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I call foul on my president.

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posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 09:02 AM
Hey Mr Obama what happened to your pressure on IRAN. What happen to all the UN resolutions that were passed and they were really stating to get nervous. la de da my president is out to lunch and should be recalled. I bet his golf game is pretty good.

Just so you know tough guy I would rather have your hard ass wife as the president than you she has bigger cahons than you will ever have.

Just so you know I have not forgotten. I have not forgotten. Obviously you have.

I'm not saying I want war but what I am saying is you walked away and let them win again as usual. Absent for votes. That was your record and it clearly shows.

You have to give President BUSH credit at least I do.

When he said he had resolve he ment it not like this clown in office now.

he is smart but he has no idea how to attend a street fight. When to gangs meet in a alley to fight the pull out their weapons a say lets go. Who is gonna throw the first punch. No body will ever we know this but at least you show up to the fight to keep them in check.

You send our guys over there but your mouth is not saying anything except. We are gonna have jlo at the super bowl..

I'm embarressed. I did not vote for you but I was hoping that there would be one good quality about you beside you jump shot.

I give up.

If I were your boss you would be fired for not doing everthing in your power to free those hikers over there. You should have sent Hillary over there as much as I dispise her at least she is feared.

Are you kidding me the ayatollahs would be shiitng there pants if they knew she was on a plan on her way over there the people would have been released that day.

She is a very good speaker and if she spoke on any iran news channel she this lady clinto she could cause your country to crumble from within she can bring out the women in your counrty to rise up against this opression.

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 09:12 AM
Crying foul? Let me know how that works for you.

But seriously, there are many crying foul. It just doesn't matter. He is here to stay and MO is too worried about how many bake sale brownies you are consuming to do BO's job as well.

The people need to voice their displeasure in the 2012 vote and pray that their vote actually counts, because this administration does not hear them now.
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