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Robert Murphy vs. Paul Krugman

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posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 03:06 PM

Bob Murphy is challenging the statist criminal Paul Krugman to an economics debate.

If Krugman accepts, he will have to face off against one the most ardent defenders of freedom the western world has yet produced. Murphy is a living god of rational sanity and will bring his mighty boom stick to bear on the statist criminal with the righteous authority of Zeus himself.

Bob explains the debate:

Welcome to, your headquarters for the Murphy-Krugman Debate! Robert Murphy has a PhD in economics from New York University. He is a firm believer in the Austrian theory of the business cycle, which blames the boom-bust cycle on the Federal Reserve, not the free market. In contrast, Paul Krugman--Nobel laureate in economics, and writer for the New York Times—is a Keynesian economist who thinks the Fed and the government can jumpstart the economy out of recession by printing more money and increasing the deficit.

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