal culture and the other about the Elites in New York they may believe human culture is a dream that doesn't appear consistent.

I saw in my dreams a distinct underground lake with the same light you described in your dream. All the people were milling about on small foot bridges over the lake going to compartments in the rock face where there were modern looking accommodations. Most people were wearing what looked like hooded robes or possibly long hooded coats? I didn't have any real interactions with anyone and was really more observing. It had a distinct feel of reality.

I do believe that occasionally in our dreams while asleep our consciousness is able to perceive other things in reality that are far away. I have had dreams about people I know doing certain things and when I told those people later they got creeped out because it is what they were doing and they wondered who told me. The reason I mention this is that I have had the "Underground" dreams that have a very similar feeling to the ones I have been able to verify (granted only to myself) as having been dreams of real events.

Anyway; so do you interpret this as being a real event or just a dream? After all nobody knows your subcon like you do!

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 10:40 AM
Very interesting dream! I had a similar deam a couple of years ago, where I found myself standing in an underground complex which was apparently located directly beneath the town I live in here on the surface...

I recall that there were two men standing with me, and we were at a sort of monument with a huge fountain/ pool; the whole thing was very high-tech and had an aura of 'elitism'. The men were like patriarchs of the community, or 'elders', and they were quite distinguished types, sort of like wise old freemasons.. They were pleased that I'd made the effort to come and find their land, and were basically asking me if I would consider joining them. In the dream I didn't trust them, but that was more to do with my surface life being so full of mistrust than any real discernment of sinister motives on their part.

I began to have the strong feeling on waking up that there was something to the dream beyond simple 'subconscious musings', and particularly because the location was so specific (on a hill running down towards the viaduct spanning our town, near to a very well-known local landmark with connotations of mysticism; a pyramid)

In our town we have extensive underground tunnels and shelters, built during the war to protect the townsfolk from air-raids. There are secret entrances to these tunnels dotted around, and I keep meaning to get kitted up and go exploring... Who knows - maybe I'll stumble into Agartha and meet the folk I saw in the dream!

When I get round to it (and when we don't have severe weather warnings out every few days as we do at the moment) I will go 'tunneling' and post photos/video and commentary on the experience.

I believe that if you keep searching out after the meaning of this dream, you might discover some interesting and unexpected realities... Thanks for sharing!

ETA - the aquatic alien race might be the 'Nommo' or the Anuna gods of Sumer. Wasn't Enki supposed to have a house surrounded by water? Also, the mysterious island of Hy-Brasil, off the West Coast of Ireland in Great Britain. Supposedly a sub-oceanic city which can rise and sink at the will of the inhabitants; contributed to the legends of 'Mermen' in olden times..?

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