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The Universe as State of Consciousness

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 09:40 AM
The universe is the inward physical properties of a sub-level of being [consciousness] that are the cause of the state of consciousness condition of a huge Inter-dimensional being we may call God.

We are the quantum result of a reflection of that being according to the laws of Holography which are based on the ancient maxim: As Above So Below.

The Above is the one and the Below are the many in this sense.
The Below are naturally infinitesimally smaller than the Above. We are the Below . . . . Direct reflections of the Above: “WE CREATED MAN IN OUR IMAGE”

Basically that says we are a hologram of God and potentially have the same condition of that Above state.

Therefore we have in us potential explosions of inner universes [Big Bang] that can alter our consciousness. That alteration, under certain conditions, can allow for an immense experience of Joy based on the Metaphysical concept of “Paradise”. The actual Big bang itself is the primordial beginning of the Above—huge inter-dimensional God [being] entering one of these paradises, states, or levels of consciousness. All the Solar Systems in the universe are potential states of consciousness that fuel feeling or Paradise.

This paradise is actually a “Garden,” being a place where certain states of awareness are easily accessible and desirable.

By an ancient accident humans have lost this state and that Garden of Paradise
[Solar System] has become a Hell. This happened because the smooth operation of the transition from one state to another became disturbed or distorted with the aid of an intervention of an outer influence that convinced our archetypal parents to break a law within the operation of moving from one state to another. “GO NOT UPON THIS TREE.”

According to three cosmic laws humans will one day return to operating inside the paradise lost:

Three Laws:
Law of Return
Law of the Micro/Macrocosm or As Above so Below
Law of Time

The first Law, the law of return, is based on the reality that all substances and primal worlds that loose their integrity will return to where they began.

The second law of Micro/Macro is based on the reality that the Below, humans, have to reflect the Above, God, condition. They are mirrors of each other

The third law is the law that deals with the acceleration of time according to light.

This law is what all the strange events that are predicted to occur in the end of time is based on; when the Above becomes re-perfected by the law of return.

Then ALL the Below [all of humanity] will be retuned to their lost inner Garden of States.
This is not an outward state but an inward condition of power and perfection that reside inside the individual



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