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Sebastian Inlet in Florida fish kill remains a mystery

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posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 03:52 PM
State testing didn't confirm that algae contributed to a large fish die-off recently on the west side of the Sebastian Inlet. "There was no indication (in water samples from the inlet) that there was an active algae bloom" that reduced oxygen in the water to the point that the fish, principally a bait fish, menhaden, died.

However, "algae blooms (proliferations) can occur and disappear so you cannot see them directly" during lab testing. Expanses of the dead fish are sloshing around on the southwest side of the inlet that links the ocean to the Indian River Lagoon on Friday. State biologists are to continue monitoring the area. Anyone who sees fish gasping for air at the water surface to call the state's hotline. (Florida Today News Online.)

Just for those of you whom are still keeping score.

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