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Into The Kingdom Of Ruins

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 05:06 PM
Here is a piece I wrote the other day. I do a lot of writing, and this piece I thought could be shared here on ATS. It is written from the point of view of a creator, and after the destruction of their work. A sort of 'end of time' theme I suppose.....

Into The Kingdom Of Ruins

There is a day i will go walking
a day when the rest of the world is fast asleep
softly tip toeing away without waking a soul
disappearing off into the yonder blue fields

It is within these dull gray hours
i will begin to drift between the rested houses
their shutters loose while hanging on threads
and shingles missing, scattered across the alley.

Stepping between broken bottles and branches
stopping to stare at spaces that once held siding
i count the cracks time has woven so carelessly
until the sidewalk’s tears burn my eyes.

Scattered paper lives everywhere here
though each without a single word or purpose at all
dressed up like a clown the air smells stale in every direction
it whispers of forgotten days well before my own existence.

The ghosts of time still echoing between the howling evergreens
each memory i am barely able to make any sense of
but never do i quite taste it’s very meaning.

Slowly dragging until my footsteps begin to stop
bringing me to the place i was always drawn to
i kneel down into the cold wet lifeless grass
fingertips grazing the once green corpses
soft spoken words honor my past.

My focus beginning to loose reality’s harsh strangle
thoughts turning into musical hymns
quietly singing a song i’ve never heard
and rustling below my hands shall begin to gather
the orange and red crumpled maple
yellow speckled with blacken oak
all of the broken twisted and dead
the leaves that lay stolen in seasons

It will be one of these lonely cold and rainy days
i will go a walking in search of lost leaves
never stopping until my eye’s themself grow tired
for it is there within my weakest of moments
down upon the damp kingdom’s floor
i too shall stumble, and become forgotten.

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