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Here's the my Thruth. What will happen in the coming years.

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posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 03:45 PM
This is what I see Coming in the Future

Prediction One-Sometime around December 21, 2012 The world or most of it will go dark. That means the power will be off. I'm not sure why. Could be the Solar flares, Crazy science experiment, EMP, Polarshift, Magnetic fluctuations, war, etc.

Prediction Two-The power outtages will last for around six months to a year. With say an EMP that fries all circuits that aren't protected. Even starting days after it happened, it would take a long time to get them back up and running. Newer cars, all appliances, just about everything in America, and civilized society will be fried and totally useless.

Prediction Three-Due to this time of darkness, people will panic, riot, and generally freak out. That means on the day it happens, you better already have the food, water, medical, etc. That you are going to need. Because everybody else is going to be running to whatever store they can find, and generally they are going to be willing to kill others to get what they can find. People that would stand outside in the rain for days to protest the execution of an inmate, will not possibly kill you for a can of beens.

Prediction Four-There will be two kinds of people during this time. Those who are prepared, and those who aren't. The prepared ones, who stored up at least a few months of provision, and have the means to protect it will survive. Those who aren't will be fighting each other, over what they can find. A job as a banker, doesn't mean much in a world where money doesn't mean anything. Unless he/she used their money to buy stuff that will help them.

Prediction Five-The physical planet will change. We can all guess what will happen in riots, and such with building burning to the ground. I'm talking about the possibility of earthquakes, landslides, crazy weather, etc. There are various maps online that you can find from various clairvoyants who predict that some, if not a lot of the West coast will if not slide into the ocean, it will be underwater due to rising ocean levels. I think this might also be the case well all sides not just the west. I saw one that particularly stuck with me. It had Arizonia a beach front property, Cali gone, but Oregon spared. The bay that fed the Mississippi now had the Austin/San Antonio area as beach front property, and half of Florida was gone.

Prediction Six-There will be a lot of death. The great medical system that has kept a lot of people alive through drugs, or machines won't be around anymore. Immediately you can expect a serious die off. There are countless diseases, and conditions that require a certain amount of care that seems common place now, that won't be availible. Diseases will hit the new communities that survive a lot harder than in the past. A cut that's not taken care of, a broken ankle, the common cold. In this world they are all now possibly leathal. Then we get to the crazies, who will see this as the end of the world. For some reason this will also justify killing, as a way to get their point across. Starving people without law can become something dark and very disturbing.

Prediction Seven-Those who don't band together will fail to survive. Maybe not right away. But eventually those who do not form an alliance of somekind with others will be overrun, or die off from some other obstacle.

Prediction Eight-Those who survive long enough to make it through the first year will be ok. They will be the ones who start the next world, those who make the new laws, and pass on their genes to future generations. This time of darkness will not last forever. Eventually there will be light, and peace.

About my predictions I don't claim to be some all knowing god, clairvoyant, or anyone special. This is just a few things I have noticed coming together, to a head if you will. I hope to god i'm wrong, but i got a feeling i'm right about this. Those of you who really got the message i'm and trying to convey will prepare, by stocking up on different kinds of food, water, and medical supplies. If not at least to survive for a year, but for six months, or at least several months. They will also buy, or maintain various items of protections. Because having all the food in the world means nothing if some idiot with a .22 can come and take it all.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 03:52 PM
I am almost thinking the opposite.

I think when the World changing event happens, there will be enough educated and loving people to spread their farm seeds and the animals will help spread the seeds too and everyone will be ables to grow their own foods for their own families. I think the large amount of people that die during Earth's change will be the people that have a negative influence on the Earth.

I think the consciousness change will be realizing that all humans are humans and we only have such a tiny precious pebble in space, and if we all ban together as one we can survive at a much more efficient rate.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by 9Cib27

This is the alternative that people who are now awakening at this late stage need to adopt. Technology only serves to enslave....

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by 9Cib27

Only the bad people are going to die
In a lawless situation, generally the bad people thrive. Killing, and taking what they want. It's nice to believe that the seeds will save us. But a lot of things don't necessarily grow in every region. No longer having the ability to ship by truck, train, or plane will keep people from being fed. More than likely there will be area's where food is burnt because there is too much that it has rotten.

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 12:48 PM
The only reason i'm posting this is no because i want to appear important. I'm not. I just would like as many people as possible to survive, what i believe is coming. If you get nothing else from this. Get it in your head that you should be prepared, Boyscout motto and all. If nothing else every one should have extra provisions, for other things that might happen. Hurricanes, Snow and Ice storms, heat waves, economic collapse where a bag of sugar goes from $1.99 to $15 or more dollars, etc. FEMA is building camps all over to US to keep undersirables detained, a lot of clairvoyants feel a physical change to the US is coming. Those are just a few examples. The rich, smart, and those with knowledge that only comes from being in the know of the government are stocking up on supplies why shouldn't we all

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 10:59 AM
I was kind've hoping that some of you might have something to say about what i said. If you agree, or disagree say something. I'm curious how you all feel about this. Do you feel like something is wrong, as you just can't put your finger on it
That's the feeling I have, but i found a place to put my finger on it.

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