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My sighting back in December...

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posted on Jul, 14 2004 @ 04:55 PM
Pardon this for being awhile back, but I just joined this forum. I saved what I wrote on my computer so again, pardon if this sounds old. Here goes:

Last night December, 21 me and my girlfriend were driving back from her family Christmas party in Hutchinson, Kansas and heading down the highway. We were coming into Lyon, Kansas when my girlfriend spotted a green light moving extremely fast across the partly cloudy night sky. When I say fast, I mean fast, as it covered approximately 2-3 miles in about 3-4 seconds.

We didn't really think much of the object, but continued to watch it closely. Then all of a sudden the object simply came to a halt off the right hand side of the road. I told her to pull the car over because I wasn't going to miss something that we both thought was extraordinary.

She pulled the car over and we both got out, still watching the object. It hovered about 100 feet in the air for about 5-10 more seconds...yes, it was really close to the ground!!!

Then all of a sudden without any movement a blinding white light came on, followed by another less brilliant red light. We could clearly see that the shape of the lights formed a triangle!!! Then, without moving or turning around, like a helicopter would do to position itself on the right path, the object simply "backed up" from its hover and flew directly over us where I was able to make out the ship clearly.

The city had illuminated the partly cloudy sky and created a pink haze over the region. As the object moved over us it passed under this illumination to where we could clearly see the outline of the object was a perfect triangle with some sort of spherical object on the underneath side. Since the object was so close to us we approximated its size to be about 2-3 football fields long and possibly the same wide!

By this time our jaws had pretty much hit the ground and we were awestruck. After moving over us it continued on its path and hovered over the horizon for another 4-5 seconds before it shot up into the air at an incredible speed......I kid you not, it must have been between 600-1,000 mph at the very least!!!!!! It was so fast that as it flew up into the stars it created a white streak behind it! We watched it disappear somewhere into the stars at that incredible speed!

It could not have been a helicopter because it was so close and yet produced no sound at all. It was also much to fast to be one and moved in different directions.

It could not have been an airplane or any other man-made aircraft as it simply came to a complete stop from those incredible speeds, and the fact that it was so close to the ground (and us)!

Lyon, Kansas is a quite rural town and was the last place we ever thought we would see something like this!

Just thought I would share this with you all! Enjoy!
It was definitely a mind blowing experience to look for these your entire life and then to see one so close when you least expect it!

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