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Erie resemblance between Alchemy symbols and the Rendlesham drawings

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by ScientificUAPer

I think it dates all the way back to Hitler... and where UFOs with symbols were first reported. So not exactly US.

What I am talking about, Vierte Rech

Think about it - Hitler and his people escape to Argentina or other South American countries. From there they were said to move to Antarctica (see the radio interview of C2CAM with Maximillien before his sudden ;I had to go; and denial of things he had just said)

what could follow next? I think from the same interview I hear the UFOs over the Capitol in Washington DC in the (60s) were Nazi's???

And what makes one think they have not decided to go beyond and not end with WW2 but have successors - absolutely possible, and many UFOs may belong to such 4th Reich which does not exclude possible contact they may have had with extraterrstrials.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 02:22 PM
I must admit, I haven't looked into the 'Nazi Bell' more than superficially.
I imagine it would have to have been released in orbit, and for some reason came down unexpectedly.

But I would highly doubt that Hitler escaped Berlin, I think he finally realized his plans were waste, and did what someone in his position felt was the only solution, - the alternative being humiliated as a P.O.W., and then executed.

I consider it unthinkable that escaped nazis could secretly maintain a base capable of launching spacecraft, especially in Antarctica, though also in Argentina. The ressources required would call for a noticeable amount of traffic and logistics. So, I personally wouldn't consider that hypothesis.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by ScientificUAPer

I consider it unthinkable that escaped nazis could secretly maintain a base capable of launching spacecraft, especially in Antarctica, though also in Argentina. The ressources required would call for a noticeable amount of traffic and logistics. So, I personally wouldn't consider that hypothesis.

I am also not sure they can hide a whole base for space ships launching in Antarctica. In the jungles of South America it is totally possible though,

I take it you haven't read, the skull that was kept in some Russian museum was not that of Hitler, DNA analysis said it belonged to some Russian woman

Also I've been hugwashed by all the documentaries and textbooks about WW2 and how Hitler dies in his bunker - however let's not be naive - how didn't one think that his fellow men would ESCAPE to SOUTH America and Hitler wouldnt?

The leader of all would just kill himself!?!? This sounds like a lie that has become so implanted in the masses that it's hard to believe it is something else. And it was done to calm all people he was dead,,,

I am more willing to think he escaped, I mean, he didn't have traitors and history never speaks of such and the skull, there is no evidence he died there plus it makes no sense all his peopel to run and him not.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 04:45 PM
There's a theory somewhere that some UFOs are here to take gold from this planet as it is of use to them, maybe this somehow ties in to that theory. If you want to go deeper, there are other theories that the gov has an secret agreement with the ufos and that most of the gold at Fort Knox isn't even there anymore..... hmm......

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by SpaceCowboy78
There's a theory somewhere that some UFOs are here to take gold from this planet as it is of use to them, maybe this somehow ties in to that theory. If you want to go deeper, there are other theories that the gov has an secret agreement with the ufos and that most of the gold at Fort Knox isn't even there anymore..... hmm......

My problem with these symbols as being alien, is that they appear so very human in quality. Perhaps even mimicking some alchemist symbology?
To my mind, alchemist symbology is a human invention and a grassroots development, a regional development, even a personal development, a way to keep one's own secrets on the way to various substances, among them gold. I don't think there was a coordinating center, and I don't think it was handed down by aliens. Because if so, all the aliens managed to do was to stall some people for a short while, because it doesn't work. Thus, I can't see how aliens could have made it happen, or for what purpose.

Here's another theory for you: If human, and real, are these symbols a way for a base's UFO officer to know who to contact regarding that particular craft, to keep the need to know thing intact? Like when an animal is tagged, a return adress is printed on the tag. This could be similar: 'Come and get your toys, boys' ;D

My problem with this theory though, is that the Rendlesham incident seems so apart from human technology, and the behaviour of the craft, well, I'd consider it strange piloting. It is a very bizar story. While it could have been some early (and highly sophisticated) drone technology souped up with a confusing dynamic light array, it seems quite unlikely.
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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 03:38 AM
I believe the fella above hit the Nail on the head!! Zecharia Sitchin and his Anunnaki!! Well #1 Humans decide Gold is the most Valuable element known to Man. Than just so happens to turn out that Gold IS the Second Most rare element in the UNIVERSE!! Yes to make gold you need a Super Nova Explosion!!

So if the Anunnaki needed us to Mine Gold it may very well Possibly be that Alchemy is the MOST Important science to them!! Now that would certainly explain why those symbols would be on the craft!!

Raul Julia Levy is releasing a Documentary which the Mexican AND the Guatemalan Government have validated his archeological findings are REAL!!! And I quote CNN World news "Documents are Artifacts that PROVE Mayans made contact with E.T."

Consider this for a moment "PROVE Mayans made contact with E.T.? Wow that is amazing!! So for any of you who have ridiculed my all my life for the belief that UFOs are connected to E.T. Those who called ME Wierd or Stupid!! They can all Eat Snot this fall because After this has been PROVEN, Who is weird then? The people who Knew UFOs where E.T. Decades ago, or the Idiots who called us stupid, the so called Scientists who claimed we where "Reaching"?

It truly seems that the Evidence leads us to believe in old Zack S.'s work on the Anunnaki because that Explains EVERYTHING Down to the Missing link!! David Flynn's work on Symbols, Cydonia and Ancient cities of Earth!! Frankly I think anyone who can look at Cydonia Mars, consider ALL the details and still maintain that it is Natural is dealing with IQ in the SINGLE Digits!!

Now believe me I can not wait to rub this in the face of all the so called "Scientists" that talked Junk about us UFOlogists most my life!! A big SCEREW Them!! WE where right all the long and we knew we where right BUT We had to be careful who we told about our belief in UFOs because it made us Weird To believe in UFOs and Aliens!!

Frankly I have always thought it was EXTREMELY Ignorant to even muster the idea that "We are alone" I mean it made me SICK to see that title on so many TV shows "Are We Alone?" Because I kept thinking what Aliens around the corner must think of our Egos when they see that we are stupid enough to even mingle with the idea that we are SO Important that this entire Universe was made just for us!! They just think we are so ignorant and selfish!!

Anyway THIS Year the Disclosure will be STARTED by Ancient Findings!! Keep in mind MOST of these artifacts have been Classified for god knows how long!! "Classified??" Are you kidding me? Now why on earth would archeology need to be classified? An even better question is HOW ON EARTH could we the people even ALLOW, Even Consider to Allow AHoles to classify our History? I mean when Creation, God and our Past is so critically important to us how Dare Anyone keep our history from us!!!

I am shocked that we sit back and allow it!! We sit back and pay taxes and just sit back and let this happen!! Well its about to change and I have a lot of people to smeare my nose BACK up at!! Any dikwadd that told me that I was Weird for believing in Aliens can go to Heck!!! I mean I am a Video Editor, I perform a lot of CG. I have worked for a Hollywood Actor who did over 100 Hollywood films!!

I applied my ability toward analysis of UFO footage to determine which ones where legit and which where fake!! My research began after a family member who had worked for NSA told us what he did for NSA. I started my quest having a pretty good idea that UFOs had crashed here on Earth in the 40's and they where E.T. The very next thing I researched after that was Roswell UFO crash and I came upon David Rudiak's work on the Famous Ramey Memo!! Famous thanks to David Rudiak!!!

Now David's work on the memo drove it home for me because I had read about some hundred or more government employees who had seen Aliens and crashed saucers as well as a second crash site!! Jesse Marcel S.R. had talked the truth till he died and his son is still talking about it so we can bet what he said was legit!! That being said Jesse S.R. had ONLY seen a Debris Field!! This means the Saucer (Disc) discussed In Ramey's Memo MUST Have come from a different crash site than the FIRST one Jesse found!! So the Memo Validates those who claimed there was a Disc AND those who said the Disc was part of a Second crash site!! Because we know Jesse S.R. Did NOT see any Disc at the first Crash site!! So this Cross Referencing of Data provides Very compelling evidence that there WAS in fact a Second Crash Site that contained a Disc and Bodies!!

Now as for the Detail of these Bodies Short little Bstrds with Big heads Big Slanted Black eyes!! Ok so for 50 some years the Government called all these people Liars and denied the entire second crash site and bodies!! Well now that we have rock solid evidence to support a second crash site, Victims or Bodies WE KNOW that these witnesses where a LOT more credible that our little or big brother gave them cred

posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 03:59 AM

Big Brother had given them credit for!! That being said we really need to pay special attention to the details they provided. After all many of them being very critical for details. For example Maj. Jesse Marcel S.R. was part of the 509th Bomber Group.. Uhh I.E. Our government trusted this man with our MOST Secret Nuclear weapons program yet we can not trust in his details? People,, I think to many down play the importance of attention to detail that we instill into our army personnel!! I mean if they get one single digit wrong on bombing coordinance than they drop a bomb on our own people!! This is why the way they fold there toilet paper is so critical because attention to the most meaningless detail can cost men lives!!

That being said we really need to consider how much trust our government puts in men they claim are not trust worthy!! Um if these men can not be trusted why did they put SO MANY American Men Women and CHILDREN at risk by trusting these liars??? It makes no sense!!

Ok one more amazing detail. Now if we consider that USA has in fact retrieved a crashed saucer and they have been hiding this from us all this time than HOW on earth will they disclose this to the public? Why would they disclose it? And what effects would it have? Well first of all the effects. We as humans have no right to technology other than our own!! The only reason any governing body would report technology would be if we already had some integrated into our society and it was to late!! WHY they would disclose is the same reason.. To many things coming out and the ONLY reason to Disclose this information is to CONTROL it and CONTROL How it is perceived!! Because if you wait for the people to find out on there own than you can NOT control how they perceive it so its best to find a way to disclose it with as little damage as possible.. Which brings me to HOW??

Well say the time is near, When our Back Yard telescopes get so good that our governments days are numbered as far as how long it'll take people to put 2&2 together!! So how? Do they open up one of these discs and show us Alien Autopsies? No I would think the Best Possible way to disclose would be to spend YEARS Gearing the public up for this Disclosure by promoting UFO shows “Hello History Channel!!” And in our Hollywood Movies “Star Gate is mostly a True Story” Want to call me stupid? Yeah well we are about to learn facts about star gate soon to!!

And when it comes time to Disclose the BEST Way is to allow people to make first contact through Ancient Archeology provided E.T. Is a part of our past!! Now beings they DO happen to be!! That is a Perfect way to initiate Disclosure!! Hence Declassifying ancient artifacts and documents that “Prove Mayans made contact with E.T.!” That way this cooshen the blow method can take place!! If our President shows us a live video of a little grey Alien well I am 100% sure people will DIE over it because it will freak them out, They will doubt reality and who knows the collateral damage!! I can say it'll be bad!!

But allowing the Ancients to disclose is perfect because we can spend 5 years bickering or disputing but according to authorities it will NOT even be debatable as the Mexican AND Guatemalan Government validate these artifacts!! So we get to start with that pill to swallow and that will be a LOT less damaging and then they will WATCH and SEE what effects on society the first part of Disclosure causes and then consider Disclosure #2.

What is so exciting is that WE GET TO SEE THIS!! Before End of Mayan Calendar!!! Yeah Baby they are in a Rush to release it due to that End date!!! I wonder if that is due to a possible “Return of the gods??” Hmm I just thought of that,, Is it possible that they will Return this December and that is what is pushing them to release this information?? I can tell you SOMETHING related to this is going to happen that is for sure!!!

posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 04:17 AM

The BEST Thing about the Disclosure of the Mayan artifacts is, While the US Government WILL NOT Disclose ANYTHING About UFOs or Roswell!! The information from Mayan and Guatemalan artifacts will PROVE the Aliens ARE In fact little grey Beings with big eyes!! In fact the depictions from Mayans will look EXACTLY like, Exactly what the witnesses of Roswell crash SAID!!! Laying a Whole LOT more credibility on them and PROVING the air force to be absolutely Un Credible!!

Now Without the Mayan artifacts is there Anything in particular about the description alone that we can gather as evidence they are telling the truth? Ok well in my opinion ABSOLUTELY and I will explain why!! You see the descriptions provided tell us about this Grey Alien that is Shorter than us, About as short as a Child BUT They are Taller as far as Features go!! So while they are Short we there Heads are Larger, Necks are Smaller and there arms are longer and legs longer.. Wow in fact these beings look like EXACTLY like what I might expect My SELF to evolve into after a few hundred years of an Antigravity environment!! Or perhaps a Bi Pedal being designed to with stand long amounts of time in a lessor gravity!!

So how did these LIARS Know that beings from Space or even from Mars would look very much like this.. I mean MANY of the features Explained would be Exactly what we expect someone from Mars to look like. Now some Scientists claim they would be taller BUT,, What if they are SMALLER Than Man? Well that would explain how a Child Sized Grey can have LONGER Arms than a Man, Longer hands, fingers and a Large head with a small neck!! In fact that Large Head and Small neck does NOT Look Practical for earth!! So it is pretty amazing that someone just made up this bodily shape!!

Now lets for a moment consider Zackary Sitchen’s “Lost Book Of EnKi” Which answers ALL the great questions!! And remember when he said what 2 or 300 of the beings went to Mars when the rest came to Earth? Well these beings had been on mars for the last 25,000. I get the 25K figure because the ONLY anomaly on Cydonia Mars that does not fit a Star perfectly is the Star “Ra” But you go about 25k Years back and the star “Ra” fits directly under the Face on Mars!! This tells me that the City on Mars was built some time around 25,000 Years ago. So the Greys, If you took MEN and put them on Mars for 25,000 years than I would expect them to evolve into a being that looks VERY Much like a Grey!! Even if that is not the case and these beings where MADE for the specific purpose to monitor and probe Humans, DNA research etc... Again here we have a being that is designed for long periods in Anti Gravity environment!!

Ok back to Mayan artifacts!! If these Artifacts PROVE the existence of Greys that in and of itself PROVES without any doubt that the crash at Roswell did not just happen but Alien bodies WHERE In fact found and Disclosure of that particular event should follow Mayan disclosure shortly after!! You can not put the cat back in the bag so WHY on earth they will Allow this can ONLY be for ONE reason!!

They HAVE to for one reason or another GET READY Because we get disclosure THIS FALL!!!!

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 06:55 AM
Ive heard Nick Pope periodically voice his opinion on UFO's and I dismiss him as he sounds like he's trying to be the David Attenborough of the paranormal. Sorry, Nickie, you'd need so much more self confidence, not to mention IQ points - nevermind, you fall painfully short, and will provide me with no confidence in any word you say.

Rendelshiem is an excellent Unknown Event. I've read the physical stuff, heard the recordings. Listened to the interviews. It's great. Whether mass hysteria, intoxicants or aliens searching for the wedding band that Mrs. Alien thru out the window in a domestic dispute. Who cares? Any decent jr ufologist will know about this and have postulated their own solution.

Nicks first statement in that "as far as I know hypnotists have never been used to investigate UFOs"- I call BS. There is another documented case. Betty and Barney Hill were counseled and hypnotized by a shrink that took them thru the missing time. It's fascinating.

"I feel something....was there a John? Or David stationed here at the time....his grandmother was very sick....she was reaching out to him.....near death.....there was a family member that died young....she is with the grandmother now....the lights were a message....."

I'm nearly 90% convinced that Rendleshiem, the Hills, and the Pheonix Lights were all events that included individuals that were deliberate in their actions in front of us average Joe's. Whether Us or Them, I cannot say. The proof isn't in my hand to share with the world.

You wanna prove to me Ancient Astronauts exist? Get rid of Touslokus, Pope and for God's sake, folks, if Stanton Friedman opens his mouth, Do Not Listen. Get Attenborough. Get a scientist. Get a skeptic. Get a believer. Please make them easy to look at. Ventura had a captivating woman to look at.

I'd like to go on record right here: I believe there are intelligent critters somewhere in space. I think it is very probable that at least some of the things that we can't explain are from another intelligence. You can take and shake beads at stuff, sprinkle Holy Water, snake oil, EMF detectors and sage anywhere you want to. I don't even think that humans need more proof. I think those that KNOW have too many unanswered questions, and therefore can't explain it to us.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 06:58 AM
very good find. Interesting to say the least. I think you have something here. Well done.


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