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Matthew's Latest Channeling Message

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 08:57 PM
I'm not sure if you follow Matthew's messages----channeled by his mother. Here is a part of this month's message, which I thought was very relevent. You can see the whole message

He is describing what needs to be done:

"Agriculture must be in accordance with Nature, treatment of food animals humane, and nutritious food in abundance for every soul on the planet. Free energy sources must be implemented and the use of fossil fuels ended, and proper health care must become the right of all peoples. Legal, judicial and penal systems must be reformed, injustices corrected, all types of slave trade ended, and women honored instead of relegated to possessions. The control of media must cease; so must the drug and pornography industries, all types of pollution, and environmental destruction."

This is pretty interesting, too:

Hand in hand with the growing instances of telepathic communication is the explosion of your “information age.” You are inundated with information, and being discerning about what is truthful and what is not is essential not only to be accurately informed, but because developing discernment is a forward step in spiritual evolvement. The Internet has enabled swift global dissemination of authentic information that previously was known by only a comparative handful, and while it is the best source of myriad factual reports, it is equally useful to the dark ones on and off-planet.

18. Material purported to be a message from a high light being actually may have been written in government or corporate offices to further their agenda by sprinkling lies amidst familiar spiritual data. In other instances, some receivers, or channels, are unaware that they are reaching base entities that claim to be a well known, respected light source, and they give disinformation that their receivers pass on. Some messages—such as mammoth changes in seas and landmasses will require your evacuation by ETs and when you return to the planet, you’ll have to live underground—are pure nonsense."

Be discerning about all information by asking within, connecting consciously with your soul, wherein the truth lies. If the information flows with ease, it is aligned with your soul’s truth; if you experience a jolting or resistance sensation, it is not. More so than at any other moment in the last two millennia, in this time of ever-intensifying light, intuition is clearer, more emphatic. However, if a mind is closed to all information except that which dovetails with rigid beliefs, the soul’s messages cannot penetrate that barrier"

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 09:05 PM
Yes, I like reading his messages. Instead of people focusing too much in doom and gloom articles, they should instead read Matthew's messages. If we are indeed creating our own reality, then it is not wise to focus in doom and gloom predictions for that is the reality that we will create (but of course we also create our individual realities but there is also the reality of the mass consciousness). The illuminati must know this and they are just happy to partially succeed in what they want.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 09:08 PM
Surely this is Billy Meirer Material - Sounds very familiar.

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 09:16 PM
I like Matthew's messages as well. Sounds strange at first, a mother channeling her dead son, but there is a lot of truth and light in what she channels/writes. Focus on a positive outcome is essential, why do you think the Illuminat propagate the 2012 doom and gloom with movies like, well, 2012 starring John Cusak. Discernment is key. I've long thought that as people awaken to their multi-dimensional selves and develop stronger psychic abilities that deception and all of the lies that has kept the NWO modern age moving could no longer exist. When people are able to discern truth through all of the deception, light will be cast on the shadows and the shadows will be banished. Good thread to keep in mind the important things.

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